We all like to play at the highest possible resolution and graphics quality, and as far as monitors are concerned, that means having a 4K monitor. But it is way too expensive for many of us. However, it is still possible to enjoy a good resolution, beyond Full HD, without having to pay in excess, thanks to the 1440p monitors or 2K monitors, as they are sometimes called. In this article, we list the best 2K gaming monitors available today.

These are models aimed at those who seek good graphics quality without spending much, so we could say that they are ideal monitors for gamers with an average budget. In terms of value for money, a 1440p monitor is probably the best option today, waiting for the 4K to go down in price. If you have the budget to upgrade, check out the best 4K monitors for gaming here. You may find 4K monitors within your budget.

Before exposing the list, we will define what a 2K monitor is. Technically, one could say that they are those that are around 1,440 pixels wide, with the most common resolution being 2560 x 1440. This is only an orientation, but the truth is that there are certain discrepancies when classifying them, depending on the source that we consult and even the manufacturers themselves, who sometimes consider 1440p monitors with lower or higher resolution than that.

Once the bases are established, we begin with our guide of the best 1440p gaming monitors in the market.

The Best 1440p Gaming Monitors

1. ASUS MG279Q WQHD – The Best 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor

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  • Solid gaming performance
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Wide Viewing Angles
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • Supports AMD’s Free Sync Technology


  • Speakers are tiny
  • Slightly skewed color accuracy
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

As already discussed in the advantages of this product, because of its AMD’s FreeSync technology and an excellent refresh rate of 144 Hz it delivers solid gaming performance. This helps in providing ultra-smooth gaming action. It is equipped with four digital video inputs, USB 3.0 ports, and numerous gaming features. The grayscale and viewing angle performance is delivered through In-plane switching panel. It has a resolution of 2560*1440 which offers sharp high-resolution pictures. One of the demerits while comparing to similar ones in the market is in the color part. The screen colors aren’t those accurate while taking big screen gaming monitors.

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FreeSync Technology

All you need to know about Free Sync Technology is it take control of the monitors refresh rates which in turn eliminates screen tearing. The impact of tearing is that it causes a split screen effect. Split screen effect is the monitor will display portions of two frames at the same time. Another important feature of Free Sync Technology is, this kind of monitors uses display port adaptive Sync which controls monitors refresh rate via display port 1.2 input.

Design & Features

The MG279Q is a nice looking monitor with blackish in nature. While comparing to some of the similar products like BenQ XL2730Z and Acer predator X34, it lacks the edgy aesthetics. The bezels come with a matte antiglare coating with a thinness of 0.4 inches and the cabinet is of 2.5 inches thick. The cabinet comprises of four VESA mounting holes which is well supported by a wedge-shaped base and mounting arm. You can adjust the height by 5.9 inches, 120 degrees of swivel, 90 degrees of Pivot and 25 degrees of Tilt.

We will quickly go through the ports and connectivity parts of MG279Q. The rear of the cabinet is comprised on I/O ports like HDMI/MHL inputs, one upstream and 2 downstream USB 3.0 ports, one full size and mini size display port input and a headphone jack. Even if it has a pair of embedded 2-watt speakers, it is underpowered and tiny sound which is one of the drawbacks.

The function buttons are situated at the right side of the cabinet along with Power Button and a five-way jog dial that makes it easy to navigate the settings menu. Another peculiar feature of MG279Q is the five Blue Light filter settings which help to reduce eye strains, three skin tone settings(Reddish, Natural & Yellowish) and four color temperature settings(Cool, Normal, Warm and User).

The MG279Q features Asus Game plus technology which offers in-game timer and four different crosshair gaming overlays. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty on parts, labor, and backlight. The box comes up with mini display port cable, HDMI and upstream USB cable and a Quick start guide.


When it comes to gaming MG279Q  is one of the best in the market. In my testing with its high refresh rate of 144 Hz and a 4-millisecond pixel response, provided smooth gaming experience without any ghosting or blurring. The image details were outstanding and the colors appeared rich in nature. Even if it was rich in nature the red and green color missed their targets and blue is on the fringe. I viewed it from different angles during my testing and the IPS panel showed no loss of luminance or color shifting. The input lag registered 27.4 milliseconds which won’t affect the gameplay.

The power consumption at the time of testing was 37 watts in s RGB mode.


One of the solid choices for gamers in Editors point of view because of its wide viewing angle, rich colors and IPS panel. The images are ultra sharp with the help of 2560*1440 resolution panel. The ergonomic stands provide excellent viewing angle and a stupendous gaming experience. It is bit expensive but the above features definitely satisfy your gaming needs. 

2. Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q

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This is one of the most popular 1440p monitors today, although it is true that due to its price is aimed at hardcore gamers with a larger budget.

It is one of the few monitors of more than 1080p able to reach a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which together with its 27 inches, its response time of 1ms and its Nvidia G-Sync system, make this model a real beast.

It has a TN panel type, and therefore an image quality not as good as we could find in an IPS, but precisely because of that is able to achieve so good refresh and response times.

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3. BenQ XL2730Z

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It is the most direct rival of the Asus ROG SWIFT PG278Q, and in fact, it is capable of dealing with almost every one of its characteristics. It also offers 144 Hz, 1 ms of GTG and mounts a TN panel, making it perfect for online gamers. As for the synchronization system, it incorporates the VESA Standard Adaptive-Sync, compatible with AMD Radeon cards that have the Freesync function.

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However, the main difference with respect to the Asus (and our final judgment) is the price, notably lower in the case of this BenQ.

All this makes it one of the best options in the market if we take into account the factors of quality, performance, and price.

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4. BenQ GW2765 – Cheap and Best 1440p Gaming Monitor 

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BenQ, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic goods have come across with advanced technological products in Gaming, Professional and Educational category of monitors. BenQ latest monitor GW2765, 27 Inch widescreen is specially designed towards all trades of unit able to cop up with work and entertainment. The price of the monitor found to be steep but it comes up with peculiar features which makes it slightly above to Samsung S27C570HS, Dell’s UltraSharp UZ2715H in its competition.


  • Excellent color accuracy
  • Good Contrast
  • Consistent Screen quality
  • Versatile stand design


  • No USB ports
  • Pricier
  • Specialized screens excel elsewhere

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One of the peculiar features of GW2765 is the resolution. This screen boasts a 2,560 x 1,440 figure, which is higher than its three rival Full HD screens. Why it differentiates from its competitors is this screen is sharper than the others. 27-inch screen, 109 ppi outstrips the 82 ppi of with 1,920 x 1,080 resolutions, which can look somewhat pixellated by today’s standards.

The same hardware used in Dell screen the 1440p panel is built with IPS technology. The color and viewing angle is suggested by the IPS technology but it will take more response time.

In the connectivity part, it consists of both modern and legacy display connections with HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2 alongside DVI and D-SUB. The stand consists of several options like height adjustment, swivel and tilt angle adjustments and compatibility with 100mm VESA mounts.

While taking the price into consideration some of the important features are missing like it does not have USB ports, no webcam or microphone, there’s no sign of Nvidia G-Sync or AMD Freesync.

Recently introduced BenQ products have come beyond typical TN based gaming panels. Most of the new ones like PG2401PT and BL3200PT monitors, which featured both IPS and VA panels. As already said these panels are known for its increased color accuracy and black level performance over traditional TN technology. It possesses a WQHD resolution (2560*1440) and includes 4GB of VRAM.

In the connectivity part, it includes singular HDMI, DVI, D-Sub, and Display Port connections. The D sub-port offered by this product helps for all digital connections enhances you for professional or educational use also.  Headphone and Line-in jacks are included to connect your external audio equipment and in my testing, I experienced an excellent quality sound. The volume can be configured using OSD and 80 to 90 ranges will not have any vibrations or less clarity when high bass and treble sounds and it will be sufficient for most users. It does not include built-in stereo speakers.

The bezel on the GW2765HT is glossy, and due to this one of the drawbacks is that it catches your fingerprints. Portrait orientation and screen can be tilted vertically and height adjustment is possible for a better view. The monitor rotation is not possible but the drawback can be overcome because the base of the stand is circular in shape so that it can be rotated wholly.

The button layout as got a slight change while taking the BenQ series. GW2765HT features a redesigned set of 6 hard buttons that are located behind the monitor, instead of on its side. The top three excluding the power and menu button can be reassigned to a variety of functions.

The Low Blue Light, Input, Volume, Menu, and Exit can be controlled by pressing an off the side buttons. The first three options can be changed out for a variety of different custom keys, which can be configured within the OSD. 

The IPS technology enables better viewing angle of 178 degree and the backlight uniformity is only -18cd/m², after reaching the calibrated target of 120cd/m².

In my gaming testing, I noticed that the timing wasn’t as smooth as faster gaming monitors that typically hover around 10ms of input lag. 

One of the best in the business in the category of the 27-inch monitor which can be served as both gaming and professional use. It is less expensive but one of the highly demanded product in the market.

5. Dell UltraSharp 25 U2515H – Best 1440p IPS Panel Monitor

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The most economic model of our selection. The Dell UltraSharp 25 U2515H is placed between the traditional 24 inches and the larger 27 and has an IPS panel that provides exceptional image quality for those who work with photographs, videos or graphics. In addition, it is possible to rotate it up to 90 degrees, to visualize vertical images at full size.


  • Less lag and good response time.
  • Low cost in the category of 27” models.
  • Excellent contrast ratio of IPS panel.


  • Missing DVI and VGA connections.
  • Normal level IPS glow.

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Dell, one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products is coming up with new models in their monitor range. Dell recently introduced their new 27” U2515H and U2715H with 2560 x 1440 resolution. The U2515H is almost similar to U2414H and U2715H.I will quickly run through the design, features, specifications and performance aspects of Dell U2515H so that you can make an easy choice.

U2515H is beautifully built with black and silver design and matte black plastic is provided on the front bezel of the screen. This measure ~ 1 mm along the sides & top and the bottom bezel is 15 mm. All in all it is excellent for multi-screen setups with only 7.9 mm edge around the image. The Dell logo is beautifully placed in the middle of the bottom bezel with shiny silver color. The 4 OSD control buttons are situated in the bottom right-hand corner and also the touch-sensitive power on/off button. Underneath the power button, a small LED light is placed which glows during normal operation.

The stand is in silver color and the base is used with matte plastics, which measures ~245(width) x 205 mm (depth) respectively. It is set up in such a way that it is easily detachable so that you can wall or arm-mount the screen. While taking the height setting the lowest is approximately 60 mm from the edge of the desk and a maximum of ~ 170 mm. The sidewise swivel movement makes its smooth operations and also the rotate function is smooth enough to move if you want to switch to portrait mode.

The power cable can be connected at the back of the screen and also video connections for mini Display port, Display port 2 x HDMI, audio output, USB upstream and 4 x USB 3.0 downstream. On the far right-hand side, one USB port is situated.

The OSD menu is controlled through a series of 5 touch sensitive buttons. The bottom right-hand edge of the bezel is comprised of these buttons for easy use. The quick access menu gets accelerated by pressing any of these buttons or you have quick access to preset modes like input selection, main menu, and the button to exit.

The maximum power usage is 87.0 W while connecting USB, soundbar and also in maximum brightness. A light anti-glare coating is done on U2515H which is light as seen on other modern IPS panels. There is no unwanted reflection because of its anti-glare properties.

White LED, the most popular backlight unit is used by the system helps to reduce the power consumption. A standard color gamut equal to sRGB color space is provided by W-LED units.

Dell U2515H provides excellent brightness and a very good range of adjustment. In my testing, the top luminance reaches 383.45 cd/m2 and an average figure showed 348.41 cd/m2.

One of the peculiar features of Dell U2515H is the viewing angle while comparing to an IPS panel. There is very little color tone shift until wide angle past about 45o.The screen is free from the restrictive fields of view of TN film panels and also off-Centre contrast shift.

There are mainly 3 options for the aspect control ratios which can be adjusted through the OSD display menu. They are mainly 16:9, 5:4 and 4:3 respectively. Please note there is no 1: 1-pixel mapping mode specifically but 16:9 is the default ratio, the native aspect of the screen can accommodate that nicely.

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The refresh rate only reaches 60 Hz and the response time is 8ms GTG (or 6ms selecting the fast mode), so it can not be considered a monitor specially designed for gaming. But still, for most gamers, this is more than enough, especially for those who usually play games that do not require a large framerate.

Overall U2515H is similar to smaller 24” U2414H/U2415 and 27” U2715H models. It is excellent in its contrast ratio, performance setup, and factory calibration. The response time and signal processing lag are very low. It comes with light AG coating and flicker-free backlight similar to new models.


8 Best 2K Gaming Monitor Reviews - Best 1440p Monitors for Gaming 14

I would say that it doesn’t look like a professional monitor and it doesn’t fulfill the overall characteristics of a gaming monitor. It gives a good movie experience, a bit of gaming and might do a bit of editing and it can be used for all forms of media.


  • Excellent image quality.
  • Great audio output.
  • Thin bezels.
  • Frameless alloy design.
  • Asus eyecare technology.


  • Limited height adjustment option.

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One of the great looking monitor from Asus with 2560 x 1440 AH-IPS display, slim bezel, and metallic accents. It has a static contrast ratio of 1000:1 and 60 Hz refresh rates. The viewing angle is 1780.The monitor is paired beautifully with sundial –style base which easily attaches to the stand through a single thumbscrew.

The physical buttons are placed perfectly on the backside of the screen. The monitor activity by blue and orange switches for on and standby respectively. The bottom right side of the screen comprises of physical OSD buttons, which is the menu interface and the main menu options include input select, system setup, shortcut, blue light filter, color, sound, and image.

Asus MX27AQ provides the ‘splendid technology’ which offers 8 preset options namely theater, standard, scenery, night view, game, reading and darkroom mode, sRGB. Easy access to changing Blue light level can be done through’ Blue Light Filter’ technology. In addition to this, the screen flicker and risk of eyestrain can be reduced with the help of flicker-free technology.

For your general use, the demands will be fulfilled by the inbuilt 3W speaker. When the volume is at the highest level obviously there are some sound distortions.

The monitor includes three HDMI ports, I/O ports, one display port 1.2, earphone jack and power connector all are situated on the backside of the cabinet.

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It comes up with a 27-inch display with full HD resolution with IPS (in-plane switching) panel which tells about the mid-range performance of the monitor. It produces an excellent image quality and the same is ensured through flicker-free technology and WLED backlight. Due to this, it is pretty bright than most screens and the color reproduction is also fantastic. Another important feature that makes it different from others is the screen default image quality which is perfectly neutral and the color gamut score is 220 which is considered perfect.

The screen luminance uniformity is excellent with 13.6% variation in the darkest region and the middle of the screen is set at 220 cd/m2, it reduces uniformity variations in the screen. The color fidelity is almost like an AH-IPS performance because when uncalibrated, the screen has 2.01 Delta-E, 200 cd/m2 and for contrast in my testing the display scores around 944:1.

While compared to other monitors one of the drawbacks while taking the response time is the 5 ms gray to gray response time is a little bit shorter. In my test with action-packed games, there were no obvious blurring and smearing on the screen.

The viewing angle of Asus MX27AQ is good with 1780 vertical and 1650 horizontal view. The power consumption of MX27AQ is low, only 36 W at standard mode and 51 W at other. Power saving mode is at 0.5W.

One of the fine product of Asus which compiles of both gaming and home purpose with its astonishing features.

7. ASUS PB278Q

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Another model of Asus, in this case quite more affordable than the previous one. Its panel is PLS type (Plane-to-Line Switching), a system developed by Samsung similar to IPS but which offers more faithful colors and a greater angle of vision at a lower cost.

As for the response time, it remains in a few more than decent 5ms and its refresh rate is 60 Hz. It comes with two built-in 3w speakers and an adjustable base to tilt it and turn it as much as we want.

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8. Acer G257HU

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This Acer G257HU can be described as an all-terrain monitor, that is, it is perfectly apt for any use although it does not stand out especially in any of them. However, we have decided to include it in this list of gaming monitors because, in addition to reaching the 1440p resolution, it has a surprising response time of 4ms, when most models of its range are in the 8-10ms.

But without a doubt, the best part is its price since we can find it for just over $250. In comparison, the Asus PB278Q costs about $100 more, and apart from the two extra inches of difference, we do not find enough reasons to pay this extra amount.

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