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Fraudulent activities are emerging and forming a major concern today in our society. Therefore destroying the confidential information including personal documents, credit cards and optical media are very essential as far as every office is concerned. There are plenty of options to hire a professional agency to destroy these documents for you; however, those services can cost several hundred dollars a year. Spending several hundred dollars on a paper shredder is much worth than spending thousands in the long run. Given the safety, security and cleanliness constrain, a few hundred dollars is a very reasonable price to pay.

Paper shredders are available in customized size, price and with desired features for your office and personal use at home. All of them can be made useful to shred plastic cards like debit/credit/Identity cards and optical disks like DVD’s CDs. The modern age technology that makes shredders featured to work by producing no dust and no noise, the tough job of cutting the papers and breaking CD’s is made easy and simple. It simply gives you the confidence to shred your confidential information without disturbing anyone near you.

Why do you need a paper shredder?

Buying a paper shredder is a simple affair, unlike some other purchases. There aren’t a lot of factors to compare and make a tough choice. You just need to bother only about the efficiency of the given model to carry out your requirements.

  1. Number of Sheets

The number of sheets that Paper shredders can shred at any single time is the measurement used for it. The price will vary depending on the higher the number of sheets that it can shred at a time in order to get your job done quickly. And your requirement decides the choice of the shredder’s capacity.

  1. Jamming

Paper jamming is a risk factor in most paper shredders. Higher models are less likely to jam than others, and jams are easier to clear in some models than others as well. A few high-end shredders guarantee you against paper jams.

  1. Credit cards

Credit cards are not made out of paper and thus some shredders, especially cheaper ones, may have difficulty shredding them or even cannot do at all. Banks and credit unions will require to make sure this feature is available since they will have to shred old cards and similar documents.

  1. Volume

Volume is a major factor when you decide to own a shredder. Any company that needs to shred a high volume of papers will look for a moderately sized shredder.

  1. Type of Cut

Cross-cut method to shred documents is a common use in paper shredders. but there are other methods available, including micro cuts.

Micro Cut Paper Shredder – The Best List

1) Fellowes Powershred 79Ci: The Best Cross Cut Paper Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 10


In paper shredding industry the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci becomes a great invention that gives advance safety with fast enough shredding speed. It’s sensors that automaticity stop shredding blades when human/pets hands touch the paper feeding slot. Its allows hassle-free disposal of confidential documents which are unable to assemble again. It is a machine that 100% matched by customer’s expectation.

The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is the cross-cutting machine is easy to use. This machine safely shreds paper, staples, optical media like CD’s, DVD’s, paper clips plastic cards like ID card, debit or credit cards ect. The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is highly powerful to work continuously for 20 minutes before a cool down break. It is highly recommended to keep your confidential documents safe and secure.

Design Structure

The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci machine is unique in its design and manufacturing structure in the market. This is Market leading paper shredder. This outstanding machine has a dual color combination of black and dark silver. Its hard body leads long-lasting durability.

This paper shredding machine has round corners and four wheels its help to mobilize it anywhere. Its 9 inches or 230 mm wide paper feeding slot can be easily put A4 size papers for shredding

Machine dimensions are shown below:

Height 31
Width 38
Depth 44



This amazing Fellowes Powershred 79Ci machine is having some great specification that is described here below:

  • paper shredder on wheels for easy moving
  • black and dark silver colored design
  • Pull out drawer for easy and fast disposal
  • 5/32″ x 1-1/2″ cutting size
  • Level 4 of security (P-4)
  • Hard body with smooth edges
  • 397 shreds per sheet, which means a single sheet is divided into 397 small pieces
  • 16 sheets can be shred at once through single pass
  • 9 inches/230 mm paper entry slot (which mean size equal to A4 paper)
  • Ideal for personal shredding and small business usage
  • Weight 12.8 kg
  • 300-watt electric motor

Features or Functions

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci has some outstanding features that make it unique.

Some of its features are highlighted here:

  • 16 sheets per pass capacity
  • 100 % jam free
  • Energy saving system is used in this machine which sends the machine to sleep when there is no activity detected within 2 minutes
  • Advance safety
  • Ultra-silent shredding
  • Cross-cutting paper type
  • Can shred Paper, paper clips, Staple pins, CD’s, DVD’s, Credit card and other plastic media containing magnetic strips e.g. ID cards
  • Pull out basket with huge capacity of storing 320 sheets.
  • P-4 security level.
  • 20 minutes of duty time.
  • The locking technology of this allows locking paper drawer when accessing it during paper shredding
  • Responsive touchscreen technology with back-lit LEDs
  • 2 years of whole product warranty with 5+ years of blades warranty
  • Technologies used

Modern technology is used to make this machine an outstanding invention among others, technologies in Fellowes Powershred 79Ci are followed:

  1. Safe Sense: Safe sense technology of this machine allows to automatically stop shredding process when human hand touches the paper feeding slot, this feature help to prevent any possible harm or injury.
  2. Silent Shred: this provides ultra-silence shredding performance, in the working environment where the noise of shredding machine cannot be disturbing.
  3. Energy Saving System: it is very efficient and intelligent enough to save electricity. It goes to sleep mode or shut down when there is no activity detected for 2 minutes.
  4. Jam-free: It provides 100 % jam-free performance using modern sensors which provide visual sense if extra paper put to the machine. It will also power through if some jam occurs.


Company provides 2 years of whole machine warranty and lifetime warranty for the cutting blades made with fine sharp steel alloy.


Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is highly recommended for safe of shredding your confidential documents and optical media. It is more time investment that gives benefits for the whole life with sudden customer support from the company. As this product has amazing reviews from the users those who are already purchased it, they all like it and said this machine is amazing in its quality and its performance it is unmatchable with stylish design. Considering above all the features and specifications buy this amazing Fellowes Powershred 79Ci and enjoy its benefits lifelong.

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2) Amazon Basics 12 Sheet: Top Paper Shredder All the Time

Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 11


Amazon Basics 12-Sheet is a real multi-functional paper eater that can Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Cards. This shredder is an amazing, inexpensive shredder that is acceptable for personal or best home use. Amazon basics shredder is dynamic and has decent paper handling. It is the best for occasional shredding.

The 12-Sheet Cross-Cut promises High-level performance for its low price. Amazon Basics 12-sheet cross-cut paper shredder shred paper, CD, and credit card shredder guarantees the best value to your money by making a one-time investment and enjoys long-term reliable benefits. This may be the best compact paper shredder that can be placed at your desk side for professional shredding.

Product Design:

This shredder is made in the USA and the quality standards composed of the silver-colored top set on the black wastebasket and has a window in front of it shows that how much the basket is full. The top of the shredder is mostly covered by the plastic shield by default which needs to be lifted when you want to shred any type of paper, letters, junk mails, magazine, CD’s, credit card etc., The feeding slot on the plastic shield that fits perfectly for CDs or DVDs in it.

There is a switch on the upper-right corner of the top of the device for controlling three settings like Automatic, Off, and Reverse.

There are four more lights moreover to indicate the mode. These indicator blinks when the shredder is in automatic, reverse or in the askew situation. The top of the shredder has to be removed to empty the waste from the basket of the machine then spike the basket into the recycling bag after this the basket has to place at the top of the machine as it was before.

Most recommended shredder and the best available shredder in the market is Amazon basics 12 sheets. This shredder can handle 12 pages easily at a time. 6 feet per second is the speed which can be handled by Amazon Basics paper shredder which is exceptionally fast and it is the best plus point of this device. Since it is able to shred paper into tiny pieces 5/32 by 15/32 inches the information present on the paper will be unreadable.

The amazon basics shredder functions for 8 consecutive minutes and can handle almost 48 feet of paper. Thus it makes easy to destroy credit cards, CDs, and DVDs one at a time. An entry of any foreign objects in this machine will automatically force it to shut down. The Amazon Basics 12-sheet cross-cut paper, cd and credit card shredder give you the right choice between best price and performance.


  • Cross-Cut Shred Type.
  • 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder needs 30 minutes Cool Down Time.
  • It has a regular Type bin.
  • 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is equipped with a Bin Capacity of 4.8 gallons.
  • 70 dB Noise Level.
  • amazon basics 12 sheet is able to run continuously for 5 minutes.
  • Shred Width of 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is set with 7/32″ x 1 27/32″.
  • Auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams is its unique feature.
  • Thermal protection is enabled for 12 sheet cross cut paper shredder.
  • Since multi pages can be shred quickly and there is no need to remove staples, the tasks can be operated within less time

Product Warranty:

  • Amazon Basics shredder offers a 1-Year Limited Warranty on the purchase.
  • The services provided during the warranty period are:
  • You can replace the Product with a product that is the same or equivalent to the Product you purchased.
  • Repair the Product.


The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet High-Security Shredder has been welcomed currently, with an exclusive 4.6/5-star rating from more than 2,000 verified customers making it an Amazon bestseller. This is one of the best micro shredders having a title of best paper shredder under 100 dollars in comparison with any other shredder.


The Amazon Basics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro Cut Shredder is among the top best micro cut shredders in 2018 in the market. The main features of this machine advantageous of cutting large documents into small pieces which can’t be re-established. Numerous unique features and fast operations make it prominent among the best small shredders in the market. Make it your choice now from

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3) Amazon 6 Sheet: Best Cheap Paper Shredder

Best Cross Cut Paper & Credit Card Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 12


The Amazon-Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card cheap paper Shredder is a reliable product. Amazon-6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder can shred 6 sheets at a time. It can easily shred papers, staple, and paper clips without removed from your documents. The shredded pieces are cut into 7/32 by 1-27/32 inches. Its cost equals to battery operated paper shredder.

Amazon 6 Sheet great value paper shredder introduced with features like Auto starts and stops function. It has an 8.7-inch wide paper feed slot, the 3.8-gallon bin, and thermal protection with auto shut-off. The Shredder measures of Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card by 15 x 12.1 x 7.7 inches.


  • This product is not much expensive, every person can own it at affordable price.
  • Amazon-6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper & Credit Card Shredder is too light weighted.
  • The size of Amazon-6-Sheet best Cross-Cut Shredder is normal & we can portable it anywhere easily.
  • It does not overheat
  • Best brand paper shredder with fast shredding speed.


  • It is mainly used for light duty purpose only.
  • This Shredder has low basket capacity.


  • Speed: This Shredder has an average speed of shredding. It has the average speed of 60 sheets per minute. If you are interested in shredder with speed then you have to buy a high volume of paper shredder.
  • Noise: As the size decreases the noise of shredder increases but Amazonbasics 6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder proves noise-free environment.
  • Ease of use: While we test ease of use, In the case of AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut, this shows an average result (scoring 6 between high 8 & low 4).
  • Size: This 3.8-gallons sized shredder is apt for you if you are not using on the regular basis & if you want to use the shredder on the regular basis then we recommended you higher end model.

Benefits Of Amazon-6-Sheet

  • The shredder is turn-off automatically if somebody enters paper or credit card forcefully its.
  • 6-sheet paper destroyer machine shreds into 7/32″ x 1-27/32″ pieces.
  • Crosscut shred capacity: 6 sheets of 20 lb bond paper
  • 7″ wide front feed paper entry
  • Amazon-6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper & Credit Card Shredder can shred one credit card at once.
  • Size is not so big.
  • Can handle staples and mini paper clips with documents.
  • 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder with Easy Lift Handle has thermal protection
  • Auto-start function
  • Manual reverse to easily fix paper jams
  • Easy-lift single-hand handle for easy waste removal.


One year warranty from Amazon Purchases.


The above discussion it is very clear to us this is a very amazing product & have a lot of benefits. This Cross-Cut Shredder is a solid, low capacity shredding machine. This product is best for personal use or light duty shredding in an office. This machine is considered as best household paper shredder. It is so light weighted & has only 12-pound weight. It gives value to your money by making the one-time investment and enjoys long-term benefits.

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4) Swingline EX14-06: Low-Cost Paper Shredder

Super Cross-cut Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 13


The purpose of modern technology is to facilitate humans and doing their jobs easy and efficient way. The Swingline is a well-known company with the best portable paper shredders for small business. One of the best product of Swingline company is Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder. It is a very fast, reliable, secure, smart, stylish and in an inexpensive shredder that cuts paper in extra small pieces.


The Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder is very stylish and unique in its design. It looks very perfect as a smart robot with two color combination. This amazing affordable paper shredder machine has all smooth round edges. Front side contains machine interaction module, Buttons to power on and small indication line that indicates machine condition such as red light in ON when user feed extra papers to shredding slot.

Structure measurement of the machine is perfectly suitable for regular use. Its dimensions are as followings:

Height 16”
Width 10”
Length 18”


Specifications of Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder

Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder is super-fast jam free shredder that provides sufficient security up to grade 4. It shreds your confidential documents into extra small size. Papers are cross cuts into smaller size of 3/16″ x 1 1/2″ that means 377 pieces of one sheet. In addition, this amazing machine can also shred optical discs like CD’s and DVD’s, ID cards, Staple pins, papers pins, newspaper, and other related stuff. Some other specifications are here:

  • Six-gallon bin capacity
  • Super cross-cutting paper type
  • 9 inches wider paper feeding slot
  • Nonstop performance (jam free)
  • 377 chunks of one white paper sheet
  • 14 papers can be shred at once
  • Provides level for security
  • Features/advantages

The Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder is having some great at features that are really making it different and better than other paper confetti machine available in the market.


  • Minimal noise that is most suitable for proper working environment.
  • Jam-free shredding with less hassle
  • Self-cleaning blade function
  • Red and green lights to indicate when you feed exceeded capacity of papers
  • Energy efficient, automatically wakeup and sleep to save electricity
  • 8 minutes of consecutive running time and 40 minutes to ensure motor longevity.
  • Pull out basket for easy disposal.
  • As powerful as to Shred paper without removing paper clips and stapler
  • Shreds 14 sheets at single pass
  • No paper arrangement is needed for the shredding process


The Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut medium duty paper shredders did not lose quality in its powerful performance with the passage of time as some other machine does. It is self-programmed intelligent machine that is to clean its blade and clean shredder pieces to prevent machine jam. It is as smart to save electricity using its sensor that sends machine to sleep mode if there is no activity detected.


The Swingline company provides two-year warranty for Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder and 6 years of warranty specifically for the blades.


Considering all above discussion about Swingline EX14-06 Super Cross-cut Shredder, it is highly recommended if you want to do your job in an efficient way. It is the best product among all the categories available in the market so give value to your money and buy it as it is durable and most reliable with long-lasting warranty.

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5) HSM SECURIO AF150: Professional Grade Yet Cheap

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 14


When we talk about commercial level shredding where there is more than 2 user involved a well-reputed company named as HSM (great product for great people) came to the front with its amazing product HSM SECURIO AF150, it’s a state of the art product in terms of its design, best-rated paper shredder safety and performance. It gives simple and convenient way for destructing papers ..

HSM AF150 (best paper shredder for home use) comes with an automatic paper feeding stack having capacity 150 sheets. Here a single sheet can be effortlessly shredded by saving your time. The HSM SECURIO AF150 is modern German-made Technology with the strong process that has no chance of failure in the technology.


Specifications of HSM SECURIO AF150 are listed below:

  • German made departmental shredder
  • Cross-cutting paper type
  • Paper intake area with 240 mm
  • Shredder paper container capacity is 34 litres
  • 500 W motor
  • Shredder 5*30 mm
  • Auto feeding capacity up to 150 sheets
  • 10 sheets per pass can be easily shred
  • Security level 3 and DIN security level is P-4
  • Eco-smart technology
  • Nanogrip technology
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Automatic start and stop ability
  • Jam-free technology
  • Energy efficient
  • White in color with black as some part of it

Considering all above specifications this HSM Shredder becomes outstanding disc shredder product. The only issue with this shredder is it is a bit costly but ones pay for it takes for the whole life.

Features/Outstanding Functions

Features are the main key points and entities for which a person agree himself buy something. HSM SECURIO AF150 having lots of features that will assist you to buy this amazing machine. Features of this great paper eater are:

  • Have the ability to shred paper sheets, staple pins, paper clips, credit or debit cards, optical media like CD’s, dvds and junk mails.
  • Excellent quality, German made and is very robust
  • Quietest shredder that makes no disturbance while shredding in an office environment (best office shredder)
  • Compact, Durable & time-saving auto feeding technology that not only saves time but allows to shred 150 sheets of paper
  • Manual feeding slot for non-standard feedings such as the envelope, odd size papers, staple, and paper clips etc.
  • Dual functionality that allows us to manually feed papers and small items like envelopes and others during auto-feed stack processing
  • Commercial/departmental model that allows users up to 5 persons
  • Powerful motor that allows continuous working
  • Automatic start/stop and auto reverse features if paper jam event occurs
  • Reverse function button
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Removable bin for easy disposal
  • With the use of single key multi-functions can be selected such as start/ stop etc.
  • Eco-smart technology thy consumes low power and produce no paper dust
  • Use stack for automatically paper feeding with minimum effort
  • Approve by Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure – CPNI
  • 3 year of product warranty with lifetime cutter blades warranty

Design and Structure

The design is the most important fact for the success of any machine sometimes design is more important than the performance. These bulk paper shredding machines HSM SECURIO AF150 also have the unique attraction in its design. It has a white base color with paper feeding stack to its top and 4 casters for easy mobility are attached at the bottom.

Machine’s removable open wards in the front side same as you open a drawer. Design dimension of this amazing shredding machine is given below.

Height 740 mm
Width 395 mm
Depth 381 mm

It is designed with an inspection window to look through the waste bin. HSM SECURIO AF150 makes shredding job easily and effectively.

Technology used

Some technologies that are used in HSM micro-cut paper shredder to make it extra smart and up to the mark according to user requirement. These technologies are the elements that make HSM SECURIO AF150 are following

German Quality
Energy efficient
Advance safety Technology
Anti-jam technology


Where to use it?

It will be used by everyone who need to shred paper CD’s, DVD’s, staples pins, plastic cards etc.. As HSM SECURIO AF150 has capacity of continuous shredding for a long time, therefore, it is mostly used in departments and for commercial uses but it does not mean you cannot use it at home. It is guaranteed that wherever you use it will not be disappointed.


Considering all the above best micro-cut shredder reviews, it is clearly said that HSM SECURIO AF150 makes the easy destruction of useless, junk or documents that are too confidential which are no further needed. If you want to save your ass from any spam then this machine is made only for you. This is the best place to buy, Grab this opportunity and enjoy its services for life time.

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6) Bonsaii DocShred 6 Sheet: Cheapest Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Best Cheap Micro Cut Paper Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 15


Nowadays everyone has personal and sensitive information which should be kept safe, like tax records, bank papers etc. Ideal shredder With the help of Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder 6 sheets of A4 size can be shred at a single pass. Your sensitive information or important documents can be shred with the help of the Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredders. This will help you relaxed that your information is safe.


  1. Condition: A new branded, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original condition. Packing is available in only such type of shredder where it’s needed.
  1. Bin Capacity : Bonsaii Shredder is a best Micro-Cut Paper Shredder has a bin capacity of 3.9 Gallon. This is a very outstanding document shredder for daily use.
  1. Speed : Bonsaii paper shredder has a speed of 2.3m/minute. This is not so good but enough for our daily use of paper shredding in our daily life.
  1. Run Time: Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper has a run time of 3 minutes and shredding speed reaches 6 feet per minute and 8..7” entry slot for paper shredding.
  1. Noise level: Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet best Micro Cut Shredders has a noise level of 68db.


  • Shreds up to 6 sheets at a single pass.
  • 4mm x 12mm shred size.
  • Auto start/stop and reverse function.
  • Basket window to see when container is full
  • Shred all of your confidential information including paper documents
  • No hassle, quick operation
  • Quickly shred multi-page documents (up to 6 pages at a time)
  • Use the manual reverse feature to clear paper jams
  • Shreds 6 sheets of paper at once
  • Micro-cut paper shredder comes with a 4-gallon wastebasket
  • Upright value
  • Use to securely dispose of all your important documents


  • High Security
  • Best Buy paper shredder
  • Inexpensive best budget shredder
  • shredders that fit over trash cans


  • Slow Speed
  • Noise

Technical Details

Brand Name Bonsaii
Item Weight 9 pounds
Product Dimensions 12.6 x 7.3 x 15.7 inches
Item model number C560-D
Color C560-D
Number of Items 1
Size 6-Sheets
Manufacturer Part Number C560-D
UPC 811820020730


We will provide warranty of one year that leads for the best experience.

No more hesitation, it’s the best choice for our dearest customer.


Considering all above review, it is clear that Bonsaii Doc Shredder makes the easy destruction of useless, junk documents that are too confidential. If you want to use a shredder on daily basis then, Grab this opportunity and enjoy its services for a lifetime. You can contact customer service If you are not satisfied with any of its feature.

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7) Powershred 485Ci: Jam Free Paper Shredder

100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 16


This is the best time and choice If you are looking for a best heavy duty paper shredder that can crush your personal documents, Optical media, plastic cards and other things that are not further needed. Fellows is a well-reputed company that has top shredders name based on performance and quality in the production of shredding equipment. All the shredding machine which are manufactured by Fellowes are having outstanding customers reviews (cross cut shredder reviews) they did not fail to disappoint you anyway.

Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder does both jobs, the high-speed paper shredding with the high security for the medium and large organization/office. In short, it is OfficeMax paper shredder. cross-cutting technique makes sure that private information is disposed properly.

Design and structure

Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is designed and Assemble in the USA and is unique in its structure and performance as no other shredder does the same. Heavy-duty paper shredder Its State of the art design makes it sits beside your table.

Casters are attached with shredders for easy mobility with the removable big bin that is too much easy for disposal of shredded documents, pins, and optical media. The shredder that shreds everything.

Design Specifications

  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Round corners
  • Black color with silver (dark grey) edges making it as attractive looks
  • There are two feeding throats for 16 inches large papers and optical media for putting CD’s DVD’s
  • Top front user-machine interaction menu(buttons and lights for communication between machine and user)
  • Removable waste bin from front side for easy disposal
  • Product weight 179 lbs

What can be shredded?

With this amazing paper eating Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder you can shred:

  • Paper documents
  • Junk mails
  • Staple pins
  • Paper clips
  • Optical media CD’s, DVD’s optical reel etc.
  • Plastic card such as Debit card, Credit card or any other Identity cards

Specifications and Features

Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is having a large number of features that not only makes it unique but also unmatchable from other paper shredders that are available from the same design and price.

Key feature and amazing specifications are listed here:

  • Cross-cutting paper shredding type
  • Continuous run time
  • Automatically stop if a human hand touches paper shredding slot
  • Energy efficient
  • 5/32″ x 1-1/8″ cut size
  • Provides DIN P 5 and level 5 of security
  • Recommended for commercial level usage
  • Does not require papers to properly arrange
  • Recommended for more than 10 users
  • 100 percent jam-free and continuous shredding
  • 9 HP motor
  • Dual functionality
  • Separate slots
  • 30 sheets shred in one pass
  • 35 gallons Waste bin with LED indicator that indicates when bucket should be removed for disposal
  • Automatic oiling lubricant technology is used, self-shred check that indicates when oil supply is low.
  • Automatic and manually reverse feature
  • Automatic start and stop function
  • 20 feet per minute shredding speed
  • Polyethylene material used in product
  • 503 chunks per sheet that are unable to re-join
  • 2-year machine warranty
  • Life time cutting blades warranty

Technologies used

In Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder Up to the mark technologies that perfectly meets requirements of the modern age has been used in the Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder. Specialties of technology are given below

  1. 100% Jam free: Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder provides jam free shredding services. It also provides extra power through when there is a chance for This machine has LED indicators that indicate when you feed it with papers beyond its capacities. Its powerfull motor with sharp cutting blades reduces the chances of paper jam.
  2. Safe Sense Technology : Safe sense technology is another amazing feature of this machine, that automatically stops the machine when hand touches the paper feeding slot. it uses electronic sensors that used for human safety.
  3. Auto Oiling: This self-driven machine provides free self-maintenance. There is also an indicator that provides indication when lubrication oil supply is low and need to refill it.
  4. Energy Efficient: Machine is truly energy efficient that saves around 80 % of electricity compared to other paper shredding products available in market. It goes offline or sleeps mod automatically when there is no activity detected for a specific time interval.
  5. Superior performance technology: This machine is designed for the outstanding superior technology that allows us to do heavy duty work without any problem. Its powerful steel blades backing motor makes it different from others.
  6. Eco-Smart Technology : Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is the environment-friendly product the work silently without making noise and it does not produce paper dust.


Based on the above discussion, if you want an amazing industrial sized paper shredder that does not disappoint you ever in life for distracting your confidential and useless paper documents and optical media, we strongly recommending this Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder for you. Office max shredding can be easily carried out by this valuable machine. This product is truly made for you , if you want long-term reliable shredding services

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8) Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet: Best Commercial Paper Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 17


In today’s environment while working in offices or home it generates huge amount of paper waste that are no more needed such as old tax receipts, paid bills, expired credit cards, CD’s, etc. It makes more problems if your important documents are wrongly received by others. So best commercial paper shredder should be destroyed your unwanted document confidentially.

Because of that, The Company named the product as Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder; Which has outstanding outputs an amazing smart design which can be placed under your desk in your office or home.

This amazing paper shredder not only shreds papers but also completely destroy digital information by shredding CD’s, DVDs and credit cards. Give value to your money and choice by making one-time investment and enjoy long-term amazing benefits.

Features that make it best paper shredder

Though out the discussions about this amazing product; its smooth functionality makes it outstanding and give it a market edge over other fast paper shredders in the market. Some of the most amazing and most facilitating Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder’s features are given below:

  • Eye-catching black color with Beautiful design.
  • Capacity to shred 18 papers in a single pass.
  • Automatic start and stop functionality.
  • Can shred plastic like CD’s, DVDs and credit cards.
  • Can shred light metals such as stapler pins.
  • No paper jam during shredding.
  • Commercial cross-cut shredder which makes impossible to re-join shredded document.
  • Noise free performance (quiet paper shredder).
  • It shreds 100 sheets in 5 seconds.
  • Having capacity to work for 40 minutes continuously.
  • Durable and easy to move with lockable casters.
  • Pros and Cons


Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper shredder works with no noise and uses sensors for automatic start/stop and reveres. Some of the pros and cons of Royal 1840MX top rated paper shredder are here:


  • Office use paper shredder
  • Greater bin size
  • Great value in cheapest price
  • small industrial shredder
  • Market leading paper shredder


  • Need to properly arrange paper before shredding
  • Heavy around 42 lbs weight machine


Royals also provide 5 year warranty for cutter blade and motor for its amazing product


Considering all these features and benefits you will realize that Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is an amazing product which is perfect for you. This product is more beneficial and long-term investment that will not disappoint you. It is convenient to use and loaded with all capabilities that makes it great.

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9) Royal 112MX Paper Shredder

9 Best Micro Cut Cross Cut Paper Shredders For Office and Home 18


If you are a government official, businessman or private individual and wanted to destroy your confidential information such as financial statements, receipts, bills, official documents and other sensitive papers that could be proved dangerous in others hand; then Royal 112MX Paper Shredder is perfectly made for you. Royal paper shredders introduced the largest paper shredding machines that are best economical and reliable all over the world.

Description about Product

The Royal 112MX cross cut Paper Shredder is kind of shredder that cuts the paper and other digital media likes CDs, DVDs and debit/credit cards in cross patterns which are not possible to reassemble.dit. With the fast-growing criminal reports in the world, one should definitely take safety measures to protect its integrity by destroying documents in a safe way. All the above features claimed that this machine is considered best paper shredder in the market.

Technically Royal 112MX is best cross cut paper shredder with the capacity of cutting 12 sheets in one pass. Items that can be shred this machine include paper, CD’s, DVD’s stapler pins and debit/credit cards. Royal 112MX Paper Shredder has 9 inches wider paper input slot (throat) which is wider enough to smoothly feed many papers without proper arrangements. The machine has paper bin attached in it which is as big enough to store 220 shred papers.

Customers are having very good and satisfying reviews about the Royal 112MX Paper Shredder according to them apart of its high performance the product quality and its automatic start and stop functions are really appreciated. A user just needs to put papers in the input slot and then leave the rest of work to the machine. Royal 112MX’s black color is also much liked by everyone. Royal 112MX Paper Shredders are designed to meet the requirement of today’s world.

Product features or functions

This amazing paper eater machine has outstanding features/functions/qualities that are listed below:

  • Crosscut sheet shreds
  • 9” wider paper feeder slot
  • Wastebasket having capacity of 4.5 gallons
  • Handy pull-out basket with window
  • Shreds papers, stapler pins, CD’s, DVD’s, credit cards and other items of the same category.
  • Lockable casters
  • 12 sheets per pass
  • It provides level 3 of security
  • Auto start and stop
  • Automation reverse function preventing paper jam
  • Size: 12″ x 8″ x 15″
  • All steel gears
  • Perfect fit for any best business/office/home

1-year parts & labor warranty


In short, this multi-function amazing machine is real-time paper and media eater that leaves no chances of your information burglary. This is the best shredder for the money. A person who wants to give the value of its money or have to use in the home should buy this best Royal 112MX Paper Shredder machine which will allow you long-term reliable, durable and satisfying results with customer support from the manufacturer.

To unjam the stuck paper shredder is not a very difficult task. Best option to keep it working perfectly is giving the oil to the shredder. So we hope from this guide you might be able to choose the best paper shredder for your office. Are you still confused? Read this review it helps you to select best ever paper shredders in the market.

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