Most ergonomic chairs are designed in a way to accommodate an average frame. If you are short in stature (under 5’3” for women and under 5’8” for men) you need to look at certain factors like seat depth, height, seat pad width etc, while picking an ergonomic chair.

Lets look at some of the important features while buying Office Chair for short people.

Seat Height: The seat height of an average office chair is adjustable between 18”-22”. In the case of short people, it can be lowered to 18” or even lower.

Seat Depth: It is too difficult for short people who use seat pan which is too deep. The seat depth should be around 18” or less and it should also be depth adjustable to allow further personalization.

Armrests and Lumbar Support: Armrests should be adjustable in all ways so that it will bring closer to your body. Depth adjustable lumbar support is necessary for the full back support.

#1 Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Short People ($100 to $1000) 10

One of the best in the business and high quality assured one Herman Miller Aeron comes in three categories namely A, B & C. ‘A’ category is mainly designed for short people with a height of 38.5”. The Aeron has a stylish design and is solid, comfortable ergonomic chair that you can spend for more hours.
One of the best feature with Aeron is the mesh material which is flexible, breathable and supportive for long hours. The lumbar support is excellent with the balanced recline function which helps you to have more comfort to your back. The lumbar support is adjustable and a user-friendly feature, especially combined with the PostureFit SL design. You can adjust the lumbar any way you want to for increased support.

While comparing to others Aeron comes with adjustable armrests, soft arm pads which are comfortable and supportive. In addition to this it comes with optional forward tilt option which inclines you forward so your back will be straight while typing.


• Comfortable Mesh Material
• Comes fully assembled
• Arm Rest Comfort
• Optional Posture Fit lumbar adjustment
• Optional forward Tilt option


• Few Color Option
• Mesh could be firm for some users

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#2 Steelcase Amia Task Chair

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Perfect one for short people with its ultra robust lumbar support, versatile range of height adjustments, to seat pan width and depth that are tailor made for shorter people, this will meet all your requirements.

How it differs from others or the hallmark feature is the Livelumbar mechanism in the chairs back rest. It means it can be adjustable to your specific frames like seat depth, (15.5-18.5”) and a flexible seat edge, pressure reliever of your back legs etc and the seat width is narrower than other chairs (19.25”).

The lowest point of height range is 16” which is adjustable and flexible with the back rest system.

Bit pricy while comparing to others, but the above feature will definitely pay back with satisfying your needs.


• Livelumbar technology, perfect seat height and dimensions for shorter people
• Armrests adjust 4 ways for full comfort and even weight distribution on shorter frames
• Weight tested and can hold up to 300 lbs.


• Bit Expensive.

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#3 Modeway Thrive Mesh Drafting Chair

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Short People ($100 to $1000) 12

One of the best for standing desks at the same time it has no compromise on ergonomic safety and lumbar support for short people.

The height adjustment is in the range between 20-28” from seat to floor. If it seems not comfortable for a short person there’s an adjustable foot ring to keep you stable and ensure proper posture.

The chair can swivel up to 360° and it comes with Five dual-wheel casters, which means you can multitask and transfer between multiple work surfaces with minimal effort. The seat size is 16” and one drawback is that it is not adjustable. The width is 18” and dense padding properly contains a smaller frame, ensuring you won’t suffer any circulation issues in the thighs.


• Breathable mesh back with lumbar
• Large height range makes it perfect for standing and regular desks alike
• Height adjustable foot ring


• Seat is not adjustable

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#4 SitRite Ergonomic Children Chair

It’s mainly designed for kids, but if you are short like a teenager, this might just be the perfect office chair for you. The seat height adjustment, the seat can be lowered to 16.7″, there is a detachable foot ring to further decrease the resting distance for your feet to less than 14″.

The seat has a width of of 17.5″ between the armrests and the depth is adjustable, but at its shortest setting is around 15.5″. It you are 5′ or shorter this chair would help to sort out your problems.

Couple of drawbacks for SitRite chair like the armrests are not adjustable, the backrest does not tilt, which is an asset for releasing back tension.

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• Perfect for short adults that are also really petite
• Small seat with adjustable seat depth
• Detachable foot ring that lowers seat height to 14″


• Not suitable for regular sized adults that are short
• Backrest does not tilt
• Armrests narrow and not adjustable

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#5 NBF Faux Leather Petite Office Chair

NBF is one of the best choice for a shorter person with the height of the chair can be lowered to all the way down to 18″. In line with this the seat depth is 17″ which makes it a perfect choice.

Green Guard certified one, means all the materials meet low emission standards for better health and the comes with very soft and easy clean PU leather.

The backrest comes with tension and tilt lock control to bring healthy movement to your back which provides excellent lumbar support.

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• Low seat height and depth for short people
• Thick cushioning for eco-friendly PU leather
• Tilt tension and lock control

• Seat depth isn’t adjustable
• Some customers complain the backrest is too short for them.

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