If you are looking for the high performing best bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs you have come in the right place. Here we present the best combo amp with Pros and Cons and features which will help you to make the right choice.

Music is a hobby for many people but it is a profession for the gifted as well. A significant percentage of the world’s population enjoys listening to different rhythms. But what is common to all is the desire to have an optimal sound quality. A low practical and ergonomic amplifier is necessary. That’s what you’re looking for, is not it? Well, in this article, we are rolling out the best bass combo amplifiers for which you will not be wrong to opt.

Best Bass Combo Amps – The Final List

1. The best bass combo amp – Fender Rumble 100

best bass combo amps

The Fender Rumble 100 bass amplifier is everything you can dream of for optimal sound. This portable amp is first of all super practical, but also quite light. Do not get carried away by the beefy size that gives it the impression that it weighs very heavy, but rather by its silver design that leaves no one indifferent. There is no doubt that you are dealing here with state-of-the-art and above all high-quality equipment that will revolutionize the way you listen to music. This latest-generation bass amp has a switchable overdrive circuit and a versatile range of notes that you can control with their three control buttons. Thanks to its loudspeaker, you will have a filtered sound and little aggressive for the eardrum.


  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight
  • High-performance amp
  • Beautiful design


  • It’s expensive
  • Large size

The Markbass Micromark 801 is an amplifier from the Italian brand Markbass. It is distinguished by its affordable price and its functionalities which make it an extremely powerful device.

In its form, the Micromark 801 appears sufficiently compact and solid. However, it is very light (only 6.6 kg) and not very bulky (268 × 268 × 262 mm)! The bold design of its black case, to which are added colored elements (yellow and orange) are a plus that sets it apart from its competitors.

Also note that this model has been designed to meet several uses, whether for concerts and tours, rehearsals at home or in the studio , it can follow you everywhere. You will also be able to play a wide variety of styles (funk, metal, rock, etc.).

In terms of connectivity , the Markbass Micromark 801 offers you a direct output, a headphone output, to remain discreet and not disturb those around you, or even a speaker output and a CD/MP3 player line input.

The Markbass Micromark 801 is also equipped with an incredible power of 60 watts (under 4 ohms) and has an 8-inch custom neodymium speaker, that further explain why it is among the best in its category!

Clarity and sound distribution are also strengths of this amplifier.
In addition, other surprising features such as analog amplification technology or digital switching power supply are also present.


    • Very good sound quality
    • Outputs for external speaker, 3.5 mm mini-jack headphones, balanced line on XLR
    • CD/mp3 input 3.5mm mini jack
    • Versatility


  • Noisy fan
  • No wheels

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3. Orange Super Crush Bass 100 – The Ultimate Bass Combo Amplifier 

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 29

The Orange Crush Bass 100 is a combo amplifier for electric bass. This is the model that will accurately cover your instruments thanks to high-end design techniques.

Its dimensions (51 cm x 55 cm x 35.5 cm) and its compact design will be perfect for performances in small rooms as well as for small concerts at home.

It has 100 watts of power, its 15-inch speaker in a bass reflex enclosure and its equalisation options guarantee you clear, crisp and powerful sounds!

It should also be noted that its preamplifier will allow you to produce a multitude of different sounds using its gain and Blend controls. All these parameters make the Orange Crush Bass 100 a very versatile device.

The Orange Crush Bass 100 has a headphone jack with speaker simulation and auxiliary inputs. Thus, you can connect headphones to your amp and do your rehearsal sessions without disturbing those around you!


  • Very good sound quality
  • Versatility of styles and tones
  • 100 watt power
  • Active 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids
  • Headphone jack with speaker simulation


  • Pricey!

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4. Ashdown Studio 10 – The Best Ashdown Bass Amp

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 30

The Ashdown Studio 10 is a handy portable bass amplifier for jamming and practicing. It weighs only 7 pounds, but has an optimum output of 60 watts, a 10-inch speaker and a powerful equaliser with 15 decibels of gain that will allow you to enjoy quality sound.

The Ashdown Studio 10 is also packed with essential features, including tube overdrive, headphone output , 5-band EQ and line-in.

You will also discover simple settings to fully control the sound of your bass (5-band equalizer to correctly adjust the bass, midrange, treble and all intermediate tones, Line In and adjustable overdrive circuit) and access a large number tones and sounds.

The Ashdown Studio 10 therefore offers a completely competitive device .


  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Remarkable power: 60W
  • Headphone output
  • Many possible settings
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility


  • No direct or speaker output
  • Pricey

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5. The best Ampeg bass amp

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 31

To enjoy an optimal sound during your evenings, it is no longer worth the trouble of soliciting small speakers here and there. With this Ampeg amplifier, you can play music at a good volume with ease. It is equipped with a 6.35 mm jack input pad and an auxiliary input for a smartphone or headphones. This equipment guaranteed 3 years still takes enough space. Its dimensions are 389 mm long and wide and 279 mm high. One of the drawbacks is that you can not move it alone, because this 12.8 kg equipment has no wheels to make your job easier. Its price is also not affordable enough to motivate you to buy it. But if the quality is your priority, remember that this bass amp will not disappoint you in any case.


  • Strong sound power
  • Inclined pan
  • Auxiliary input
  • 3 years warranty


  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy
  • Take a lot of space

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6. The best Hartke bass amp – HARTKE HD150 Bass Combo

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 32

We want to say that its sound power will suit you perfectly. It has indeed a Combo 150 W with HyDrive 15 inch speaker that will tickle the auditory taste of your eardrum. It is suitable for any use, whether for a music device or a music player. The discs rockers will find it particularly interesting because this bass amp Hartke has a stereo headphone output which makes it possible to test the sound internally before broadcasting it externally. Note that we are talking about a 26.2-kilogram amplifier that has 4 wheels included for easy transport. As we have said, it is a high-tech equipment that you will enjoy using, whether at home, in the studio or for professional use.


  • Headphone output
  • Easy to move
  • Powerful speaker


  • Very expensive
  • Quite bulky
  • Hyper heavy

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7. The best cheap bass amp – Lepy 808 Mini

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 33

You have probably never heard of LEPY. We would like to inform that this is a brand rising in the musical field. What we currently recommend is a mid-range mini amplifier. This LEPY stereo amplifier is versatile and it can be connected to an iPhone, a computer, an Mp3 player or a car. You will have heavy hyper and this at a very good price.

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  • Discrete dimensions
  • Versatile use
  • Good sound quality
  • Adaptable


  • Medium quality

8. The best Behringer bass amp

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 34

This bass amp Behringer holds very well and it has a very large 8-inch speaker. As a result, you can see that the sound will be sent back with both controlled and satisfying power. Moreover, this double cone speaker is not the only feature that will interest you. Also that this bass amp has a VTC circuit that promotes emulation of lamps. One can also add to that its additional microphone input XLR with independent volume control. On the other hand, it is not a perfect amplifier. It is not very easy to handle, especially for a user who is not used to it. It would be easier to program it with a user guide, but unfortunately, it does not come with a manual.

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  • Stability assured
  • Large speaker
  • Affordable price
  • Good power


  • Relatively complex maneuverability
  • Heavy

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9. The best Ashdown bass amp

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 35

You see a device that weighs a little over 26 kilograms then, to you alone it will be very complicated to move it. How do you evaluate the quality of this bass amplifier? Well, we were impressed by this factor. Note that it has a 15-inch speaker that distills the sound at a fairly satisfactory frequency. Moreover, hold well, it has a power 5 times higher than most of the bass amp, or 100 watts. You must understand by this that you will have to be prepared also to spend enough money for your electricity consumption. Also, do not bet on this bass amp Ashdown to save space in your space because it is quite bulky. To give you a clearer view, here are its exact dimensions: 550 mm high, 459 mm long and 544 mm deep


  • Powerful Amp
  • Very large speaker
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Superior quality


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy
  • Take a lot of space

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10. Ampeg BA 110 Bass Combo Receiver V2

10 Best Bass Combo Amps for Small Gigs 36

Despite value for money that is not unanimous, Ampeg amp is a really good quality. Also, it has 4 anti-slip skids that ensure the stability of the latter. You will also notice that it has a small lamp that lights dimly and serves both as a power-on indicator. In addition, its lightweight and portable design are quite uplifted by the comfortable handle that can carry it with less hassle. You will see that it has up to 7 different function setting keys. Well, the better to advise you that if you do not have experience with this kind of material, it is better to inform you beforehand on how to program it.


  • Interesting power
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Lamp included
  • Non-slip skates


  • Unsatisfactory price
  • maneuverability

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How to choose the best bass combo amp?

1) The choice between lamps or transistors

Tube amps are of much higher quality and provide a warmer sound than transistor amps. Moreover, the saturation of a tube amp will always be much more audible and musical than that of a transistor amp.

However, a tube amp comes at a much higher price than a solid-state amp . Also note that a transistor bass amp is suitable for beginners, it will sound less pleasant to listen to, but it will be enough for beginners. 

So, if you can afford it , go for a tube amp. If this is not the case, a transistor amplifier will always do!

2) Power

Optimum power will depend on your amp technology. For example, a tube model will have a much better performance than a transistor model. The power will also depend on the context in which you will use your amp .

During a concert, the power required is not the same as when you are rehearsing or entertaining in your living room! For small concert halls, a 100 watt transistor amplifier or a 50 watt tube amplifier usually does the trick.

For larger stages, consider a minimum of 200 to 400 watts for your amp.

3) Combo or head + cabinet?

When buying an amplifier, you have the choice between a combo amp or an amp head and a cabinet amp. We speak of a combo amp when the electronic part of the amplifier and the loudspeakers (guitar cabinet) form a single unit. The combos are therefore available in a single element.

They are very easy to handle and very popular for that. You just have to plug in your device and start playing. We are in the presence of a cabinet amp when the elements of the electronic part of the amp (the amp head, the speakers and the guitar cabinet) are separated.

Choosing the head amp and guitar cabinet option is ideal when you are looking for an amplifier with great power. You can also add speakers and other components to increase the tonal range .

However, the cabinet amp is much more expensive than the combo option. You will also notice that guitar cabinets may have additional functions. In fact, that’s what some experienced guitarists are looking for .

Among the criteria that seem important, there is the sensitivity of the loudspeakers or the construction of the baffle. Some systems offer better sound dispersion , higher performance, but again everything will depend on the context of use of your device and your budget.

4) The size and number of speakers

There are several options when it comes to the size and number of speakers needed, with the three most popular models being 1×15, 4×10, and 8×10.

In addition, performance will be optimized if the amp has a crossover circuit allowing each frequency band to be distributed to the appropriate cabinet. For smaller models, a good quality 1×12 or 2×10 still does its job well.

5) The price

To choose your bass amp, you must comply with a budget fixed in advance. The bigger your budget , the more you will have access to important and innovative features that will guarantee you quality sound. Beware of scams though!

6) Connectivity

Choose your amplifier according to the devices you want to connect to it. The connection of your amplifier depends on your needs, in other words on the use you want to make of it.

However, it also depends on the budget you have, because a device that has many connecting devices will usually be more expensive than a device that has the minimum connecting device.

Therefore, if you plan to listen to your sounds with headphones or connect an MP3 player to your device, pay attention to these elements!

7) Harmonic distortion

It is the difference between the sound that should be played and the sound that is actually produced after passing through a device. The lower it is, the better the quality of the product.


Which amp volume to choose?

The choice of the volume of your amp will depend on your capacities and the frequency of your use of the device.

If you move often, opt for a smaller volume that is easily transportable (lightweight, portable or with integrated wheels if possible), otherwise you can go for any type of volume.

How to adjust your bass amplifier?

For optimal adjustment, carefully read the user manual of your device. Apart from that, note that for each amp, you will have to use the tone of your bass guitar and keep a good distance from your amp (about 3 meters depending on the device) when making adjustments.

Does the volume of an amp have an impact on its power?

Not necessarily, however it is true that the better equipped devices are generally much larger . However, the weight of an amp is also linked to the materials used to manufacture it, so don’t just be fooled by appearances!

Which bass amp to choose for electroacoustics?

Amps dedicated to electroacoustics and double basses are generally very neutral to respect the sound of the instrument. These are commonly referred to as “neutral amps”.

Now it’s your turn !

To enjoy good quality sound, it is important to look into the characteristics of your amplifier , especially when preparing for public stage performances!

The amplifier is a device that allows you to color the sound of your instruments and to give you, and sometimes even a large audience, the benefit of the sound of your instruments!
Confirmed musician or beginner, it is essential to bring you quality equipment

Therefore, if you want to opt for a quality product and you can afford it, choose a tube device, ensuring that the features (speakers, dispersion system, harmonic distortion , etc.) offered guarantee you quality. optimal sound!

In this sense, if you want to use your device at any time, make sure that it is equipped with suitable connections for your headphones or another device that will allow you to listen to your sounds in complete discretion.

Also take a look at the volume of the product to make sure you can place it in a corner of your living room or just move around with it easily . Don’t be afraid to go for a lighter or smaller amp!

If you do not have a budget allowing you to benefit from all these characteristics, select the products which offer you the essential functions to start well or simply to benefit from a correct sound quality.

Anyway you now have all the keys to choose the bass amp that suits you best.

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