No fancy introductions here. Let’s directly go to the best gaming monitors for PS4. Find out which one is the best…

Benq XL2430T – The Budget Gaming Monitor for PS4

$289 onwards


Fully adjustable stand

Multiple I/O ports

Solid Gaming settings 


Narrow viewing angles


5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 1

Benq XL2430T specially designed exclusively for gaming which has got 1 millisecond pixel response and 144Hz refresh rate.  It delivers solid gaming and is equipped with several I/O ports and a multi-position stand.

Design and Features

XL2430T is slightly different from its peer groups in design.  It comes up with a matte-black cabinet nnd a rectangular stand.  It offers pivot adjustability, swivel, height and tilt adjustability.  It has got an S-switch which helps you to change display settings and selecting gaming presets.

The 1920 by 1080 TN panel has a non-reflective, anti-glare coating and is framed by half inch bazels.  The function buttons and power switches are on the right side of the bezel. The button includes on-screen labels, Blur reduction feature and picture mode button.  It has got nine screen sizes including Aspect, Full 1:1 and six presets ranging from 17 to 23 inches.

In the connectivity part there is a VGA input, a DVI input, two HDMI inputs and a Display port input. In addition to this a USB 3.0 upstream port, a port for S-switch and a microphone plug and two USB 3.0 downstream ports mounted on the left side of the cabinet.  It comes up with an additional microphone plug and a headphone jack.

Like all other models XL2430T comes up with three year warranty on labour, parts and back light. Shipping package includes CD with drivers, DVI, HDMI, dust cover, USB cables and user guide.


Rock solid gaming monitor exclusively for gaming purpose equipped with fast pixel response, nice ergonomic stand, multiple connectivity ports, etc.  XL2430T has not plenty of games friendly options like blur reduction, smart scaling, programmable hot keys etc. 

Acer Predator XB271HK – Overall Best PS4 Gaming Monitor

$440 onwards


Bezel free design

Highly detailed UHO image quality

Superb gaming, color and gray scale performance

Supports G-Sync anti  anti-smoothing technology


Only two video inputs

Underpowered speakers


5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 2

XB271HK is the latest one on gaming monitors.  It has got 27 inch plane switching panel which delivers excellent ultra high definition and ultr smooth gaming because of Nvidias’s G-Sync Technology.

Design and Features

The 27 inch IPS inch panel comes with matt e coating, zero-bezel cabinet with a Predator logo fixed into the bottom trim.  The size of the stand is 5.9 inches of height, 40 degrees of tilt, and 30 degrees of swivel adjustability.  On portrait-mode view you can pivot the cabinet to 90 degrees.

In the connectivity part XD13271HK comes with two video ports an HDMI input and a full size display port.  Both of them are located at rear of the cabinet.  It includes upstream USB 3.0 ports headphone jacket.  It comes up with 2-watt speakers which are modestly loud.

The lower right side of the cabinet comes with power switch and five function buttons.  The function buttons are input sources adjusting speaker volume, selecting overdrive mode and game mode hot key.  Picture adjustments include standard, ECO, Graphics, Movie and User modes.  Basic settings include Adaptive Contrast, Dark Boost, Contrast, Blue Light, Brightness and advanced setting include colour saturation, Gamma, colour temperature, etc. 

AOC G2460PG – The Runner-up

$399 onwards


G-Sync enabled

Fully adjustable stand

Great gaming performance


Narrow viewing angles

Slightly skewed green

Only one video input

5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 3

AOC G2460PG comes up with TN panel with a speedy 144Hz refresh rate, Stutter free game play and with Nvdvias G-Sync display technology.

Design and Features

The panel size of G2460PG is 1920 by 1080 which is covered in a 2 inch thick matte-black cabinet.  The stand has got height, tilt and swivel adjustability and also 90 degree pivot panel for portrait mode viewing.

The four functions button comes at the bottom bezel which helps to navigate the on screen menus.  No. of the buttons are for enabling ultra Low motion blur and two hot keys are for enabling Dialpoint Cross hair feature.

In the connectivity part G2460PG only vide or Display Port 1.2 signal.  This is used for enabling G-Sync technology.  Three WB 3.0 ports in addition to the video input in which two UBS ports are mounted on the right side of the cabinet

The monitor comes up with 3 year warranty.  On labour, backlight and parts and the packet include user guide resource CD and a Display Port cable.


AOC G2460PG comes with G-Sync technology enable you to enjoy a smooth gaming experience without screen tearing motion blur.  It has 144Hz refresh rate and fast pixel response.  The features include solid gray scale performance and accurate colours.  It comes with fully adjustable stand and USB ports with rapid charge capability.  The viewing angle performance is excellent, but one draw back is it has only one video input.

Samsung LC27F591FDN – Best Curved Gaming Monitor for PS4

$469 onwards


Sharp Curved Screen

AMD’s Free sync Technology

Wide viewing angles


Cabinet stand lacks height, swivel and pivot adjustable resolution is low while comparing to other 27 inch monitors

5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 4

Design and Features

Comes up with white cabinet, zero-bezel design curvy face.  Its design is very attractive.  The support stand provides 22 degrees of tilt adjustability.  One of the draw backs is it lacks height, swivel and pivot adjustments.  The monitor size is 27 inch and the curvature radius is 1,800R which is less than LG34UC98-W which has 1,900R.  

The maximum resolution is 1920 by 1080 which is on a lower side while comparing to other but it is good while taking the price of LC27F591FDN.  The peak brightness is 250cd/m2 and a pixel response of 4 millisecond and a contrast ratio of 3,000:1

The connectivity ports include one HDMI input, one VGA input and one display port input.  These are situated at the rear of the Cabinet facing outward.  USB port is missing in this monitor and has got audio input and a headphone jack.  The setting menus can be controlled with the help of a four-way joystick controller.  It comes up with a 5-watt speaker which is loud and provides a touch of bass.

Another major feature is that it comes up with advanced colour settings, i.e. in addition to Brightness, contrast and sharpness settings there are six colour temperature settings and individual Red, Green and Blue colour tone settings.

It comes up with a three year warranty on parts and includes HDMI cable and a quick start guide.


The VA panel of LC27F591FDN produced dark blacks, but colour accuracy was less than stellar.  The shades of gray colour are produced in a quite good shape, and the viewing angle performance is also first rate.


Excellent features provide smooth gaming action on a curved screen which provides better gaming experience.

Aorus KD25F – Best Feature-filled Gaming Monitor for PS4

$599 onwards


Refresh rate of 240 hertz.

Settings controlled by Mouse. 

Rated as G-Sync compatible and supports Free Sync. 

Fast 0.5m/s. (MPRT) rated pixel response. 


Lacks HDR support 

Average input lag time 

Merely average color performance 

Poor contrast 

5 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 5

One of the best in the business Aorus KD25F is a combat 25 inch monitor with excellent gaming features with a blistering 240 hertz refresh rate. It mainly known us ‘Tactical’ gaming monitor because of its gaming centric features. If you compare with others mainly in the large gaming monitor scenario. KD25F is a bit lag in screen size (25-inch class) and resolution. But this drawbacks are overcome by a blistering 240 hertz refresh rate and an ultra-fast Pixel response. It is very compatible because of its light weight factor and is a good choice for Competitive Gaming.  

The features 

Resolution of 1080p (1920 by 1080 pixels)

Aspect ratio 16:9 

Monitor color Matte black 

Monitor size 24.5 inch (21.6 by 22 by 8.8) (HWD).Including stand 

The side and top bezels are so thin so that it is effectively frameless. Bottom bezel spans 0.8 inch. 

Cool and ergonomic stand 

Very ergonomically made, Matte black V-shaped both stands Gives a flashy look and adds value to KD25F. In addition to this a modest array of LED light featuring the Aorus Falcon design makes its eye catchy.

 It supports 5.1 inch of high adjustment, tilt adjustment of 26 degrees and 20 degrees of swivel movement to either side. In addition to this panel can be pivoted to 90 degree from landscape to Portrait orientation. 

In the connectivity part it has a display port of 1.2 port, pair of HDMI 2.0 ports and a 3.5 mm headphone jack The monitor lacks built-in speakers and a microphone Jack. 

The physical control is with the five way Mini Joystick controller. The settings menu includes seven items. Gaming, Picture, Display, PIP/PBP, System, Save settings and Reset All. 

The KD25F has a 240 hertz refresh rate and it supports AMD’s Free Sync adaptive sync technology. And another important feature is KD25F pixel response time is rated at a rapid 0.5ms MPRT rather than typical IMS. 

One Fine 240 hertz monitor with an ergonomically adept mount, mouse based control of settings and a fast 0.5 ms rated pixel response will satisfy all your needs by all means.

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