Install Wall Speaker In Living Room

If you are looking to how to install speakers in your living room you are at the right place. Here we guide you through different types of speakers that is suitable for your living room.

Do you want to equip your living room with a wall speaker, but can’t seem to choose from the different models offered?

Which speaker model matches your living room?

How to determine the quality / price ratio? 

Before buying a speaker for your living room, it is important to define your needs and think about the location for the installation of this speaker in the room.

Whether you are a layman, a gamer or a professional in audio equipment, installing a wall speaker correctly is a concern for everyone. In fact, whether it is a home cinema, a stereo system or a multiroom to integrate into the ceiling or in the walls, the positioning of a speaker should meet your needs perfectly.

If you have a good layout for the speakers, you benefit from a real home theater for your movie evenings while optimizing the use of space.

Whether your room is rectangular, whether or not it has reinforcements, whether a part is L-shaped, whether there are furniture or bay windows, it is easy to install a wall speaker in your living room.

The installation of your wall speaker must meet the following criteria: a good choice of location for the speaker, a good choice of wall mount, secure the wall mount and take the necessary precautions.

How to choose the location of the speaker in the living room?

The preferred location for audio speakers  varies depending on the type of speaker. To help you here is a detailed guide for each type.

HIFI speaker

If you only have a pair of speakers (stereo listening), I recommend that you create an equilateral triangle. This type of speaker is called conventional HIFI. The distance between the two speakers must be equivalent to the distance between the two listening positions. In order to obtain the most perfect sound listening possible, I recommend that you place the speakers as far as possible from the rear wall.

It is not always easy to respect this instruction, in this case, I recommend that you place the HIFI speakers on shelves. 

If your speaker is portable, the problem obviously does not arise !

Home cinema speaker

The installation of a Home cinema is problematic because we no longer have two speakers, but six speakers to which we must add a subwoofer.

The diagram to follow is as follows: respect an angle of 30 ° with the main speakers, the central speaker must be placed under the screen or behind in the case of a video projector. This arrangement is better because the central speaker is intended for dialogues and the sound will be more coherent if it comes from the screen.

Image result for six speakers arrangement

I recommend that you place the four speakers as follows. Right side (Rs), left side (Ls), rear right (Rb) and rear left (Rs). If this arrangement is impossible, place the side and rear speakers back to back. Tthe rear speakers must be facing backward and the side speakers facing forward.

Built-in speaker

The different arrangements detailed above have the distinction of occupying too much space in the living room. If you want more discretion, I recommend using the built-in speakers.

Ideally, you should have them on the ceiling and on each side of your sofa. In the case where the placement will be shifted backward, use the adjustable tweeter. It comes with almost all in-ceiling speakers.

If you choose to use the built-in speakers on all five speakers, some adjustments are necessary. You must install the front and center speakers at the same level behind the trans-sound projection screen, or have them on either side of your flat screen. There are built-in models for the subwoofer.

Depending on the size, I recommend that you embed them in the floor or in the partitions. You can multiply the built-in subwoofers since they no longer occupy the room.

Wall speakers

They represent a compromise with previous installations. Wall speakers, which come in a wide variety and models, are thin panels to be attached to the wall. They have the advantage of freeing up space and ensuring good sound distribution because of their height. For the location, I recommend that you choose a part of the wall where the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the speakers.

fix speaker wall

How to choose the wall mount for speakers?

If you want to hang your speaker in a practical way, I recommend using the wall mount. It is the most compact solution. Once attached to the wall, you can enjoy the space freed up. You must ensure that the maximum load of the enclosure is not greater than that of the support. As an alternative to the wall mount, there is the speaker mount. The wall speaker stands are very useful: they promote better listening quality and provide optimal installation of the speakers. Place the wall mount at ear height of the seated listener so that the speakers play the ideal music. Thus placed, the broadcast sound comes entirely from the speakers. You should prefer the adjustable and tilting supports. They allow you to send the sound exactly in the desired direction. The speaker stands are attractive. They facilitate the integration of the speakers in the living room and free up space on the floor.

How to fix the wall support and the precautions to take?

To fix them, I recommend using a drill and hiding the wires in the wall or using a ceiling strip.

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