Here we have reviewed top 10 WiFi AC access points which are powered over ethernet. Our comprehensive review about AC PoE access points is ranked based on Performance per dollar and Sustainable enterprise level Quality assurance. You will get also get a brief overview of the underlying technologies and understand how it affects the user experience.

9. ZyXEL Dual Radio 11AC Ceiling AP (NWA1123-AC V2)

ZyXEL Dual Radio 11AC Ceiling AP

ZyXEL NWA1123-AC is best suited if your Wireless LAN load is very light and use primarily for high-speed internet. The device needs less or no technical management. Zyxel is well known for their professional networking devices since 1988.This device is suitable specifically for very less populated (less than 10 people per 1000 m2 ) offices less critically dependant on WLAN. This is one of the cheapest yet reliable option out there in the market right now You can also expect decent speeds below 30m radius from the access point.

Throughput: 1.16 Gbps
Power in watts: 7 W PoE
Max Transmit power: 30 dBm
Max Gain : 3 dB
Max Receive sensitivity : -91 dBm

8. Linksys AC1750 Business Dual-Band Access Point (LAPAC1750)


Linksys Business LAPAC1750 Dual Band 2.4 + 5GHz AC1750

Linksys AC1750 (LAPAC1750) comes with 3×3 mimo similar to ZyXEL wac6503. This is a recommended buy for budget-centric offices but who looks forward to in having most features of a high-end access point. However, you may not expect don’t expect the ease of use as in previous Zyxel nor do it has more than 2 internal antennas. This ideal mainly for home and small businesses. For a fixed office setup without much roaming, this device is a must buy.The hexagonal shape adds to aesthetic appeal by the way

Maximum throughput 1.75 Gbps
MU-MIMO: 3×3
Power: 15W max PoE
Maximum gain 2dbi
Reciever sensitivity: up to -85 dbi
No Beamforming


9 Best AC Power over Ethernet Access Points [802.11 AC PoE] 5

NETGEAR ProSAFE Business 3×3 Dual Band (WAC730-100NAS)

This is a mid-range access point. The AP supports up to 3×3 MIMO and also supports attaching external antennas. The WDS and ensemble management support up to 10 Amps in a single a group to work as a single device altogether. This one is strongly recommended if you are planning modular access point design over the office plus when you need reliable WLAN speed throughput. The device can manage higher roaming facilities with intelligent switching between adjacent access points and has a notable signal power radius of around 70-90 meters. Presence of upgradable port for the external antenna and very intuitive GUI makes it more promising. This is a Recommended midrange business-class access point

Maximum throughput 1.75 Gbps
MU-MIMO: 3×3
Power consumption: 12.9 watts 802.3af PoE without external antennas
Max Gain: 6 dbi
VPN: VPN pass-through support

6. Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC Outdoor Enterprise WiFi System


This outdoor Wifi AC access point provides an extensive range of more than 150+ metes. This eliminates the typical situation was cabled are to be laid down for installing access points placed in 2-3 different locations around the radius. Typical places like warehouses, construction sites, between portable cabins, parks or resorts. This is a high powered 22w poe+ certified device. Antenna power is 28 dBm which is massive. Although maximum range is more than 100 meter, don’t expect the 5 GHz performance in that range

Unify`s scalable enterprise wireless software controller is free of cost, unlike other premium access point. This is especially a good thing if we want the features of the high-end device with the fraction of its cost. It can manage -as a centralized or single controller- a large number of sites, through distributed deployment with unlimited scalability, All free of charge…

Throughput : 1.75gbps
MU-MIMO: 3×3
Power : 22 W max 803.2at PoE+
MaxGain: 5dbi
Transmit power: 28 dBm.
QoS: Per-User Rate Limiting, WMM and DSCP, Guest traffic isolation

5. ZyXEL WAC6503D-S

9 Best AC Power over Ethernet Access Points [802.11 AC PoE] 6

Zyxel Dual Band 802.11ac PoE [2×2] with Smart Antenna for High-Density Environments

Zyxel WAC6503D-S is a high end-high density access point is suitable for medium-high density wireless access. The device comes preloaded with 6 internal antenna design with 3 x 3 MIMO capability . .. This device also supports tens of features for managing, configuration, security, accessibility etc which classify this into an upper-midrange device with a reliable track record to back up for.The tool-less installation and DHCP enable makes it easy for anybody to install this device in their home or office.Sensitivity of -102 dBm suits the device to be used In close range for maximum speed as well as very long range week signal selectivity in the 2.4 GHz range

Consider ZyXEL WAC6503D-S If your plan is to facilitate wireless access for more number of people over large coverage area with less number of access points. The maximum efficiency is of the device can be utilized in the high-density usage is confined to 30m radius(5 GHz) and low-density usage out of this 60-80m radius (2,4 GHz)


Throughput : 1.75gbps
MU-MIMO : 3×3
Total Power : 30 W max 803.2at PoE+
Transmit power : 30 dbm.
Gain: 6dbi
sensitivity : up to -102 dBm
DHCP enabled: plug n play

4. Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point


At this price point, ubiquity is a winner by itself.Designed for home or office use with potential for unlimited scalability, UAP AC PRO is a true hero in both home and offices. However little effort is needed to setup controller and other configurations. But its worth the effort considering thousands spend on other brands yielding similar performance range.

If you plan to implement wireless AP over an entire section of building this is a considerable option over other brands such as Cisco with only fraction of the cost. The Controller program is so advanced that you will learn more as you go on. Leaving a low profile dedicated PC for running the 24x7controller unit software, is the good practical idea


Throughput : 1.75gbps
MU-MIMO : 3×3
Total Power : 9 W max 803.2af PoE
Transmit power : 22 dbm.
Gain : 3 dpi

3.Cisco Aironet 3702i


Controller-Based Wireless Access Point AIR-CAP3702I-A-K9

Time to introduce the 4×4 MIMO devices. With 3 spatial streams, this 3700 series device from Cisco Comes with internal antennas, besides provision of installation of additional antennas. The devices are suitable for all general purpose, industrial mid-large scale businesses

Ciscos Whole idea seems to be providing a clean environment for wireless communication only with intended users. Marking and Preventing all other RF signals including to show their presence in the network. .Designed to avoid unwanted electromagnetic interference, Classify them with a couple of seconds. Heavy security modules, historic intervention database are all monitored

It should be noted that this is a controller based product.4×4 mimo means a lot to a high-density environment, although physical throughput may remain unchanged the QoS will be improved several fold.

9 Best AC Power over Ethernet Access Points [802.11 AC PoE] 7

Through put : 1.75 gbps
Transmit Power : 23db(internal antenna)
Gain : Upto6dbi (internal antenna)
Power 19.6 W PoE+ 803.2at
Sensitivity :Upto -93dbm sensititvity

2.Cisco Meraki MR42

mr42_front-top_transparent-600x199 Meraki: The first 100 percent cloud-managed 802.11ac access point

Meraki MR42 is all about ease of use. It is the easiest to use and has the sleekest design of all its contenders. Which make it ideal for variety of places like modern lobby, fashion retail stores security-conscious industries like financial centers, or hospital labs. The device is plug n play ready with minimal or no IT staff required.

The maximum throughput is 1.9gbps with a guaranteed QoS. Remember this is a cloud-managed device. It runs, manages, configures and updates through a cloud.So No need to keep a dedicated PC 24x 7 for the sake of a controller. Nor you do need a dedicated IT staff for installing or configuring. The User interface is simple and most of the advanced features are automatic.

There 4 radios for RF communication in Meraki MR 42. The first two are for data transmission and reception. The third one is for eliminating RF interference, actively monitoring and protection from intruders (WIPS/WIDS analysis). This setup maximizing efficiency of the first two communication antennas. In addition to the 3rd radio, there’s is another 4 the radio which enables Low energy Bluetooth communication with Bluetooth enabled devices for seamless roaming. Hence freeing up the dedicated 2,4 and 5 GHz spatial streams for maximum throughput!

Since Meraki is cloud-based, the central intelligence of the device is enormous. This provides a user with Radiofrequency trans- reception optimization, Co-Channel Interference from nearby devices, Intruder prevention, data security, QoS policies and packet inspection. It updates and heals itself real-time in the cloud.The device is built to perform voice and video over internet protocol for standard business communication environment.

Although Meraki is equipped with only 3×3 mimo and 1.9 Gbps, this is a pure business-class access point with the lowest effort to set up. Its a set it and forget it type device. This device offers the easiest user interface among all of the contenders

The 2nd most value-added benefit from the m42 presence of the firewall , flanked over the topmost and bottom layers (layer 3 and 7). Layer 7 traffic shaping actually classify application based on their genre. Intelligently create bandwidth limit for each application. Prioritize applications that are produced with the same cisco`s brain restrict recreational use.This feature should be ignored at all if you do not plan to buy a dedicated firewall or Wifi Monitoring system.


Throughput: 1.75Gbps
MIMO : 3 x 3 MIMO connectivity
Power : 20 Watt PoE+ 802.3at
Gain : Up to 5.5dBi
Roaming: Layer 2 and layer 3 roaming
QoS: DSCP and L7 firewall

Consider Meraki for traffic-intensive guaranteed QoS services like VoIP or mobility rich area. It will be like assured offload traffic from broadband carrier to Wifi network

1.Aruba Instant IAP-325

9 Best AC Power over Ethernet Access Points [802.11 AC PoE] 8

Aruba Instant IAP-325 ac poe : Bring a switch like an experience to 802.11ac

Market analyst Forrester predicts that around 35% of global 1 billion smartphone users use their phones at work. The continued growth of mobile devices demands the need of enterprise-class wireless device in the market. Especially these Bring your own device (BYOD) are used for mission-critical pack loss intolerant voice or video over internet uses. Such environment pushes the need for true enterprise-class wireless devices. Aruba Instant doesn’t need IT expertise at the distributed locations. In the event of the primary virtual controller failure, the network functions without any halt, with just changed controller from the network which in turn is another Aruba Access point.

The advanced policies in controlling and data sharing MIMO enabled devices to make IAP 325 ideal to implement in a high-density environment. The device is also equipped with the bluetoth beacon for communication with Bluetooth enabled devices which can also communicate simultaneously with other Aruba access points or beacons providing an ultra seamless roaming experience.The device is built for VoIP or video conference. Advanced QoS features provide priority handling and group or individual policies for mobile of Desktop devices.

The device can be configured to provide regular or dedicated spectrum analysis for eliminating interference, intrusion, VPN tunnels hence improving the overall quality of experience. For multi installations “Aruba active service” drastically reduce the total time for deployment by automatic device allocation and firmware updates this is What you get the most if you think still the network is slow, then multiply the module with adding another one.

Aruba Instant IAP is the final word for Commercial Access point one single AP can connect tens to hundreds of users simultaneously. For environment such as the airport, Lobby, Restaurant, Hospitals etc…The device is equipped with Loads of features like Bluetooth low energy radio. This Enables location-based services with BLE-enabled mobile devices receiving signals from multiple Aruba Beacons at the same time.


Installation and integration: there are 3 modes available to configure iap 325

1.In controller mode, the centralized controller takes control of all connected Aruba devices.

2.In Instant mode single, AP replicates the configuration to other connected Acces point in the WLAN

3.And Remote mode for branch deployment

There are a couple of crucial features like intelligent app visibility, Advanced cellular coexistence, Deep Packet Inspection (to classify and block, prioritize or limit bandwidth )to over 1,500 enterprise apps or groups of apps.

Security Features ( Layer 7 and 3) IP reputation and security services identify, classify, and block malicious files, URLs and IPs, providing comprehensive protection against advanced online threats.

Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for secure storage of credentials and keys.

SecureJack-capable for secure tunneling of wired Ethernet traffic.

Throughput 2.53 Gbps
MIMO: 4×4 with 4SS
Antennas: 8 omnidirectional downtilt antennas
Maximum gain: 5 dpi
Power: 20 W 803.2 of PoE+
Reciever sensitivity :up to -94 dBm
Transmit power: 24 dBm
Roaming: L3 roaming
QoS: DSCP and (L3, L7) firewall

Honorable mentions

1.Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex R710

9 Best AC Power over Ethernet Access Points [802.11 AC PoE] 9 Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex R710

Rockus offers the as fastest performing wireless access point available. It could be. But there Is a considerable margin in the price between R710 and IAP 325. R710 will clearly win if the price difference is less than 25-35% compared to IAP 325 and its performance

Like Aruba IAP 325, it comes with 4 spatial streams (4ss), has a dual concurrent 4×4 mimo , 2.53 Gbps and, 15 dB Wifi interference mitigation, best in class channel selectivity etc..Using Beamflex+(another form of beamforming) ruckus reports increased in performance per client per transmission and mitigated co-channel interference. Ruckus r710 comes equipped with 4×4 mimo and 2.53 Gbps industry top. But we think this device is little overpriced. if your existant setup has rocks on it then this is a definite buy.

Designed for Ultra high-density places like universities, public venues, airports, auditoriums, etc. The QoS service is outstanding. Rockus provide up to four software ques per client stations. Which we didn’t find in another device. Integrated NAT and DHCP provide simple pnp operation and easy device multiplication.As this is an enterprise-class, expect this to be used well in public places with hostile environment or where QoS is inevitable like mixed usage voice and data together


Through put 2.53 Gbps
MIMO: 4×4 with 4SS
Antennas: 8 omni directional downtilt antennas
Maximum gain: 6 dbi
Power max: 25 W 803.2 of PoE+
Reciever sensitivity :up to -104 dBm transmit power : 28 dBm
Roaming: L3 roaming
Tunneling: L2TP, PPPoE
QoS: DSCP; Software Ques: Per WLAN priority (2), Per traffic type (4), per client
Firewall: L2 L7 (Automatic, heuristics and TOS based or VLAN-defined)

Beamforming, Beamfelx+( improves signal reception of mobile devices) sensitivity down to -104 dBm.The R710’s BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna system is also equipped with dual polarization antennas, allowing the access point to adapt to the physical orientation of client devices and maximize uplink performance. The sensitivity of antennas is best in class impressive down to -104 db!!

2.Cisco Meraki MR72mr72_32_medium

This IP 67 rated merakiMR72 from Cisco is designed for outdoor usage. It’s a combination of Meraki ease of use with sleek whether proof industrial design. Provides all the features of previous Meraki mr42 Except that this device is 2×2 mimo with max 1.2gbps throughput. With the help of antennas high gain directional antennas, Cisco showed two Meraki devices can communicate up to 20 km

Equipped with the dedicated antenna for security, spectrum analysis, firewall applications, Radio frequency optimization and beamforming. Designed and tested for salt spray, vibration, extreme thermal conditions, shock and dust, making it ideal for extreme environments. Meraki MR72 is Ideal for outdoor use like in warehouse, factories, construction site or indoor use like in typical office. Or you can use it for long distance communication with external antennas

Location analytics measures visit length, repeat visit rates and reports on trends over time by location. It’s easy to enable location services with built-in Beacon (Bluetooth Low Energy) support for more proactive customer engagement. Your app with beacon or iBeacon recognition functionality can guide your customer through retail establishments or directly to product information.

[Advanced VPN and firewall: Key Advantage of Meraki including the previous model as explained is the ease of setting up. Site to site VPN can be implemented via the single click, eliminating command line or multi-step permission procedures Auto-Tunneling VPN Technology Leveraging the Meraki cloud architecture, Meraki cloud management automatically tunnels, and configures devices to eliminate the complexity seen in traditional VPN setups.]

Wireless AP’s will continue to pass traffic even after the license expires. Configuration changes will not be possible anymore but the config that existed on the AP’s when the license expired will continue to operate.

Throughput 1.2 Gbps
Power: 13.87 W 803.2 of PoE
Reciever sensitivity :up to -90 dBm
Transmit power: up to 19 dBm
Roaming: Layer 2 and layer 3 roaming
QoS: DSCP and L7 firewall
Tunneling: L2TP, PPPoE

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