It is a very old debate, but one that is revived with each new generation: What is better to play, a PC or a console? In the PC gaming vs console gaming war, obviously, we are convinced that a PC has more benefits when it comes to gaming, but that does not mean that we do not like consoles too. In fact, through my hands have passed the original PlayStation, Dreamcast, Xbox and Xbox 360, all of them giving me many hours of fun.

For those who are still not very convinced, we have developed this list with the main reasons why we believe that, if you are a gamer, you must buy a PC from a console. Why? Let’s take a look at the benefits of PC over console gaming.

1. It’s cheaper

Ok, this claim has a trick since a mid-range gaming PC can cost around $1000, more than double the PS4 or the Xbox One. However, in the long run a PC is more profitable for various reasons. First, for the price of games is much cheaper than a console. Only by grabbing offers on platforms like Steam, we can build a large collection of titles at a ridiculous price. And that’s without mentioning the countless free multiplayer games that we have.

Second, it gives possibilities for improvement that consoles do not have. With these, if you want to make a qualitative leap, you have little choice but to buy the next generation, or in your case, one of the new improved versions that companies now seem to bet on, such as the PS4 Pro or the Xbox Scorpio.

On the other hand, with a PC you can always replace the processor or the graphics card to have a computer with new upgrades without having to change the whole system. And the other components can last for many years, if you intend to renew them only when it is essential.

In addition, it is not necessary to reach those $1000 to be able to play the latest games. As you can see nowadays it is possible to enjoy a gaming PC for much lower amounts, especially if you choose to build your own gaming PC.

2. There are more games and more varieties

There was a time when the consoles had the exclusivity of many of the best games on the market, but today we can not say the same. The development for PC is easier and less expensive for consoles, so companies that do not bet on this platform lose out.

Conversely, the opposite happens: more and more exclusive PC games are coming out, especially if we have the number of independent developers that work only in this market.

This advantage is seen even more clearly if we talk about the strategy genre, in which the PC reigns incontestably, given the very nature of this platform and the possibilities offered by a keyboard and a mouse, it makes them perfect to enjoy many games.

3. They have better performance

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Here there is no discussion: A PC is going to provide better performance and better graphics quality. And we are not talking about a next-generation PC, or that costs $1500. Even one of 500 dollars (well configured) or one of mid-high range with several years old can easily beat the new consoles. This is so because otherwise, with more advanced hardware, the price of the consoles would skyrocket, and they would be left without their main argument that they still have a cost advantage over PCs.

As a result, the developers themselves have to set limits when they program for consoles, offering graphics below what they are capable of actually achieving. On the other hand, PCs have many more possibilities, and the versions here tend to look much better than in the console.

4. They are compatible with the classics

If you’re a fan of classic games (probably if you’re over thirty), you can keep playing them on a current PC. Thousands of volunteers around the world and even the developers themselves are responsible for recovering the most emblematic titles to enjoy them today, and there are also sales platforms focused on this type of market, such as GOG .

The consoles, on the other hand, have never been very friendly to facilitate retroactivity to their users. Either it does not allow it, directly, or they allow it but they demand to install some updates or even the payment of a quota, like PS4 and its PlayStation. And that too only for games of the previous generation.

5. They have more customization options

It is very easy to customize your PC, and design exactly the equipment you want. Only you know what use you are going to give and what titles you are going to play so that nobody better than you to choose each of its components. In the consoles this is unthinkable since they are like lentils: either you take them or leave them.

In this way, you can choose if you want a more powerful processor and a more discrete graphic, or vice versa; a power supply of 400w or 800w, an HDD disk or an SSD, and so on with each of the components.

Also, although it is something secondary, you can customize the aesthetic aspect. Most of us are satisfied with choosing the tower that we like the most, but modding fans have a world of possibilities.

6. Offer greater flexibility

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Although the keyboard and the mouse is the most common way to play on PC, and how to get the most out of most games, there are many other possibilities. You can play with a controller, as if it were a console, with a joystick, with a steering wheel… And now, with the emergence of virtual reality, the options are even greater. The manufacturers do not stop launching new peripherals, and all of them with new gaming experiences.

And if what you like about a console is that you can sit on the couch or in your favorite chair while you play, you can also do it with a PC. You simply have to connect your device to the TV via an HDMI cable.

As you see, control and flexibility are one of the great strengths of PCs, and there is no written rule regarding the way of playing.

7. Anyway, you need a PC

This reason may seem a little obvious, but many overlook it when deciding between a PC and a console: even if you prefer a console to play, most likely you also need a computer for other tasks. Therefore, it is much more profitable to have only one PC that serves you for everything, than a PC and a console.

It is true that many people prefer a laptop, or is satisfied with a tablet, for all these daily tasks, but there is still a large majority who cannot imagine their lives without a PC.

In the case of those who dedicate themselves, either professionally or amateur, activities such as photography, video or audio editing, graphic design, web design and others, this need is almost inevitable, so starting out with a good PC and leaving aside the consoles can serve to save good money (which brings us back to the first point, which in my opinion is the most important).\


These are our reasons why we prefer a PC rather than a console to play, but surely there are many more. And of course, sure there are also a handful of reasons why choose a console, so only you can assess what you need.

However, PCs are not for everyone. Many people simply want to get home after a hard day of work or study and get to play with simply pressing a button, without worrying about installing drivers, updating their operating system or face the dreaded blue screens. If this is your case, consoles are obviously your thing. But if you do not mind having a little extra work, the PC has many more rewards.

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