If you are looking for best bluetooth earphones for Running purpose and for long sessions you have come to the right place. Here we list the top rated Running Bluetooth Earphones for Long Sessions and a comparison is made with each which will help you to choose the right one.

Best Running Bluetooth Earphones

During our workout time, the majority of us prefer to have some music with rich bass. This will pump us up and make us mentally give that extra effort. But getting the right workout earphones which fit in our workout routine is very much important. We have had many inquiries regarding the best workout earphones that will simultaneously provide great quality audio and that fits in comfortably. So having done an extensive research on this area we have come up with some of the best work out earphones which you can comfortably use during your workouts.

Before getting into the best earphones we have to look at the performance points that will enable you to select the best running bluetooth earphones. We have found some of the points that you can give importance while selecting one.

Sweat Proof

Be sure that the earphone that you are selecting has a good sweatproof mechanism. This helps you to make the most out of the investment that you have made. If the earphones you use don’t have a sweat-resistant mechanism then it is more likely that the device could get damage or affect the quality of the audio. These two matters could affect the positive mentality during your strenuous workouts.

A slight upper hand of bass

Even if you are not that much interested in audio with a lot of basses, during workouts it is recommended that you use a little bit an audio which has bass. This helps you get that extra push during most difficult workouts. That is the reason why we always recommend that while selecting an earphone for your workouts, be sure that the bass that this device provides is good. A bass boosted device will be more suitable.

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Try to keep it wireless

Now the technology has developed so much that keeping a wired earphone is more of a crime and also a safety issue. Wireless earphones are safer as the chances of damages are very minimal in its case. So we would recommend a wireless earphone as the best companion for your workouts.

With these performance points, let’s revise what we recommend the best workout earphones in the market. With these performance points, we are sure that you can do your own research. But we can assure you that we have done an extensive research and select from our list won’t make you disappointed.

Best Running Bluetooth Earphones

JAYBIRD X3 – The Best

5 Best Running Bluetooth Earphones for Long Sessions 5

Let’s get started with the design and built quality that this earphone carries with itself. It surely has got some serious makeover from its predecessor that is the ‘freedom’ range. It has got added wings and ear tips which helps it to fit into your ear quite comfortably. The black and silver combination of the earphone stands out in appeal when compared with other combinations. This has got a slimmer housing also angled earbuds. These two factors will create more sound clarity. It also comes with a control module and a mic. But this inclusion has made it a little bulky. The sweat proofing that this device gives you is quite good. The state with the term hydrophobic nano coating.

Coming to the sound quality that this earphone carries, the lows were sounding big but this will surely help you while you are running. The mids were a little busy but the bass delivery is quite good. The highs are also on the higher side, but the manufacturers have given care to not to make it comfortable and not painful.


For a person who buys this earphone entirely for running purpose, this is one of the apt devices. But if you have mixed uses then you will have to do a few adjustments with the apps running the device. The pricing is competitive. So the final verdict from our side on this device is to go ahead with this device if you have running as the only workout in mind.

Price Range: $100 – $120

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JABRA ELITE 65 T – Feature Packed

JABRA ELITE 65 T - Feature Packed

This device comes with an IP55 certification and one-touch access to Google assistant, Alexa or Siri. It has an impressive battery backup of 5 hours. If that is not enough then the manufacturers have included a charging case which gives you an additional battery cycle. This device comes with waterproof and dustproof features. This will help you to work hard and run hard no matter what the condition is.

The noise isolation that this device offers is kind of balanced. This means that you will have a fair idea of this happening around you even if the music is playing in the earphone. We would recommend this kind of isolation as this has a certain amount of safety in it.


This device gives you everything that you need in a sports earphone and even more. But while deciding to buy it, give proper look at the pricing that they carry. From the manufacturer’s side, they have good justification for the pricing as they are giving you a feature rich product. Using this product will surely be a pleasure for you.

Price Range: $150 – $180

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BOSE SOUNDSPORT Wireless – Most Reliable and Durable

5 Best Running Bluetooth Earphones for Long Sessions 6

This device is entirely on par with Jaybird X3. But if you are that person who likes that extra bass for your workouts then Bose sound sport is the one you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are fonder of balanced output then you can go with Jaybird X3.

Coming to its working and fitment, it really fits into due to the presence of ear tip wings. This is suitable for running and for those heavy physical workouts. The design is compact and does not dig deep into your ears. The noise cancellation that it offers is the most balanced. This means that it gives you an idea of what is going around you without compromising on the quality of the audio output.

The built quality of this device is moderate due to the predominant use of plastics. They are sweat resistant, so it can be used during rains also. The sound quality has an upper hand of bass.


So when you consider this device for buying the main factors that have to be given importance is the bass that it provides and also the shallow fitment of the earbuds into the ears. This shallow fitment of the earbuds will not give a full noise cancellation which can annoy a certain section of the users. On all other parameters, this device is a good fit for workouts.

Price Range: $140 – $170

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5 Best Running Bluetooth Earphones for Long Sessions 7

These earphones cannot be said that they are specifically made for sports. But with their use, we have found that these earphones are good to be used during your work out sessions. They have a great built quality. This means that it is made to last and give a good return for your investment. The ear wings that is included in the set gives you a perfect fit and you can take up any hard workouts without the worry of earbuds falling off. We must say that these earphones are not officially sweated or waterproof. But during our tests, these earphones have performed beautifully against sweat and water. Hence you count on it.

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Coming to the sound quality, beats have not left its typical sound modulations in this earphones also. bass is the stress point and the sound that comes out of it is too good to be natural.


So, on the whole, if you are a beats fan and you are planning to get a workout earphone. You should probably not wait for anything else from beats. This is the best that they are offering now. On the other hand true sound, true sweat resistance and true sports earphones are in your mind. Then you can compare some of the top models in the market with it and make your own decision.

Price Range: $70 – $100

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5 Best Running Bluetooth Earphones for Long Sessions 8

It is light in weight, the earbuds are super fitting and the manufacturers have done a great job with magnetic housing. Yes, this earphone from Under Armor is giving a tough competition for all its competitors. By pairing up with the technological expertise of JBL, we can expect a good show. It has silicone earbuds which are tough and fits the ears quite nicely. This helps you during your runs and workouts.

But the design of the neckband has put the earphones one step backward. They are really uncomfortable while running as they don’t have a specific ergonomic relation with the neck. The flex from Under Armor also comes with sweat proof. Which is evident from the nano coating it is provided with. But it is disappointing that this device does not come with an IP certification.

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The sound that this device provides is also more inclined towards bass. The quality of the sound for vocals is also good. The isolation that it provides is great. So while using it is safe if you are having your runs in an open road.


Yes, this is a good sports earbud. With an extra emphasize on bass and built quality. But the area where they didn’t give their attention was the ergonomics part. If you ignore this particular drawback, then these earphones have the capacity to make a good workout partner.

Price Range: $140 – $170

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