USB-C has taken an exceptional command over the accessory market, as it delivers double the transfer speed of USB 3.0 up to 10 Gbps. And that’s the reason why the latest devices are installed with these USB-C ports.

USB-C is one of the best connection options for Modern and advanced technology. It is loved for its compact size and its performance delivered while transferring data. With the help of USB-C, one can charge his devices as It supports fast charging. Being an advanced technology, it offers you to connect your monitor from devices like your Mobile, Tablet or your Laptop.

Observing the great features of USB-C, different Multinational companies like Dell, BenQ, LG, etc. started making Monitors having USB-C type ports. USB-C added the adaptability to these monitors to charge other devices. Even they can connect with other Monitors also, which enhances the work performance of these monitors. Many of them offering multiple USB-C ports, to enhance the capabilities of their monitors.

Though, there is a vast amount of monitors available in the market, which leads to creating confusion while buying them. So, to make this simple for you,  we had explored numerous sites, and hence listing here 7 Best USB-C Monitors in terms of their Performance, Price and everything which a good Monitor should have.

Best Connectivity: BenQ PD2710QC

In this Modern era of technology, connectivity options in a computer really matter utmost to anyone. And hence to fulfill this demand, BenQ brings its PD2710QC Monitor packed with the best connectivity options especially with USB-C. In addition to that, it has 4xUSB 3.1 ports and has an HDMI port also. It is not only best in connectivity, but also best in performance and has a good build quality.  

This BenQ monitor comes with a 27-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is packed with 2560×1440 resolution IPS display and has vibrant colors that provide crystal clear pictures with the best contrast. It has a wide viewing angle which enhances the viewing perspective of this monitor.

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 1

Some of the pros and cons of BenQPD2710QC are listed here:


  • It has multiple connection options.
  • USB-C port for generic connections.
  • Good Build Quality.
  • Wide Screen with a large 27-inch 2K display.
  • Eye-Care technology to reduce eye fatigue.


  • No upstream port like USB 3.0
  • Lack of Internal video connection between base and panel.
  • No built-in speaker.

Best for Home and Office: Philips 258B6QUEB

If you are looking for an all-rounder Monitor both for home and office use then you will surely love this Philips 258B6QUEB Monitor. It is the best monitor in low budget. It has everything that a person expects from a monitor whether be its performance or its connectivity options. It is a power packed with all the essentials of a user.

It has a 25-inch IPS display with 16:9 aspect ratio. The display has 2560×1440 resolution, which provides dynamic colors. It comes with Anti-Flicker Technology which helps to reduce and the flickering effect on the screen to reduce discomfort to the eyes and to reduce eye fatigue.

Philips Monitor comes with vast connectivity options. The best one is the USB-C type port, which is emerging as a must-have port in a system. This port makes this Monitor more powerful as well as useful, as USB-C can transfer files at high speed and can be worked as a generic port which improves monitor flexibility. Additionally, it has 3xUSB 3.0 ports and has an HDMI 1.4 port along with a 3.5 mm jack.

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 2

Some of its pros and cons are described here:


  • Sleek 25” 2K IPS display.
  • 60-hertz refresh rate for better performance.
  •  Best 8-bit panel to provide perfect brightness and contrast to display.
  • USB-C for multiple connections.
  • 3xUSB 3.0 (1 with fast charging)
  • Adjustable Physical display.


  • Built-in speakers are not up to the mark.
  • 5ms response time which is less than optimal for gaming.
  • Stand movement is a little bit rigid.

Best Display: LG 4K UHD 27UD88-W

Sometimes, the quality of a Monitor really matters while buying a new monitor. But if we get a Monitor with the best quality having good connectivity options also then, it became a must-buy Monitor. LG 27UD88-W Monitor is somehow like that. It has a 27-inch screen having 4K IPS display covering up to 98 percent of the sRGB spectrum. It has a perfect brightness and contrast and comes with a pre-configured display to provide the best output.

Meanwhile, this monitor provides good performance also, as it has a USB-C type port which increases its performance to the next level. It has a special feature, Split Screen 2.0 which helps you to do multitasking by splitting the screen into multiple windows. It has several modes that simplify the working environment by selecting the mode as per the requirements which instantly set the parameters of the Monitor according to that models.

best usb c monitor

Some of the pros and cons which you should really consider before buying:


  • 4K display at a good price.
  • Preset multiple working modes for easier operation.
  • Eye- Care technology to reduce discomfort to eyes.
  • USB-C ports and Quick Charge technology.
  • Bright and clear display.
  • Great design.


  • Bit costly.
  • PBP mode is not as good as expected.
  • Built-in speakers could be better.

Best Comprehensive: BenQ EW3270U

If you are not concerned with the budget, then BenQ EW3270U Monitor will surely suit you best. It is the best available Monitor in this range with a huge 32-inch display. It has a 10-bit 4K display based on IPS display which delivers better picture quality than other monitors of this range. One of the best features of this Monitor is that it supports HDR to deliver the brilliant brightness and deep contrast. It has 60 hertz of refresh rate with AMD FreeSync, which ensures the matchmaking of the frame rate with the display rate.  

In addition to USB-C ports, this Monitor comes up with 2xHDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.4. The design of this monitor is great. It has a slim body with a flat-screen. The stand provided with it can only be tilted between 5 degrees to 15 degrees. It has the zero-frame design which leads you to connect multiple monitors to enhance the viewing experience using USB-C ports.

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 3

It has some pros and cons, listed here.


  • Great 32-inch display.
  • Support HDR which enhances visual quality.
  • 60-hertz refresh rate with FreeSync technology.
  • Multiple connection ports, including the latest USB-C port.
  • Zero-Frame design.


  • Narrow viewing angle.
  • Limited stand adjustability.
  • Ports are harder to reach.

Best Budget: Viewsonic VP2771 Professional

If you want the best USB-C budget-friendly monitor, Viewsonic VP2771 Professional stands first in the race. Viewsonic provides the best configuration at an affordable price whether it be its performance or its design. Viewsonic VP2771 has a 27-inch flat-wide screen with 2K (2560×1440) Resolution IPS display, has perfect brightness and contrast to produce crystal clear images. The color of the screen can be configured The bezel from top and side-ends are extremely narrow about 7mm only, which lets you connect multiple panels against each side to experience a larger display view.

Apart from its display characteristics, it is loaded with multiple connectivities which ensure you to take most out of it. It is loaded with USB-C which enhances its flexibility to connect other devices with it and to provide fast charging. It is mounted over a rigid stand.

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 4

Here are some pros and cons of ViewSonic VP2771 :


  • Effective Price
  • Good Build quality
  • Touch capacitive bottom panel.
  • Wide 27” screen.
  • Multiple connectivity options including the most advanced USB-C.


  • No built-in speaker
  • It can be adjusted vertically only.

Best Design: Samsung S24H850

If you are looking for a monitor with the best in class design, then Samsung S24H850 will be the right choice. This Samsung monitor comes with a 24-inch PLS display having WQHD (2560×1440) resolution. It is a great choice in this price range. One of its special features is the Easy Setting Box, which lets you do partition of the display or you can simply add the different types of multiple displays with it.

This monitor comes with bezel-less design, ensures you to merge multiple monitors to increase the surface of the screen. It is loaded with USB-C type ports which offers you to connect your devices with it and allows you to transfer data at high speed up to 10Gbps. Additionally, it has 2xUSB3.0 and HDMI 1.4 for maximum connectivity.

If we talk about its adjustment, you can adjust this monitor vertically as well as horizontally also. It has VESA supports which lets you install this monitor on the wall.  

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 5

Some of its pros and cons are :


  • Budget-friendly.
  • 24” PLS Display
  • Good Build Quality
  • Sleek Design
  • Good Performance
  • Multiple Connectivity


  • Performance is not up to the mark
  • Not much compatible with Mac

Best for Dual-Monitor Setup: Acer H277HU

Sometimes, we had some bulk works which really needs a larger screen to complete them. Acer H277HU will work great in those situations. Its Zero-Frame design lets you add a second monitor right beside it to increase the screen surface for a better view experience. It has numerous feature which makes it the best choice for any person. Acer H277HU has 27-inch IPS display with WQHD (2560×1440) resolution. It works great with Mac systems.

It is loaded with USB-C type port which offers you to connect to multiple devices with a single port and allow high-speed data transfer. Furthermore, it has 2xUSB 3.0 and an HDMI 2.0 port along with a Display port. It comes with 2 integrated speakers each of 3w output enables you to enjoy great music right from your monitor. It can be mounted on the adjustable stand provided with it.

7 Best USB-C Monitors from $200 6

Some of its pros and cons are:


  • Effective Value.
  • 4ms response time.
  • Zero-Frame design.
  • Multiple connection options.
  • Great Display


  • Limited stand adjustment.
  • OSD buttons are difficult to find as they are hidden.

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