If you are looking a guide for how to buy the best TV Soundbar here we go..Who needs a Soundbar? Everyone who owns a HDTV can add a soundbar to the unit to enhance the audio output. For this purpose, you can also use traditional home theater systems or bookshelf speakers or even portable Bluetooth speakers. But soundbars have some major benefits over the above mentioned audio systems to go with HDTV. Read more to find out the best tv soundbar.

Benefits of using a Soundbar

  • Upgrade the default TV audio

Soundbars brings more volume and fullness to the TV audio output thereby delivering clear dialogues and better sound clarity.

  • Even volume

Volume leveling feature (most of them have this) ensures even volume level despite of the program or ad. This feature is very useful in late night watching which prevents disturbing those who sleep in next rooms.

  • Clutter-free

Soundbars are clutter-free and take up less space. They generally are sleek and slim which go well with HDTVs and your living room. Adding a soundbar to the system makes it more beautiful rather than bulky.

  • Plug and Play

Plug n Play interface. Most soundbars are very easy to set up. You don’t need any technical knowledge, don’t have to buy a receiver, don’t have to hurdle with all the wires jangling around, that’s really a big relief.

  • Simulated Surround Sound

Simulated surround sound. Multichannel soundbars can ‘almost’ simulate the effect of a traditional true surround sound system which gives you the advantage of wireless 3D audio. But ‘almost’ has its importance. A soundbar can never really replace the sound quality of a Hi-Fi home theater system. But everything has its pros and cons. You can decide what you want; Convenience or better sound quality or a balance of both at a higher price.

  • 2 in 1 Music System

Soundbars can be used as a convenient music player too. Most of the models these days come with versatile connectivity such as USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can play from any streaming service or personal music library with the smart phone or tablet. Multi-room speaker systems have the advantage of pairing with soundbars to fill your whole house with music.

How to choose a soundbar?

Choosing the best TV soundbar depends on many factors. Ask these questions to yourself before taking a decision.

How big is your TV and which room is it situated?

You will need a larger soundbar for large TVs and large room (example: living room). It’s that simple. A Soundbar should not be larger than TV lengthwise. Smaller soundbars can be used along with small HDTVs in bedrooms or with a PC.

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Do you want a simple budget-friendly soundbar or immersive home theater system?

If your aim is to just amplify the sound of the TV, low-cost soundbars are enough. It won’t take too much of space too. If you want perfect sound clarity for your favorite movies and games, you should consider high-end models with surround sound. Choose a wireless soundbar like Sonos playbar along with wireless Sonos play speakers to build ultimate home audio system for music, movies, and games.

Do you want a soundbar or soundbase(pedestal type)?

Soundbars, the traditional type can be substituted with speaker base or pedestal type. While soundbars can be wall mounted or placed in front of the TV (for which it may block the remote sensor of the TV sometimes), sound bases sits under the TV (takes up even lesser space and do not block TV’s sensor).

Do you want it with or without a subwoofer?

Soundbars without subwoofer are cheap but lack that deep bass effect. I will always prefer a music system with subwoofer. If you choose a wireless sub, that’s even better.

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Other Factors


Since this thing is going to be in your living room, it should look good. But everyone has their own preference. So it’s all up to you.


First, check your TV’s outputs. You should pick right connections when buying a soundbar as these have a lot of them like HDMI, optical digital, analog (for old TVs), wireless Bluetooth… If you want to connect multiple devices like Blu-ray player, game consoles etc. look for multiple HDMI ports. If you own a 4K HDTV, look for 4K video compatible soundbars.


This applies to every product, not just soundbars. Try to buy from a trustworthy manufacturer. Most of them provide 1 year warranty but some have 2 years or more. Company reputation and their after sales service are more important than warranty. So pick wisely.

Choosing the best TV soundbar depends on many factors. Ask these questions to yourself before taking a decision.How big is your TV and which room is it situated?

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