When we think about upgrading our desktop, there are several factors we consider: performance, memory, video card, but it is very difficult to think of the keyboard. Aside from that, you ll use the keyboard for a long time before buying new.

However, conventional keyboards that usually come with the computer are uncomfortable and can harm your wrists or even your productivity, while ergonomic keyboards are designed so your arms, wrists and your hands can rest naturally. In addition to being very comfortable, they take the stress out of the wrists, but many people do not believe in the benefit that these keyboards offer and simply ignore them because they are more expensive.

Image Model Description Where to buy
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 13 Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard The Best Ergonomic Keyboard Latest Price & User Reviews
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 14 LOGITECH K350 Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Latest Price & User Reviews
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 15  Kinesis Freestyle2 Best Divided Ergonomic Keyboard Latest Price & User Reviews
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 16 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Best Affordable Ergonomic Keyboaard Latest Price & User Reviews
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 17 Logitech MK850 Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac Latest Price & User Reviews
6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 18 Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5050 Best Performance Ergonomic Keyboard Latest Price & User Reviews

What are the Benefits of Ergonomic Keyboards?

The benefits of the ergonomic keyboard mainly involve the wrists, hands, and fingers as well. If you use a keyboard that does not allow a correct position of the hands, this can lead to problems in the nerves, muscles and joints. There are several benefits that ergonomic keyboards offer, and we’ll look at some of them below:

  • Always keep your hands in a good position, so you will not have to stretch your wrist while typing.
  • If you are in the right position, typing becomes more precise, light and comfortable.
  • The good ergonomics of the keyboards means that you do not strain your wrists by relaxing not only your fingers but your whole hand, increasing your overall productivity.
  • The ergonomic keyboard’s design allows you to adjust them, easily adapting your body position, promoting a posture suitable for writing for long periods of time.
  • Reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome that causes a tingling sensation, numbness, and pain in the hand and fingers.

The use of ergonomic keyboards in companies or offices is growing every year. Studies show significant improvements in reducing fatigue, pain, and discomfort by users, increasing their productivity and even reducing costs for the company. Although ergonomic keyboards are more expensive, over time your benefits will be visible and you will realize that they were a good investment.

Stay alert, if you already have serious pain or have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or any type of injury, consult your physician before buying a new ergonomic keyboard and use it as a form of treatment.

Types of Ergonomic Keyboards

The manufacturers have developed four types of ergonomic keyboards, each type having unique formats suited to different user needs.

Divided Keyboard

This is the most common ergonomic keyboard, which has its separate keys in two or three groups that allow the user to type in different angles. The index fingers are taller than the smaller fingers when typing, making typing more comfortable.

Contoured Keyboard

On the contoured keyboard the function keys (F1, F2, F3 …) are positioned in the middle of the screens to be pressed by the thumbs, so you will not move both the wrists that are practically still.

This keyboard differs from other traditional keyboards with a unique design and can almost be used as such.

You will have to be careful when using the hand keyboard, such as: do not use the same on a flat surface and take care of body posture, since it allows you to move while working or leaning on the chair .

Angled Divided Keyboard

Much like split keyboards, the difference between them is that the angled keyboard is folded allowing the fingers to be positioned higher to facilitate typing. On some models you can adjust the keyboard for even greater comfort.

Why Should I Buy an Ergonomic Keyboard?

Buying an ergonomic keyboard is a great investment that will save your health in the long run, even if you do not have a job that requires frequent keyboard use, the planetwifi team recommends all users to at least test an ergonomic keyboard and experience once, if interested, invest fearlessly on an ergonomic keyboard.

How We Choose The Best Ergonomic Keyboards

In this post we reviewed and selected 12 models initially in our research and from there, we were filtering the models based on some requirements and availability. At the end of our evaluations, we were able to define the best ergonomic keyboards available today.

Ergonomic Keyboards – The Best List

The Best Ergonomic Keyboard: Microsoft Ergonomic Sculpt Keyboard

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 19

What we like

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Inclined design
  • Comfortable wrist support
  • Separate numeric keypad
  • Wireless connection

What we do not like

  • It takes some time to get used to
  • A bit expensive
  • Small function keys

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is the most comfortable for the vast majority of people, designed exclusively to meet all ergonomic criteria.

Latest Price and User Reviews

The innovative design allows you to position your hands comfortably and naturally on its solid structure, which stays firm on any surface. Its keys are soft and have an inward slope mimicking the curved shape of the fingertips, which increases the typing comfort.

The large cushion that fits your wrists is padded and extends across the front of the Sculpt keyboard, letting the wrists relax as you type. You have the option of removing the cushion, but it works perfectly well, especially if you already have some problem in the wrists.

Your wireless keypad is separate from the main keyboard and can be positioned in a way that meets your needs, but do not deviate from the fundamental ergonomic criteria for good typing.

The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is very comfortable, but you’ll have to be patient and gradually get accustomed to it with its distinctive design. However, once accustomed to the new shape and layout, the benefits are clear and both the comfort in the wrists and typing, in general, will increase your productivity.

In addition to the benefits and advantages already mentioned above, you can still enjoy media controls built into the keyboard and several hotkeys that make it easy to access the most diverse functions.


In addition to the Sculpt keyboard, you can choose the mouse that accompanies the keyboard, which has a geometric design with a good rest for the thumb. Its rounded shape is higher than traditional mice and with this you will have much more support, leaving your wrist at a neutral point providing comfortable support for every hand.

It is amazing how small changes in your posture can bring benefits to your body over time.

 Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard: LOGITECH K350

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 20

What we like

  • Differentiated design
  • Cushioned pillow rest
  • Adjustable keyboard height
  • Very good battery life
  • Affordable
  • Easy adaptation

What we do not like

  • Few resources for MacOS

Latest Price and User Reviews

It is extremely complicated to change the keyboard when we like the one we use and much more complicated when you need to use one with a different layout, forcing the user to go through an adaptation period until they “get the hang of” the new keyboard. Thinking about it, Logitech designed the K350, which offers solid features and excellent build quality that strikes a good ergonomic balance with a familiar keyboard design.

The Logitech K350 ergonomic keyboard has several cool features that will provide comfort with good ergonomics, starting with the pillow that is cushioned and anatomical, keeping the wrists more straight than a standard keyboard, but you should use it for rest, when not typing.

Logitech designed the K350 in a waveform that facilitates access to the buttons and its keys are staggered in the vertical plane providing much more comfort and practicality in typing. In addition to the conventional keys, you’ll still have other keys like the usual play, stop, and volume controls. Its programmable ‘F’ keys are easily programmable through Logitech’s SetPoit Software.

The battery life is considered exceptional which, according to the manufacturer comes to three years using only two AA batteries.

With three options to adjust the height of the keyboard, you can leave it in the ideal measure to make you feel more comfortable and spend an entire day typing without pain or discomfort.

The Logitech K350’s wireless receiver is so small that it’s “too small” and requires care not to lose it. 2.4 GHz wireless communication works great, eliminating virtually all delays and possible interference.

Best Divided Ergonomics Keyboard: Kinesis Freestyle2

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 21

What we like

  • Ergonomic split keyboard
  • Extremely soft keys with quick response
  • Allows for various ergonomic mounts

What we do not like

  • No numeric keypad
  • The differentiated layout can take a while to get used to

Kinesis Freestyle2 is one of the most versatile keyboards currently manufactured and is, therefore, an excellent choice for you who want to keep your hands in position. Its sleek and modern all-black design features well spaced and very soft keys, providing good typing and comfort.

Latest Price and User Reviews

Keyboards that have a thinner thickness in addition to being much nicer have ergonomic benefits. It will be easier to adjust your hands over it and your wrists will stay in a more neutral position. Kinesis Freestyle2 fits this definition perfectly.

Its split keyboard style has several benefits, reducing ulnar flexion (prevents extension of the wrist), keeping your wrists straight and with more relaxed arms avoiding severe muscle fatigue while typing.

With a solid construction, the Kinesis Freestyle2 stands firmly on virtually all surfaces and with its optional accessories, you’ll be able to make it even better. The VIP3 accessory kit, which adds a padded wrist support to the keyboard base that fits in with 5 °, 10 ° and 15 ° inclination, is highly recommended. The numeric keypad, unfortunately, is not part of the kit and should be purchased separately.

The keys of the Kinesis Freestyle2 are a low-force tactile membrane, that means you will do much less typing strength than you would on a traditional keyboard, rated at 10 million keystrokes, you will certainly have a great ergonomic keyboard for many years of quiet and comfortable typing.

Its shortcut keys are easy to access and are a good option to decrease the number of clicks and increase your productivity in general. These keys allow full control of multimedia (volume, pause), a key to activate the calculator and also several simple and useful functions like cut, copy and paste.

Cheap and Best Ergonomic Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 22

What we like

  • Affordable price
  • Very ergonomic design for the wrists
  • Programmable keys
  • Keypad included
  • Good inclination

What we do not like

  • Large keyboard
  • Tightening keys for typing
  • It takes a while to get used to it

If you are looking for a good keyboard that allows good ergonomic posture, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 can help you.

The design of the Ergonomic Keyboard 4000m is sleek in black with silver edges and rounded corners that give a modern and pleasing look.

Like other good ergonomic keyboards, the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is not easily adaptable. It is difficult to use at the beginning (especially if you’ve never used an ergonomic keyboard), but over time, it’s becoming easier.

The keys are divided in half and are well spaced and soft with a good size. What is striking is their positioning, which is positioned at a 12º angle to straighten the wrists with key alignment, so you do not have to bend your wrists, making typing easier.

The wrist rest pad is made of synthetic leather with a good padding that provides good comfort, allowing you to rest your wrists avoiding any type of injury. It is worth remembering that it is fixed and in this way cannot be removed. In conjunction with the keyboard, comes a bracket that fits easily in the front by raising the keyboard. The overall goal is to keep you from raising your hands.

In addition to comfort, you can customize the 5 programmable keys to open files, folders and web pages quickly without the use of the mouse, other options are the “F” keys, which can also be configured and improved for common commands of the day-to-day work, study or even for games. It also have the common media keys to control your music.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac: Logitech MK850

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 23

What we like

  • Extremely ergonomic
  • Well built and attractive
  • Allows for various angle adjustments
  • Comfortable design
  • Programmable keys
  • Soft and comfortable mouse

What we do not like

  • A bit expensive
  • Too big to be portable
  • Fixed wrist rest

Latest Price and User Reviews

You will have no difficulty using the MK850, it supports Windows, MacOS, IOS or Android and allows you to switch between devices simply by using the three white buttons on the keyboard. Its connectivity is wireless, via Bluetooth or USB.

The ergonomic design of the MK850 is subtle, typically flat, but with a good angle that leaves your fingers, hands, and wrists comfortable, you have a choice of three angles for the keyboard: flat (0 degrees), 4 degrees, or 8 degrees.

The underside of the keyboard is sturdy white plastic and features several rubberized feet that ensure stability on virtually any surface, as well as two sets of brackets to adjust the angles above.

The wrist rest is padded and very comfortable, and also has the ability to adjust the angle.

The keyboard is soft because the keys of the MK850 are comfortable and quiet and are positioned in a high ergonomic profile, designed with a small curl that fixes the fingertips, so that you have a comfortable typing, keeping your hand and fingers fully supported.

There are seven programmable keys to assign the functions most used in your day to day work, studies or casual use.


The M720 Triathlon mouse has a comfortable and anatomical design, the rubber surface is all that makes it more comfortable and soft to the touch, the plastic buttons are easy to access and extremely resistant, according to manufacturer the buttons have been built to support up to 10 million clicks.

Download Logitech software to customize your mouse to suit your needs on MacOS, Windows, and Android.

The M720 fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, connected via Bluetooth, compatible with all most all operating systems.

Best Performance Ergonomic Keyboard:  Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5050

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Ultra-Comfort 24

What we like

  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple shortcut keys
  • Keypad included
  • Good inclination
  • Very good ambidextrous mouse

What we do not like

  • Keyboard function buttons are small
  • Wrist rest is fixed

The classic Wireless comfort 550 from Microsoft is still a great choice for your desktop, which in addition to its ergonomic design, it still has several additional keys to assign shortcuts in Windows.

Latest Price and User Reviews

Designed for those who like more traditional ergonomic wireless keyboards. It allows you to perform your work with more mobility and its ergonomics encourages you to use a more natural posture that aligns your arms, wrists, and hands for comfort and convenience.

It has an excellent ergonomic design with a plastic structure. The two disposable feet that were designed to raise the keyboard can easily be added at the top or bottom.

The perforated pillow pad is soft and very comfortable just below the wrists cushions the hands and leaves your wrists relaxed and still takes the pressure off the shoulders as you write.The keys are quiet and comfortable and are positioned in wave format. Better known as Comfort Curve, this Microsoft keyboard positions your fingers in a way that your wrists and hands are in a straight and comfortable posture.

Streamline your work with the 19 shortcut keys located at the top of the keyboard, allowing you to customize them and make your day more productive.


In addition to the keyboard, you get an ergonomic mouse along with the Microsoft Comfort. The mouse, as well as the keyboard, is an excellent choice if you need a wireless, ambidextrous mouse with good ergonomics. It is wider and taller in the back, completely filling the palm of the hand. Its optical laser is precise and works on virtually any surface.


We hope you have found the best ergonomic keyboard ideal for your work, study or day-to-day tasks at home. If you still have any questions or suggestions, leave your comment below that we would be happy to help.



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