Video broadcasting is a new trend that works well if you are opening a startup or have a small business. As people are moving towards digital processes, webcams are becoming the best buddy of all businesses.  It is used for video conferencing at workplaces. It is a good way of marketing your products/services to the customers and is extremely easy to use. You can connect a webcam with your computer system or a laptop with either a USB cable or the internet connection.

If not for a business purpose, webcams are widely used for performing a face to face communication between the users worldwide. Webcams are compatible with applications like facebook, yahoo messenger, twitter and skype that allows users to talk to each other sitting in any corner of the world. Here is a list of a webcam that you can choose for video conferencing either with your friends or for business deals with clients.

Webcam for Video Conferencing – The Best List

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Widescreen Video Calling, and Recording, 1080p Camera, Desktop or Laptop Webcam

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 8

It gives clarity in the videos as it has 1920 x 1080 pixels. There is a  need for you to download a software that can support this webcam. Also, the processor of your computer needs to be of a good storage capacity to manage the load of the data. If you want to get a better quality experience from this webcam, you have to sit quite close to the webcam. You have to be careful while using it on a regular basis. If you are a YouTuber then this webcam is made for you.


·      Better quality of the video

·      Widescreen

·      Simpler lightening adjustments

·      Automatic low-light correction

·      Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

·      Full HD 1080p video recording

·      USB port

·      Internet connectivity

·      Automatic noise reduction


·      Sometimes video appears blur

·      Requires additional microphones

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Logitech C922X Pro Stream Webcam 1080P HD

Video Auto Focus Streaming, Recording, Conferencing Digital Web Camera HDR Video with Mic USB Widescreen for PC, Laptops, and Desktop

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 9

You don’t have to worry about the backlight settings if you are planning to buy this pro stream webcam. It has an automatic light correction and autofocus feature that will let you create videos easily. For a live video, this webcam gives the good quality appearance and camera settings. You can perform a video conferencing as well as video calling to either your loved ones or for a professional use. It gives the clear details of the objects that are placed in front of it. Thus, it will help you to create videos, if you are running your own small business. You will not need to edit the videos after recording it as it gives good filters during the video making.


·      Can be connected to the TV and personal computer

·      Facial-enhancement technology

·      1080p HD Pro Webcam

·      Provides clarity in video calling

·      Capture natural stereo audio within 3 meters coverage

·      Compatible with Windows, Android, and Mac OS


·      Needs to handle with care

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Meeting Owl 360 Degree

Video Conference Camera with Automatic Speaker Focus

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 10

Not only the camera, you can use the mic and speaker also with the meeting owl camera. It has a magnificent automatic focus that will help you to adjust the camera focus in a meeting room. It has the ability to automatically focus the camera on each face while a conference is going on. The best part about this camera is that its setup is easy and quick so you can save your time during a setup. You can connect this webcam with a USB cable without the use of the internet.


·      360° smart video conferencing camera

·      Quick setup

·      USB supported

·      The Internet is not needed

·      Perfect to use at small rooms

·      Suitable for large businesses


·      Expensive

·      Might take time to recognize the person who is speaking

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Logitech HD Webcam C525

Portable HD 720p Video Calling with Autofocus

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 11

You can connect this webcam with desktop applications like Skype and Microsoft live messenger to chat with other users. It has a widescreen display so can easily see the picture clarity of the other connected user. The benefit of this camera is that it is a full rotational camera, you can create a 360-degree video. The camera quality is 8MP that allows you to click amazing photos of the different places you travel. After recording a video, you can share it on facebook and twitter in simple clicks.


·      Good for video streaming

·      720p HD video recording

·      Cost Effective

·      Standard Packaging

·      16:9 widescreen

·      Camera quality: 8MP

·      360-degree full motion rotational camera


·      Cannot be placed at a flat surface

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Jelly Comb 1080p HD Webcam

USB Computer Webcam with Built-in Microphone for Video Calling, Conferencing, Streaming

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 12

This webcam has the capacity to click 25 frames per second with the quality of 1080 pixels. There is a plug and play option, so, you will not have to download software to support it. This webcam is durable as it has been made of a standard material and not of low quality. The price is also reasonable so that you can buy from your savings. The picture that you will click from this webcam will be clear and sharp. You can connect this webcam with a USB to your laptop or personal computer and can use it with desktop applications like Skype, facebook, twitter and youtube.


·      Built-in digital microphone

·      80-degree view angle

·      Clicks 25 frames per second

·      USB support

·      Extra drivers are not needed

·      Cost-effective

·      Rotatable design

·      Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Android


·      Limited adjustments available

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Tecknet 1080P Plug and Play Web Camera

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 13

This full HD 1080 pixel webcam can be used for video calling from different applications like facebook, skype, and youtube. There is a built-in USB microphone that helps you give better sound quality for the videos that you will create. This HD webcam has a high resolution that helps you to do a video call to a friend or a client with good quality. This Tecknet webcam ensures that there is no background noise comes in your video as it has a noise-canceling design that eliminates the unnecessary background noise.


·      920 x 1080 HD screen resolution

·      HD digital camera

·      Noise-canceling design

·      Compatibility: Windows, Chrome OS, Android version 5.0

·      Durable

·      Aluminum body

·      Built-in USB microphone


·      Camera is not auto-focus

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Logitech C930e 960-000972 USB HD Webcam

7 Best 1080p Webcam for Video Conferencing 14

This webcam gives you 30 frames per second of HD quality. The pixels are 1080 pixels HD and are suitable for use at a conference. You can use this webcam with a personal computer or mac depending on the system you have. If you are in the sales department and there is always the need to give a presentation, this webcam is the right choice for you. It has 4X digital zoom that gives a clear display on the white screen. The webcam that covers the 90-degree view for any of the video conferencing.


·      Uvc H.264 Encoding

·      Full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second

·      High-quality video conferencing

·      Fast

·      Autofocus

·      90-degree view

·      Plug-and-play compatibility

·      Affordable price


·      Cannot be adjusted to change a view, the angle is wide by default

These webcams are suitable for both business and personal use, choose carefully according to the price, features and your need.  Although the above-described webcams are durable you have to use it efficiently so that these can work for a long-term. For any issue that you might face while accessing the webcams, you can contact the respective service providers.

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