Are you in a thought of buying a projector and confused about where and how to start? Don’t worry, we have complied the list of best portable projectors for powerpoint presentations here.

Projectors are the most convenient display devices and optical equipment using for project videos, images, slides. Projectors were mostly used for classroom and business presentations. But nowadays people are familiar with digital video projectors as home theatre movie screens, which gives true cinematic experience. It’s useful in daily life depends on your demands. So we can categorize it like; home theatre projectors, portable and non-portable business projectors, classroom projectors,  versatile short throw projectors, gaming projectors.

Incredible customizable screening size and portability are the main advantages of projectors comparing with televisions. Screen size is not permanent. It can arrange in any size, large or small quickly as per the need. Easeful to carry the theatre, anywhere you go is very much convenient. Only need to do is just throw it in your bag, while packing up for a journey. Many portable projectors also have the access of USB and wireless capabilities. So you can easily adapt it to any needful circumstances. Outdoor screening also possible and flexible to operate on any surface instead of one set screen.


Points to be considered while buying a projector:

  • Your need and Cost 

Search for a good quality projector as per your need, if it’s for business or entertainment considering the amount you are able to spend.

  • Brightness

Generally the brighter is better. Brightness is adjustable in any projectors depends on the environment.

  • Contrast ratio

It’s the difference between light and dark on-screen. The higher contrast ratio gives better picture quality.

  • Throw distance

Throw distance is the space between the screen and the projector. You need to consider this feature, which will give you placement flexibility.

  • Resolution

Resolution describes how clear a projected image is, in number of pixels. More pixels give a higher pixel density with crisper picture quality.

  • Lamp life / Bulb age

This is the expected operating time of a projected lamp. It calculates in hours.

  • Connectivity

Consider VGA, HDMI, USB port options according to your use like; movies, games, or for business. Wi-Fi support, Ethernet port are also good options.

  • Portability

If the use is related to business presentations or to carry while travel then go for the one, as small as possible.

  • Sound

It might not be the main aspect for business purposes, but for home entertainment you must consider the speaker set up.

  • Reliability

Make sure that you get a reliable product by check out the reviews and search through the internet. Especially considering the availability of parts to repair or replace.

Here we list the best portable projectors for power point presentations.


It delivers the most convenient entertainment in any room. Consist of dual integrated Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers. It has a built-in battery that has 30,000 hours of operational life. Most convenient portable projector with a weight less than 1kg. The small size and lightweight features make the device fit in one hand easily. In total it has an impressive look and feels in design. Multiple connectivity options include HDMI, micro SD card slot, USB type-A & C. Also can connect headphones and external speakers through the 3.5mm output. Available storage space of 16GB helps you to save your favorite content directly into the projectors. Package includes USB type-C cable, HDMI cable, power brick & cable for charging and a carry bag. It has a 360-degree perfect projection. The built-in battery gives a backup of more than 3 hours in one stretch. So that it is not necessary to plug the projector into any power sources while using. Also has a remote control system.

5 Best Portable Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations 16


  • Good image quality.
  • Good audio quality.
  • Long battery life.
  • 16 GB internal storage space.
  • Auto keystone adjustments.
  • Palm sized and impressive design.
  • Carrying pouch and cables are included.


  • Falls out of focus often.
  • Remote control works only from the front side of the projector.
  • Did not meet the claiming brightness of 250 lumens.


ViewSonic M1+ portable projector is an affordable option, compared with other projectors with similar features. Watch them in a place where people need light to write down the notes would be inadequate. Preferable to watch in the dark. Good battery life and internal storage space of 16 GB are good about this device. The M1+ has an appreciable versatile array of connectivity including USB-C and HDMI inputs with wireless screen mirroring support. Which makes the file transferring very much easy.

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5 Best Portable Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations 17

It’s a versatile projector with advanced visual characteristics and may impressive features. Best to use for Education and business purposes. It has received many positive reviews from customers about the efficiency of this product.

  • Great colour accuracy.

A wide colour range and beautiful images ensured by the super colour technology features. i.e. a six-segment colour wheel and dynamic lamp control capabilities.

  • Long lamp life.

Power saving Eco and Super Eco mode helps to dim projection brightness up to 70% so that the lamp life will extend up to 15,000 hours. For that, you just need to put on the power save settings and disable the signal inputs. (lamp life can be varied based on the use and different other factors)

  • Automatic power off / Quick power off.

Projector will shut off automatically, in case of difficult to detect any signal input. Also, quick power-off feature helps to wind up within seconds instead, waiting for a cool-down process to complete. These can save the lamp lifespan.

  • 3600 Lumen brightness.

A high contrast ratio and 3600 Lumen brightness ensure bright and high quality images in any environment, even in a well-lit room.

  • 3D Blu-Ray & HDMI Input.

HDMI port is perfect for connecting with any HDMI enabled device. It helps the users to feel 3D view directly from 3D Blu-Ray players. It also has 2 VGA inputs for analog sources and RCA composite video input.

  • Easy to set up.

Simple steps to set up. Just plug and play your presentations, videos, and pictures.

  • Reduce Input Latency.

Ultra –low 16ms input latency supports faster frame-by-frame actions and delivers smooth images without delay.

  • Audio.

It has a built-in 2Wspeakers.

  • Remote control use.

Remote control with 8 different modes helps to easy operations.


  • Picture and display quality. The image from the projector is clearly visible with a ceiling full of lights on.
  • Energy saving Super Eco feature and auto shut off.
  • Simple steps to set up and easy use with remote control.
  • More options for connectivity.
  • Easy to carry while travel.


  • Does not have a USB port.
  • Only SVGA 800×600 resolution is enabled.
  • Complaints raised by customers about the poor volume of speakers and noise from the in-built cooling fan.


In general, this projector is useful to classroom and business use with many connection options and Eco-friendly features. But it’s video quality is only suitable for short to medium duration videos. The advanced visual features, flexible connectivity options and an affordable price range are the attractive facts of ViewSonic PA 503S projectors.

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It’s a great way of having fun and entertainment wherever you are. It has the most convenient features to carry by weight of 708g, probably similar to a coffee cup or a water bottle. USB port facility is enabled. GV1 can stream video games or music via dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from your mobiles, PC, or laptops making it truly wireless. Switching to USB-C port, you can also connect GV1’s single port with your latest phones, laptops, etc. This handy port can also charge your device or play videos, music simultaneously. Enjoy movies, music, gaming, or any streaming content directly from the smart GV1. Simple steps are included to set up in seconds.

5 Best Portable Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations 18


  • Palm sized design and lightweight features help easy portability.
  • Auto keystone correction.
  • Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi and direct hotspot.
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker mode with built-in 5W chambered audio.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Decent hours of battery life.

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  • Remote control needs to be carried.
  • Limited physical connectivity.
  • Cannot stream iTunes or Netflix on iOS.
  • Doesn’t include a standard USB-A, HDMI ports.


The GV1 looks more like a portable speaker than a projector in size, weight, and design. It has some serious hurdles to overcome. It’s a sports limited app store and has few physical connectivity options. It is the best as an easy carrying projector. But when it comes to connectivity, the lack of HDMI and USB-A ports are drawbacks. It has a very stylish look in design but hard to recommend unless you are an android user.

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The most impressing feature of this projector is its image quality and the resolution of 1080p. It enables a crystal clear image with manual focus adjustments. An amazing projector for presentation in space where total darkness isn’t an option. Picture brightness and audio quality are good enough to feel like a little portable home theatre. 5W internal speakers produce quality audio. It’s a good one for the office or a home theatre. A capacity of 5,500 lux gives a bright image even in daylight. Connectable with inputs like game console, streaming stick, external hard drive, flash drive, and SD card, and also with your phones (using HDMI to lightning connector for an iPhone / HDMI to USB-C connector for Android). LED lamp life is for 5000 hours.

5 Best Portable Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations 19


  • Great picture quality.
  • Multiple digital connectivity.
  • 5W in-built speakers.
  • 300-inches widescreen display.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Starter kit supplies everything needful.
  • Easy portable and a carry bag is available with the product.


  • You might need an external source for better quality speakers, especially when watching movies or playing games.
  • Due to the poor quality height adjusting option, probably require an alternative mounting solution for positioning. 


If you are searching for a new good projector for personal or business use, then Vankyo V600 is considerable. This is good for office presentations and performs well as a home theatre projector too. It is a native 1080p projector compatible with any device. You get a projector with AV cable, HDMI cable, remote control, lens cap, and a carry bag. It is very easy to plug and play. Apart from minor drawbacks, Vankyo V600 is a good reasonably priced portable projector can be used for both business and home use.

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It’s a high quality full HD model projectors provide an excellent movie experience. This model also perfect for office, party, classroom, church, or any indoor and outdoor use. Supports to connect multiple external devices such as USB, TV stick, game console, smartphones, DVD players, PC, and laptops. It provides an amazingly crisp and clear image generated by 6000 lux of its light source. 4D keystone function ensures an adequate image shape. Two integrated 5W stereo speakers and a screen size up to 200-inch. It is very easy and comfortable to use. It has wide compatibility with different types of formats such as text, audio, and video. Lamp life is 5000 hours. It includes an HDMI cable, AV cable, remote, fix screws, and a carrying pouch.

5 Best Portable Projectors for Powerpoint Presentations 20


  • Easy to set.
  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Good audio quality.
  • Keystone correction.
  • Multimedia compatibility.
  • Includes HDMI&AV cables, remote, and a carrying case.


  • Poor remote quality.


Comparing with the V600 model, this version has a much more keystone correction, a pleasing design and more nice features. It’s a nice native 1080p picture, with a decent speaker. And the high-quality HD feature obviously makes you feel an amazing movie experience.

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