best professional laminators

5 Best Laminators for Home and Office

best professional laminators

Best Laminators for Office and Home

Before choosing the laminators, let it be for home or office use, you have to understand which technology in lamination really suits your need. This will make your investment cost-effective.

Majorly there are two technologies through which the laminations process is carried out. The first one is thermal laminators. These type of laminators heats the laminating film and then seals the document. The other method is cold laminating. In this method, the laminating film and the document is pressed together and made to blend.

So now having a rough idea of the working of laminators let us look into some of the best laminators in the market, which can give more efficient returns for your investment.

Office & Home Laminators – The Best List

Scotch TL1306 Thermal

This is one of our favorite laminators. The reason for this lies in its size, which is decent and it can work on varying thickness of films. One major thing worth mentioning is its lightning fast warm-up speed which results in brilliant laminating speed also.

This laminator comes with and a light indicator which helps you understand when the device is warmed and ready to go. This machine has the capability of laminating up to 18 inches per minute. The device has a unique feature of getting turned off when not used for more than one hour. This feature helps in energy management. This device is equipped with mechanisms which prevent your documents from damaging. The LED touch controls also add to the class that this machine carries.


Surely this laminator is our favorite with it’s impressive warm up and laminating speed which no other laminator can offer. But a second thought will come into our mind by hearing that this machine does not come with a warranty. Also, the price tag of this device is a little bit heavy. So if a speedy process is your priority then you can surely go with this device.

Price Range: $120 – $150

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Swingline GBC Fusion 3000L

This is another laminator which has a good warm-up time. It has well-sorted notification systems, which gives you the needed information about this device’s status. The laminating speed of this device is also pretty good for helping you to get some speedy outputs.

The laminating speed of this machine is 19 inches per minute, which is quite good for an efficient laminating machine. It also comes with an audible alert system for helping you to identify when the machine is ready to laminate. The largest document that can be laminated on this device is limited to 9 inches. There another alert system equipped in this device to let you know if there is any jam in the device during its working. It also comes up with an option of cold lamination.


This device comes with a host of features which is very much essential for an ideal laminating device. Hence, a person who invests in this model will never disappoint himself. The price at which this device comes is also compelling. The only drawback that this device posse is regarding the size of the laminating document. Otherwise, this device will be a worthy investment.

Price Range: $120 – $150

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Amazon Basics Thermal Laminator

This device weighs only about 2.5 pounds which makes it lightweight and portable. It takes 4 minutes to warm up. But once the device gets warmed up, and then there will not much of hiccups in the process. This device allows you to laminate documents ranging from letters to photos.

In this device, you will have the option of two temperature settings. This enables you to select the optimum heating temperature for the documents that you laminate. That is if the document that you are laminating is of normal size then you can go for 3 mil setting. Which will give a higher temperature when you compare it with the temperature for thin documents. And if the document is thinner then you can go for 5 mil setting.


Amazon basics thermal laminator is compact and comes in handy to travel places with it. If the use of this device is in office or school, then this is a wise investment. But if you want to laminate some large documents or you want some speedy lamination then investing in this device may disappoint you. The price at which this comes is also very much pocket friendly. Hence analyze your needs and then if the needs demand the above said specifications then you can go for it.

Price Range: $10 – $30

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Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator

The people at scotch exactly know what specifications will give a tidy looking laminator. The Scotch pro thermal laminator is an example of that. It comes up with indicator lights, two temperature settings, no- jam technology; it also laminates at a speed of 15 inches per minute. Let’s get into the details of each of these features.

This device has an inbuilt indicator which allows you to identify when the machine has warmed up. Usually, this device takes 5 minutes as warm up time. There is two temperature settings in this device. For different pouches having varying thickness, we can use one among the two temperature setting. This laminating machine also consists of power saving facility. That is it gets switches off for more than 1 hour of inactivity. It has hidden cord storage, folding tray and a carry handle.


For a person who is looking for a laminator which is handy, portable and which has a large amount of add on features, then this is the right choice. This device has many features and adds on that many of its competitors don’t have. But when it comes to the pricing section, Scotch PRO thermal laminator is surely on the costly side.

Price Range: $20 – $50

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GBC Pinnacle 27 Ezload Thermal Roll

This laminator surely stands out of the crowd with its ability to laminate large documents. The maximum document width that this laminator can laminate is documents with 27 inches width. So laminating large posters and large prints will not be a problem for you if you have this laminator in your possession. It has most of the features that a laminator should have. Temperature control for the heating element, automatic shut down technology, jam removal mechanisms. Nam e it and you have it in this device. We can get into the detailed view of each these aspects in the features section.

This machine has temperature buttons which allows you to select the temperature for the heating element.  This device is compatible only with films which are up to 3mm thick. This implies that this machine is not suitable for thick laminations you may already know the use of energy conservation mechanisms and this machine has not left out this mechanism. This laminator takes 8- 10 minutes to get warmed up. But once it is warmed up then it can laminate at a speed of 10 inches per minute. The EZ load technology that this machine has enables you to load the documents on to the machine precisely.


The only drawback that this model has when comparing with its competitors is that, this machine is not good for thick laminations. So for laminating thick documents, you should probably look for other laminating machines. In all other sense we find it the right laminating device and hence you can go on with it. Also, give a good look at the price also as big laminations does not come with small prices.

Price Range: $800 – $1200

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Bluesmart 3 in 1 OL299 Laminator

This device delivers more than what a simple laminator can deliver. This device can also perform the functions of a rotary paper trimmer and a corner rounder. The carefully included two roller system also helps the user to get rid of bubbles and wrinkles in laminating documents. There is also a jam release button which helps you to release jammed papers within a fraction of a minute. Let’s get to know this amazing device more closely in the features section.

As mentioned earlier the paper trimmer included in the device can help you to cut the paper straight, wavy edge or perforated. We would like to say this is an artistic inclusion into the device. The machine can perform both hot and cold lamination. In the case of hot lamination, the machine will take a maximum of 5 minutes to get heated up. There is an LED indicator light which helps you to understand when the device is ready to go.


On the whole, this device is fun to work with. It has many add-on features which could amaze you. They have aggressively priced the device which makes it even more attractive. We find not much of a reason to make you not to buy it as everything was there which a laminator would want.

Price Range: $20 – $50

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5 Best Professional Laminators

best professional laminators

Best Professional Laminators

When laminators are bought for your office or to your school, the amount of work that this will take up will be humongous. So if you are in the process of finding out the best laminator that will give you the maximum value for money, then you should not miss this article. In this article, we will be giving different regions on selecting a laminator which decides the performance of the laminator. On the basis of this performance area, we will also give you top 5 laminators which can give you a high productivity.

The Performance Points

So let’s get into the details of performance areas where a laminator should distinguish it. The first and foremost area where a laminator should show its worth is the heating time that it will take. During our research, we have found that a laminator having a heating time of fewer than 5 minutes can be taken into a good laminator category. In our list of recommendations, we will be giving you laminators which will have the heating time of fewer than 3 minutes. Those laminators having a heating time of more than 8 minutes should not be considered as that will severely affect your productivity.

jam Reduction Technology

Jamming up of documents is a severe problem in laminators. But now certain manufacturers have put up some serious research into this subject and have come up with some useful technologies. This will help you from not damaging your documents. So while going for a laminator shopping don’t give away the laminator jam reduction mechanism.

Hot and Cold Lamination

There are two types of lamination techniques. They are lamination by heating the pouches and lamination by just applying pressure on the pouches. For cold lamination, the pouches used will also be different, as they will have self-adhesive nature. These two types of lamination are to be done according to the thickness of the document. In an office or school, we cannot predict the type of document that comes up for lamination. So it is always better to have a laminator which can do both kinds of lamination.

Laminating Speed

Before buying a laminator you will have an estimate of work that this laminator will have once it is purchased. So give importance to the speed at which the laminator laminates. Usually, the speed of lamination is measured at inches/minute. Some of the fastest laminators will have a speed of 9inches per minute. This is of the fastest laminators. But once you have the estimate of what work your laminator will have.  You can easily decide on what speed a laminator should have. and this will significantly help you optimizing the price of the laminator according to your need.

Auto Cut Off Technology

Power saving is another important feature that a device in the office or school should have. This feature will automatically shut down your device if it is idle for more than a specified period of time. Usually, this time is 1 hour, and it can vary on different devices. This auto cut off technology will help you significantly in reducing the power consumption. So you will always have to look into the auto cut off technology. In addition to that can also look into the indication light features, which will help you understand whether the device is ready for lamination.

If you give importance to the above-mentioned criteria, then your selection for a good laminator can be made simple and cost-effective. The following section gives you some suggestions, as we find these laminators best in performance for office or school usage.

Professional Laminators – The Best List

Fellowes Laminator Saturn3i 125 – The Best

This is yet another stylish device from Fellowes.  This device all the features to rate it high in the performance but the application of these features are in a basic way. So this device is less sophisticated than the other devices in this list. It has a jam prevention lever which will help you stop the lamination process if any jamming occurs. And you can restart your process within few minutes. This device also has a hat and cold lamination options. Thus, helps you to laminate more wide range of documents. It also has an auto cut off and also has mechanisms that will prevent it from overheating.

This device provides almost all the features that a top end laminator will give you. But ease of using these features will be a little low as they have employed all this in a basic manner. But this has surely reflected in the price tag that it carries and when you read all these together, this device will be a good investment.

Price Range: $80- $100

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APACHE AL9 9” – Cheap and Best

This laminator comes first on our list because of its high build quality. The motors and other components used in this laminator are durable and also reliable. It has a sleek design which can even fit into your drawer. This device has LED indication for understanding the status of the machine. It also has a unique ABS jam protection system which worked well for protecting the documents during our test runs. This device also comes with 4 roller system. So it is suitable for the user to perform both hot and cold lamination. The time that this machine takes for heating up is about 1 minute. The documents that can be laminated in this device can range from business cards to documents of the size of a4 sheets.

So, on the whole, this laminator will give all the necessary options that a laminator in office or school should have. And hence this laminator will be a good investment.

Price Range: $15 – $25

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Scotch Thermal Laminator – Best Below $50

Scotch is a well-known name in the office supply segment. And hence there is no wonder that the laminator that they produce comes into our list. The main reason that this laminator has found a place in our list is that of its nearly 0 jam free working. We have tested this laminator for quite some time and jamming has occurred very rarely. Despite the fact that it does not possess two modes of laminating this particular feature has impressed us very much. This laminator also heats up very quickly and hence you can take this device out and start laminating within few minutes after plugging it on.

If hassle-free lamination is our priority then you should go forward with this option of laminating device. As this will not take your valuable time for correcting jams issues and hence the productivity will surely be increasing.

Price Range: $30 – $50

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Fellowes Laminator Venus 2 125 – Top Class Performance

This is yet another innovative laminator from the Fellowes family. The inclusion of auto-detecting system for documents is simply impressive. With this technology, the laminator will identify the type of document inserted and then automatically sets the temperature for lamination. Thus it will give you perfect lamination without taking much of your time. This device also has a leer which helps you to realign any jammed documents. The heating time of this device is the shortest among the lot. Its speed is also pretty impressive. It can laminate documents of varying size, as it has an entry width of 12.5 inches.  It also has a tray in the back side which helps you to collect the documents. This can be very useful as the laminated documents will be protected from folding.

On the whole, this device will give you a good value for money with its fast heating up and laminate speeds. The drawbacks of these devices come at the heavy design that it poses, as it weighs 21 pounds. The price tag is also slightly on the higher side. So if you want some fast lamination for documents of varying size then you can go for it.

Price Range: $200 – $250

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Fellowes Laminator Callisto 95

This laminator comes with a modern colour scheme for its body. This will help in attracting your attention towards it. As the style of this device, the performance is also pretty good. It has both the hot and cold lamination features. But in the manual, the manufacturers have forgotten to add how to use the cold lamination. Looks like you will have figured it out yourself. It has light and sound notification system, which will help you understand when the device is ready to laminate. The auto cut off feature helps in reducing your power consumption. It also has the feature to protect your documents from jamming.

One thing that has to be kept in mind is that there should enough space behind the space while using this device as the laminated documents will be rolled out in that direction. One thing that this device has, which keeps it out of the crowd is the variable temperature setting. The user can adjust the temperature of the lamination process, which most of its competitors do not have.

So when the question comes of buying this device, you should give your thought to the fact that, this machine gives a few hiccups while heating up. In every other sense, this machine is on par with its competitors. The build quality is good and also this device is capable of giving a good aesthetic value to your office.

Price Range: $100- $125

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