7 Best Gaming Chair for HeavyDuty Gamers

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At PlanetWi-Fi, you can see some of these peripherals and our recommendations and tips when buying them. We have tested the best gaming mice, the mechanical keyboards, the most powerful gaming headsets and, to play your favorite games, the best gaming monitors. But to use all this, you need to be very well accommodated and comfortable, and for this, there are comfortable gaming chairs for gamers like you. But it is very hard to find a cheap gaming chair. In this post, we list the best gaming chairs available on the market, cheap, mid-range and expensive models.

Image Model description Best price
AKRacing Premium V2 Best Gamer Chair Latest Price & User Reviews
Corsair T1 Race CF-9010002-WW Most Modern Gamer Chair Latest Price & User Reviews
DXRacer R-Series INTS e-Sports The Choice Of Professional Gamers Latest Price & User Reviews
Vertage Racing Series S-Line SL5000 Best PC Gaming Chair Latest Price & User Reviews
Gt Comfort Thermaltake Most comfortable Gaming Chair Latest Price & User Reviews


Best Gaming/Office Chair Latest Price & User Reviews

Cougar Armor 

Best Cheap Gaming Chair Latest Price & User Reviews

Why Do You Need An Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomic chairs are beautiful and offer great comfort, but not only that, studies indicate that an ergonomic adjustable chair significantly reduces spinal damage due to poor posture and discomfort.

Loving to play is a very common hobby that, in addition to relieving stress, keeps your brain alert and improves cognitive ability. But, your spine and your muscles get sore after long hours of playing and over time can lead to serious problems like heart disease, colorectal cancer, obesity, hypertension, muscle degeneration and one of the most common: disc herniations.

Ergonomic Gaming Chair, A Good Investment for Your Health

Is it worth investing in a Gaming Chair?

This is a very controversial question that has been generating arguments for a long time. In general, a good gamer chair is one that has a variety of tilt, height, arm adjustment, and lumbar adjustments. They are chairs that, in addition to being comfortable, will allow you to make better use of your playing hours, without having to change places every time or getting settled in the chair, they will fit perfectly to your body helping to feel better and enjoy every moment.

Gaming Chairs – The Best List

1. Best Gamer Chair:  AKRacing Premium V2

AKRacing Premium V2 is one of the best options for you, who spend hours playing. The ergonomics of the seat and the cushion of this chair make you very comfortable sitting on it, leaving you more focused on the game and with a better posture.

With a focus on ergonomics, design, and functionality, premium V2 chairs are highly demanded by leading eSports players because of its sleek design with a modern finish. And of course, accessories that will surely make your gaming setup look better.

The materials used in the AKRacing V2 construction are sturdy and of excellent quality, their metal housing ensures durability for many years and both the backrest and the seat are made of high-density foam that is coated with high quality PU synthetic leather that facilitates the cleaning.

The arms, backrest and seat are all adjustable allowing you to adjust them according to your need. The armrest has a height adjustment, the backrest allows a slope of up to 180 degrees and the seat height adjustment is done through the 4 piston gas cylinder that provides a climb and moves every 10 cm smoothly without jolts.

The two pillows that accompany the chair are thick and provide greater comfort for the spine and head/neck support providing good posture at the time you need to relax or rest.

The base is rotating and has 5 sturdy feet. Its wheels are designed not to scratch hardwood or laminate floors and allow for smooth gliding.

The AKRacing Premium V2 accommodates and adjusts to anyone with ease due to the adjustable settings that allow you to adjust both the backrest and the seat to provide maximum comfort to anyone sitting on it.

Latest Price & User Reviews

Extremely Ergonomic for Professional Gamers: Vertagear Racing SL5000

The Vertagear S-Line series gamer chairs have three options SL2000, SL4000 and SL5000 are excellent gamer chair options, having many models and colors and being very well designed for you to have total comfort.

This model is much appreciated by several players, both professional and amateur, because it has a solid steel structure and an impeccable finish, making this series one of the best options for you who love to spend hours playing. Vertagear SL5000 has emerged as a project of the union of professional engineers and players and promises to improve and implement new ergonomic concepts.

Its design features a high-density resistant foam coated with PVC synthetic leather, which is very easy to clean and very sturdy. The tilt and height adjustment system is designed to fit perfectly in the anatomy of your body, thus adjusting to all types of users, regardless of height or weight. The damper is a bit firmer if we compare with other models that have the same characteristics, but still, it is of good quality.

Another very important item of the SL5000 is the armrest, which is made of plastic with the base of the soft support that can be moved forward or even adjust the height that best suits you. The base that holds the wheels is aluminum and the wheels are smooth sliding, ideal for any type of surface without scratching or damaging your floor.

In the Kit, you still have two more important items, a head or neck support pad that will surely provide good comfort when you need to rest or just stop to think and another cushion designed to support your back.

Latest Price & User Reviews

Most Modern Gaming Chair: Corsair T1 Race


























Corsair is a brand widely known in the gaming world, producing some of the best peripherals for gamers, such as keyboards, mice and more. Now launches one of the most modern gamer chairs on the market, the Corsair T1 Race.

The main base of the chair, including its arms, are rigid and sturdy plastic, but the backrest frames and the seat base are solid steel. The seat and backrest have a layer of polyurethane foam (cold foam) coated with breathable PU leather (or synthetic leather), which makes Corsair T1 to be used daily without deforming or losing quality.

With a stylish design, the Corsair T1 Race has five different colors in its portfolio for this model: black, blue, yellow, red and white, always keeping the standard color black, changing only the color of some details. The sturdy seams on the seat and the diamond-shaped backrest give it extra charm and its texture is like the surface of the seats we saw in the top sports cars.

The adjustment mechanism of the Corsair T1 has been designed to have total ergonomics and this means that you can adjust the height with the gas piston, which allows to raise and lower the entire chair every 10 cm. The backrest allows a smooth slope of 90 to 180 degrees. In addition to the adjustments, you still have two cushions: one for lumbar support and one for neck/head, made for you to find the most comfortable position and spend hours playing without feeling tired or pain.

The arms are equipped with three buttons that allow you to adjust the height and movement of the arms (left or right, forward or backward) and allow them to be rotated, find the most comfortable position and leave your arms and shoulders more relaxed

The Corsair T1 Racer has heavier Nylon wheels than we see in other models, which makes them more resistant and allows a smooth detachment, and can use them on any surface without scratching or damaging the floor.

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The Choice of Professional Gamers: DXRacer R-Series

DXRacer gamer chairs have several versions, but there are few changes between them. The R-Series is a chair that features a soft and very comfortable padding, suitable for most players.

Its ergonomic design has a high-quality finish with several colors available, its sporty style has a high back and the great majority has a head/neck and back cushion, both of which are adjustable. The material used in the seat and backrest is resistant and breathable, it can be of vinyl or fabric and its foam has a high density and good resistance to deformation, and can be used quietly for long periods.

The arms are height adjustable and are upholstered for comfort, just like the arms the seat also has height adjustment, but this adjustment is made by a gas piston and its backrest allows an adjustment of up to 180 degrees through the tilt mechanism and adjustable spring for you to have more comfort.

Overall, the DXRacer R-Series has a high backrest and excellent ergonomics, which will fit your spine and neck. Its comfortable and very soft seat that fits perfectly to your body, providing high comfort when playing or even just relaxing a little.

Latest Price & User Reviews

Cougar also has a nice middle-range gaming chair option, which is not based on the weight of the name alone. The Armor model is beautiful, covered with PVC leather, has a steel frame and backrests for both head and lumbar region, both removable.

The Cougar Armor backrest is not only reclining up to 180º as it has a continuous incline, that is, it is possible to find a good incline for you and hold the chair in that position.

The chair arms can be adjusted in height and for four directions, but are not upholstered. The steel base provides even more durability and the nylon wheels do not scratch the floor. It is a recommended chair for anyone up to 120kg.

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Another Choice of Professionals: GT Comfort Thermaltake

The GT Comfort has been designed with all the ergonomic adjustments needed for you to have a proper posture and can withstand the tough mission of overcoming all the challenges of your favorite game and be a winner.

In terms of GT Comfort construction, we can see that its structure is made of reinforced steel with a quality finish, the seat and backrest are soft and extremely comfortable, its high-density foam covered with reinforced PVC synthetic leather of high durability, breathable and resistant to prolonged use, cleaning and maintenance

The GT Comfort’s multifunctional tilting mechanism allows tilting up to 160 degrees and is adjustable to increase and decrease tension depending on the user’s weight, giving more safety and stability while remaining seated for long hours in it.

The GT Comfort has several customization functions such as the possibility to adjust the arms in height, to move to the right and left and to the sides, to control the height of the chair through the class 4 gas piston, which allows the adjustment of the seat. The casters are larger and allow for quiet movement with much more freedom and agility.

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