The market is full of gaming pc cases of all sizes, colors, and shapes, so it can be quite difficult to find the one that best suits our needs. Therefore, the ideal is that you first decide what type of system you want to assemble and what components will make it up.

Once you have clear these points, it’s time to look for your case. To help you with this task, in this article you can find the best PC cases, divided by type: full tower pc case, semi tower case, best Micro ITX case, and best Mini ITX case.

Best Full ATX Cases

1. Cooler Master HAF X – The best full tower pc case

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This is a box aimed at high-end configurations, with plenty of space for all the hardware you might need, but without reaching the end of the Corsair 900D. With capacity for seven fans (four already included) and enough space for the liquid cooling circuit you want, it is able to keep the system at low temperatures without problems. If we add its dust filters and its dedicated air duct to the graphics cards, we have one of the best PC cases for cooling.

It has six bays of 5.25 “, five of 3.25” and two of 2.5 “, to connect all the hard drives, SSD, controllers for fans and others that you need. Of these, two are SATA ports that allow the installation of the units from the outside, without the need to open the side panel.

The arrangement of all the compartments makes it very easy to assemble the components and have all the cables well collected, which also contributes its fastening system with rubber.

It is built in metal, with a side window, and sits on rubber pads, with the possibility of installing wheels (useful if you move the case a lot, given its size).

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2. Corsair Carbide Clear 600C

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The Corsair Carbide Clear 600C provides an elegant and sober appearance with a solid construction and high-quality materials. It has the peculiarity that it has an inverted design: the motherboard is rotated 180 degrees and the graphics card is face down. In addition, the power supply, which has been going down for a while, is located above. And as a result, the removable panel is placed on the left (you located opposite) and the components also have an inverted layout.

The aim of all this is to improve the airflow, but as a side effect it allows us to see through the window (panoramic) side our graphics card on the opposite side to the usual, that is, the fans.

Intentions aside, this case also has other features that make it highly recommended: a quiet operation, enough space for virtually any configuration (up to four graphics and two radiators), a total of seven bays and eight expansion ports.

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3. Thermaltake Chaser A71

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This case is a cheaper option than the previous ones and is ideal for the average gamer, who needs a complete case in which to assemble a good configuration.

Its design allows a comfortable management of the wiring and a good cooling. It comes with four fans: three of 200mm and one of 120mm, being able to add a quarter. And lovers of liquid cooling will also find no problems when it comes to coupling almost any system.

One of its most striking features is that it has a canopy at the intersection between the top and the front where the I / O panel is located, making it easier to access. Also in the upper area, we have a hard disk port with which we can instantaneously install a 2.5 “or 3.5” unit. In addition, it has another nine bays.

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Best ATX Mid-Tower PC Cases

4. Fractal Design Define R5

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Fractal Design Define R5 is one of the best-kept and best-built boxes in the market. With a minimalist and elegant design, with strategically placed acoustic absorbent material covers, Moduvent panels to cover the exits of fans that we will not use and its fans also designed to produce as little noise as possible.

This box is not specially designed to accommodate extreme configurations, but still offers more space than a medium half, with capacity for graphics cards up to 440 mm in length and heatsinks up to 180 mm high.

The front has a window behind which the front fan hides and two bays of 5.25 “, and that also helps to keep the noise level low. In addition to these two bays, includes another eight 3.5 “or 2.5”, which can be removed or relocated in different positions, and two of 2.5 “dedicated for SSD. For its part, the number of extension slots rises to seven.

You can find it with or without a side window.

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5. NZXT Phantom 410

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This is a case that despite having some years old, is still as recommendable as the first day. It is a box of contained size, very consistent and especially recommended for users who are going to assemble a PC for themselves for the first time, thanks to its easy assembly and without tools.

Despite not being a very large model, it has enough space for graphics cards and heatsinks for large CPUs, and its three standard fans, with space to install another five, ensure a good temperature. In addition, it has a speed controller for up to four of these fans.

Nor does it fall short in terms of a number of expansion slots, with seven, or bays, with three external 5.25 “(accessible by opening the front door) and six internal 3.5” / 2.5 “. Of the latter, it is possible to remove four to have more space for the graphics.

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6. Corsair Carbide 100R

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If you’re short on budget, this Corsair Carbide 100R is one of the most interesting options. It is the most economical model of Corsair and is available in two versions: standard and silent.

Its design is elegant and discreet, so it is suitable not only for gaming PCs but also for home and office systems. Despite its low price, it presents a good construction quality, although the interior space is not too wide. However, you will not have problems to mount a medium configuration with mATX board, a graphics card and a small or medium size heat sink. It also supports ATX type plates, but in that case, it can be a more difficult task to fit all the components.

At a sound and thermal level, the Corsair Carbide 100R behaves more than decently. The normal version comes with a 120mm fan and the Silent Edition with two, and both have a total of five mounting points to add others.

The silent edition also comes with speed control function and insulating materials on the sides, top, and back.

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Best Micro-ITX Cases

7. Corsair Carbide Air 240

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The Corsair Carbide Air 240 is a compact and exquisitely constructed Micro-ATX box that can house really powerful gaming equipment with good cooling options. We can, for example, install two 240 mm radiators, or a radiator and two high-performance graphics cards. Of course, if we opt for an air heater, we must be careful that it is not too high, as it only supports models up to 120 mm.

The air flow that they have obtained from Corsair is also worth noting, and in fact, they have chosen to baptize it for something. The interior is divided into two compartments: one for the processor and the graphics card, which are the components that generate more heat, and another for the disks and the power supply. In this way, and with the help of its three fans installed, the temperature at pretty decent levels even with the serial heatsink.

However, as for noise, this is not the quietest box in the world, although at no time it becomes very annoying.

The case can be placed in three different positions: standard, inverted or as a desktop case, and in this way the cooling possibilities also vary.

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8. Cooler MasterCase Pro 3

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Cooler Master offers innumerable functionalities in this model, in which some cases are not even present in their older “brothers”. The flexibility is one of its most characteristic factors, and thanks to a modular design and numerous elements can be repositioned or removed. In this way, we can play with the airflow and leave more space for the components that interest us the most. For example, it is capable of housing up to eight hard drives and two large graphics cards.

The Cooler MasterCase Pro 3 also does a great job in keeping temperatures at bay. It includes two 140 mm fans, one front, and one rear, and supports up to four more. There is also enough space for a good liquid cooling system since radiators up to 280 mm can be mounted.

The quality of construction, as usual with Cooler Master, is magnificent. Much of the chassis is made of steel, with a mesh panel on the front and a large tempered glass side window. It also has an anti-dust filter for the power supply.

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9. Thermaltake Core V21

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The Thermaltake Core V21 chassis comes in a cube shape with numerous customization options. The base plate can be placed horizontally or vertically, and the panels are interchangeable, so it is possible to leave the side of the window where it suits us best. Likewise, we can also locate the fans and radiators in different points, while the I / O panel can also be located in three different places.

This box also allows you to stack another envelope in order to communicate and thus have a double case equipment, although we assure you that with one unit it is more than enough for almost any Micro-ITX or Mini-ITX system, thanks to its 2.5 “/ 3.5” removable and its design in cameras.

We also found a front fan of 200 mm pre-installed, which is impressive in a box of this size. If it falls short, we have the capacity for no less than five radiators or eleven fans.

Finally, the materials and the quality of construction are not as premium as in other more expensive models, but still includes accessories that are to be appreciated, such as anti-dust magnetic filters. All this makes it one of the best options for those who seek to assemble a small and economic team.

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Best Mini-ITX Cases

10. Fractal Design Nano S

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This box is relatively large for its form factor, which makes it ideal for those who want to assemble a computer with a good cooling system, either liquid or air.

In addition to the space available, Fractal has also made a great effort to maintain low noise levels. This is achieved by covering the panels of absorbent material and providing the module with the power supply with anti-vibration material. And it also helps the design of the two fans that come installed, belonging to the Dynamic series.

The assembly of the components is very simple, and there is plenty of space and many fasteners that help keep the wiring in order.

In the end, our preferred Mini-ITX boxes depend to a large extent on the available budget. The first is somewhat more expensive, but also more robust, and supports larger graphics. The Fractal box, on the other hand, is cheaper and also quieter.

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11. Thermaltake Suppressor F1

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Thermaltake is another of the manufacturers that offer a wide range of interesting cases, such as this Thermaltake Suppressor F1, which has a simplistic design in the form of a cube and is suitable for almost any pocket.

It has interchangeable symmetrical panels, which allows us to change the configuration at our whim, and install the window where we want, to be able to see some components or others.

Despite its small size, the space is very well used, thanks to its design: in the lower, we find the power supply and wiring; in the upper one, designed to maintain a low temperature, the rest of the components.

In addition, space can be further managed by removing or installing its modules for hard drives. With them installed, the total of units that can be installed is four while the maximum length of the graphics card (supports two) is 240 mm

It has installed a large 200 mm front fan and two 80 mm rear turbofans. The cooling can also be completed with a liquid system, with a radiator of up to 140 mm.

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We hope this guide helps you choose your case for PC. And, although it may seem a secondary factor and that is limited to the aesthetic field, the choice of a good box will allow you to enjoy a quieter computer, with better ventilation and with more expansion options in the future.

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