A key player in the world of gaming accessories, Logitech has a nice range of headsets for gamers, wired and wireless. Here is our buying guide to the best Logitech gaming headsets both wired and wireless models from the Swiss manufacturer.

An emblematic manufacturer of computer peripherals, Logitech has always been present in the field of gaming, long before the surge in popularity that this sector has experienced in recent years. The manufacturer’s G series bought together all the products dedicated to this universe, including all Logitech headsets. Here we list the best Logitech headsets for gaming to help you make the right choice.

The major parameters on which we evaluate each gaming headset are sound quality, battery backup, microphone quality, comfort for long hours playing, convenience of use and price. These parameters are not only suitable for gaming, but also for telecalling, watching movies and listening to music. Therefore this list can be considered as the best Logitech headphones for gaming, telecalling and audiophiles. 

Overall Best Logitech Gaming Headset – Logitech G Pro X


Excellent sound quality (after equalization).

One of the very best gaming headset mics.

Remarkably effective and relevant Blue VO!CE voice processing.

Good comfort.

Sturdy and Premium quality build.

Lot of connectivity options.


Frequency response too uneven (without equalization).

Low sound insulation, whatever pad material is chosen.

best logitech gaming headsets

The G Pro X has certainly the perfect performance when it comes to its quality of sound reproduction. In addition to it, G Pro X stands out brilliantly from its competition thanks to its microphone, one of the very best on gaming headsets, and the remarkable efficiency of its Blue VO!CE voice processing. This will be suitable for gamers, streaming videos online, telecalling and listening to music. Logitech G Pro X is definitely a killer bargain for its price. 

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 1

Best Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset – Logitech G733


Very nice sound performance, even without EQ.

Lightweight and Comfortable.

RGB Lighting


Microphone quality could be improved.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 2

The G733 is a wireless gaming headset that has some serious advantages. Its sound and ergonomic features are also totally in line with its price positioning, which allows it to become a serious competitor to HyperX or a RIG 800 from Plantronics, for example. It is not as powerful as the latter, or as versatile in terms of connectivity as the HyperX headphone, but it is distinguished by the bewildering number of customization options provided by its application.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 1

Best Sounding Gaming Headphone Under $100 – Logitech G533


Balanced, dynamic and detailed sound.

Precise soundstage.

Comfortable to wear.

Very efficient PC configuration application.


Microphone is not up to the mark.

Exclusively usable on PC or PS4.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 4

Simplicity is a delight for the Logitech G533, which has clear advantages with regards to sound performance and comfortability again emphasizing on pleasing sound performance. It just misses its fifth star, due to the insensitive microphone not up to the level, but for PC and PS4 gamers looking for great wireless sound, the G533 is clearly a top pick.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 1

Best Cheap Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset – Logitech G435


Clean, balanced sound.

Great mic functionality and quality.

Dual Bluetooth and proprietary wireless connection (via USB).

Low latency in Bluetooth.

Extremely lightweight and good comfort.


Lack of sharp sound.

Microphone sensitive to surrounding noise.

Headband a little tight for big head.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 6

The Logitech G435 shows all the qualities expected of an entry-level wireless gaming headset: a very simple, but satisfactory design, a user experience without fuss, and above all decent performance, both in terms of the speakers and the microphone.

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Above all, the versatility brought by the dual connectivity via USB/Bluetooth is a very pleasant bonus. In particular, it forms a very attractive pair with the Nintendo Switch, thanks to its very low streaming latency.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 1

Logitech G432 – Upgraded version of well-known G430


Precise volume control on the headphones.

Complete and pleasant to use application.


Not the most refined sound.


Cable and microphone not detachable.

best logitech gaming headsets

The G432 does not offer big changes compared to the G430. Even if we applaud the efforts made on the software part, we expected more on the main points of manufacturing quality, comfort and sound reproduction.

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Unfortunately, nothing really changes on that side. As the surround isn’t more convincing than that, we advise you to take a look at other models with mini-jack connection such as the G233, the HyperX Cloud and even the Cloud Alpha, which are regularly on sale. If you absolutely insist on the USB connection, there is still the G433 at a very close price or even the G533 wireles.

5 Best Logitech Gaming Headsets 1

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