If you’re looking to add that extra level of security to your workspace, or the office, the paper shredders can provide the most cost-effective ways to secure your privacy. Proper document destruction helps to escape from potential fraudulent crimes.

Today paper shredders are available in all sizes, shapes, and designs. Many of the paper shredders have powerful motors and micro and cross-cutting surfaces that can easily shred through hard materials like credit cards, debit cards, and compact discs. Your expectations about paper shredders like space, noise-level, security, and efficiency can meet with the best paper shredder.

In this article, we give emphasis to the noise level of shredders. Here we list the quietest paper shredders in the market today.


If you are planned to choose a quiet paper shredder then firstly you to consider how often you plan to use it and how much material you will shred on a regular basis. If you want to do a low volume shredding jobs, compact enough to be easily transported between rooms in the home or offices then you can choose a smaller, more lightweight model of quiet paper shredder. If you want to shred a large volume of papers on regular basis, then paper shredders with bigger capacities are better suited for you.

More than volume, weight, and size, paper shredders are classified by the way in which they shred. These are given below:

  1. Strip cut –The simplest way to shred paper, this style involves cutting documents into long, thin strips using rotating cutting blades.
  2. Crosscut – This method involves using two offset series of cutting blades to reduce paper into tiny rectangular, diamond, or parallelogram shaped particles.
  3. Particle-cut –Similar to crosscut, this involves punching out tiny square or circular particles.

Shredder Standards

Paper shredders are distinguished by the security level of the particles produced. Different type of security levels are given below:

P1 Smaller than 12 millimeters
P2 Smaller than 6 millimeters
P3 Smaller than 2 millimeters
P4 Smaller than 6 millimeters and less than 160 square millimeters
P5 Smaller than 2 millimeters and less than 30 square millimeters
P6 Smaller than 1 millimeter and less than 10 square millimeters
P7 Smaller than 1 millimeter and less than 5 square millimeters

Additional Features

Here are a few additional features to look for when choosing a quiet paper shredder:

  • Jam-proof – Sensors keep the cutting blades from being overloaded.
  • Safety – Sensors in some shredders that automatically shut off the motor when they detect that a person’s hands are too close to the blades which help to avoid accident in the workplace.
  • Energy – Features like sleep modes and more efficient motors help use less energy.
  • Reduce mess – Auto-cleaning functions help remove tiny paper particles on cutting blades and other parts of the shredder.
  • Quiet – Special innovations can drastically reduce the amount of noise the shredder makes when in operation.

Quiet Paper Shredders – The Best List

#1 Fellowes Powershred 79 Ci – 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 6


Speed and Silence are the great features of FellowesPower shred 79Ci machine. This is exactly shredding 11 feet of paper per minute. While shredding with this high speed, Power shredder only makes 54 decibels of sound during operation easily makes it our most silent shredder too. This unit is able to offer 100% jam-protection. If you’re worried about any home or workplace accident during the operation of shredding then we suggest Fellowes Power shred 79Ci shredder, its SafeSensetechnology automatically disengages when hands come into contact with the paper opening.


  • 11 Feet Per Minute Shred Speed
  • 100% Jam-Proof
  • Quiet – 54 Decibels During Operation
  • SafeSense Technology


  • Relatively Heavy

Design and Features

The measures of 79Ci are 21.3 inches height, 15.4 inches width, 10.4 inches depth and weigh 33.3 pounds. Most of that weight is in the lid, which was not easy to remove or carry. It has a larger paper capacity; it can chop paper into smaller shreds. On top, to the front-right of the feed slot, are physical controls: a button with a start icon, flanked by forward and reverse buttons (represented by forward- and backward-arrow icons, respectively). Like most shredders, once you insert the paper into the feed slot, the shredder grabs it and pulls it in. If you are trying to put too many sheets in, you’ll get first a yellow, and then a red, warning light.


The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is a great choice for your home office, or as a personal model for your small office or home. It is operated easily and fast. It can shred paper into small enough to secure your most valuable documents, CDs, Plastic Cards, Paper Clips, and all other items in addition to papers The Powershred 79Ci shredder shred more sheets at once. Overall, the 79Ci is a well-rounded and solid choice for you.

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#2 Bonsaii EverShred Pro 4S30 – Best For Heavy Use

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 7


If you want consistent and reliable shredding requirements, then we suggestBonsaiiEverShred Pro 4S30. It has been designed for users looking for. Use of Bonsaii patented cutting technology allows for 240 minutes of consecutive running time and only needing a 10-minute cooldown period. This shredder provides high-level of security. Micro-cutting blades used in it can shred the document tiny small particles than crosscutting shredders and does so at a speed of 7.2 feet per minute. With an advanced jam-detection system, this shredder automatically reverses paper flow to prevent jamming before it can occur. It offers 3-year warranty for the entire machine and 7-year warranty for their unique cutter blades.


  • Quiet – 58 Decibels During Operation
  • 2 Feet Per Minute Shred Speed
  • Micro-Cutting Security
  • 240 Minute Runtime
  • 10 Minute Cool Down Time


  • Relatively Heavy
  • Low Max Load – 10 Sheets


  • It ensures continuous running time up to 240 minutes without interruption for mass documents destroying.
  • High-security micro-cut paper shredder with 10 sheets shredding capacity; Shreds paper into tiny particles
  • It can Shreds paper, credit card, CD/DVD, clips, staples, ultra-low noise to 58dB; Shredding speed reaches 7.2 feet per minute
  • It is enabled with Jam protection system to auto start and auto reverse to protect you from falling into frustration of paper jams, overheating and overloading.
  • 9 gallons large wastebasket capacity for easy and less frequent emptying.
  • It is embodied with a small bin for CD/DVD and credit card pieces collection, and the transparent window to see when wastebasket is full


The BonsaiiEverShred Pro 4S30 is best ever micro cut paper shredder having more specialties like shredding speed, fast run time and low cool down time. It is used for shredding papers, CDs, DVDs, Credit Cards and all type of plastic cards. Its design and features are suitable for consistent and reliable shredding requirements.

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#3 Aurora AU2280XA – Discontinued (Newer Model Added Below)

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 8


The Aurora offers both a large waste bin and max paper load allowing users to save time both loading and unloading papers and other items to the shredder. Aurora AU2280XA have anti-jam auto-reverse feature which helps to increase workload efficiency and reduce the level of maintenance required. 30-minute runtime reduced the large workloads. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the Aurora will also switch itself off to save power and make it self-safe.


  • 5 Gallon Capacity
  • 22 Pages Max Load
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Anti-Jam Auto-Reverse


  • Slightly Bulkier Than Other Shredders


  • Crosscut with 22 sheet capacity
  • It shreds paper, CDs, DVDs, Credit cards into small pieces with security level P-4
  • 30-minute continues runtime; Anti-jam auto-reverse to clear paper jams.
  • Auto power off system saves energy.
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • 5-gallon waste bin with LED indicator which indicates when standby, overheated, bin full, overload, door open status.


Aurora AU2280XA is a professional Grade 22 sheet cross cut CD/paper and plastic card shredder which can run up to 30 minutes continuously. It is a compatible shredder for a small to medium office that doesn’t require constant shredding but instead has the occasional bulk of documents that need to be destroyed from time to time. Whilst it may be one of the larger shredders, the Aurora does utilize a narrower design allowing it to fit under-or-next-to desks without disturbing anyone.

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#4 AmazonBasics 12-Sheet – Most Affordable Option

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 9


The AmazonBasics 12-sheet paper shredder is high-security paper shredder with micro cut features. We know that one of the major purposes of a paper shredder is to protect our documents, AmazonBasics 12-sheet shredder uses micro-cutter technology which makes your documents tiny particle than its crosscutting counterparts. The shortened design and 4 caster wheels help to move anywhere. If you are looking for an easy-to-use shredder, the AmazonBasics is for you.


  • Micro-Cutting Security
  • Affordable
  • High-Capacity Bin
  • Thermal Protection With Auto Shut-Off
  • Easily Moveable


  • Only 8 Minute Runtime
  • 45 Minute Cooldown


  • Crosscut shredder with 4.8-gallon bin capacity
  • 12-sheet capacity and no need to remove paper pins or staples
  • It shreds paper Credit cards, CDs, DVDs(one at a time)
  • Separate slot for shredding CDs, DVDs, and Blu Rays.
  • It is capable of Shredding paper into cross-section strips measuring 7/32 by 2-5/32 inches.
  • Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jam.


AmazonBasics 12 Sheet Cross-Cut paper, CD, DVD, Credit Card shredder thoroughly shred multi-page document to help safeguard your identity. The AmazonBasics shredder reduces your chances of falling victim of your identity theft. If you are looking for an easy using shredding machine then we suggest this amazing AmazonBasics shredding machine with its great features.

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#5 GoECOlife GMW120P – Discontinued Newer Model Added Below

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 10


How can we destroy our confidential documents without harming our environment? GoECOlife GMW120P Paper shredder is a fantastic choice for Protecting our environment. This is the shredder with the highest level of security with its micro-cutting blades. Its energy-saving mode on when shredder not in use. These 19.5 lbs light weighted shredders extremely ease to movable. Its contemporary design making it a great look for home or office. A large viewing window on the front of the shredder indicating when the next refill is due.


  • Micro-Cutting Security
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish Design


  • Low Capacity


  • Quiet operation that not disturb person sitting nearby.
  • Energy saving and Carbon Neutral
  • Large window help to view the shredded waste.
  • Its shred papers CDs, DVDs, and Credit Cards
  • This micro cut shredder shreds to unreadable confetti-sized particles.

The GoECOlife GMW120P shredder is smaller micro-cut shredding machine that provides peace of mind in an executive, contemporary design that will look great in your home or office. This high-security micro cut shredder shred 12 sheets per pass and shred your valuable documents into tiny 0.16”×0.39” unreadable particle. This product is carbon neutral, Because of this great feature we can shred our important document and save nature through carbon reduction.

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List of best shredders which are extremely quiet during operation. With pros and cons compared choose the quietest shredder for your need. The winner is Fellowes 79 Ci followed by Bonsaii Evershred 4S30.

#6 Fellowes LX22M Powershred Micro Cut 20 Sheet Paper Shredder – New Addition

The new generateon Powershred from Fellowes uses the innovative 100% paper jam techcnology for easy and smooth paper cut. The patented IntelliBar technology ensures excellent cutting performance. These shredders from Fellowes are well known for their highest level of safety, superior performance and 100% jam free operation. At a time you can shred 20 papers with at most precision and high security. Some of the features of LX22M are as follows:

  • Cup and fill runtime indicators to monitor the optimum number of sheets to be fed.
  • SafeSense technology ensures chips safety and accident free.
  • At a time, the machine can rip 20 sheets of 257-5 / 32 inch x 1/2 inch (Safety Level P-4) paper. Also you can trim one portion of a pareticlar document for extra security.
  • Not only paper, it can trim staples, credit cards, paper clips etc.
  • It takes up to 30 minutes of run time and 15 mins of cool down time.
  • The company offers 1 year warranty and 5 years service.
  • The fine particles cut from this machine is 3 times small than usual fine particles.

Fellowes LX22M is a professional shredder which provides highest level of security and safety maintaining shredding efficiency at top level.

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#7 Aurora AU1210MA Professional Grade – High Security Quiet Shredder

7 Best Quiet Paper Shredders from Cheap to Premium 11
Aurora AU1210MA

Aurora AU1210MA is a simple and lightweight medium duty paper shredder for small offices and home. It comes with a pullout recycling container which makes it easier to dump the shredded items. 

It can shred up to 12 sheets at a time and has P4 security level with an 8.7-inch input. The auto start function lets you to shred the papers conveniently without waiting to press the button. Not only paper, it can destroy credit cards, DVDs etc. Above all, the major advantage of Aurora AU1210MA is the ultra-quiet operation. This quiet paper shredder ensures minimal disruption while you do your own works. 

Another important feature is the anti-jam auto reverse technology which help you to avoid paper jams occurring frequently. This high security micro cut shredder provides excellent protection with 6 times smaller than typical cross cut particles. 

Aurora AU1210MA is good for small to medium tasks which require no supervision and those who need peace of mind and quieter operation while shredding. It also boasts 60 mins continuous runtime which is better than many of the shredders at this price point. It also comes with four wheels and handles to move and lift easily.


Easy to move 

Very quiet 

Has pull out basket 

60 mins runtime without overheating



It sometimes shut down when the basket is half full only. 

Overall verdict 

Considering the price point, this one is definitely bang for the buck. With the numerous beneficial features and safety options with extremely quiet operation, this one is one of the best shredders out there. 

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