best soundbar under 300

12 Best Soundbar under 300, 500 – Wireless Soundbar Reviews

best soundbar under 300

The biggest problem with flat TVs is its sound. In most models – even the most expensive – the sound they bring from the factory leaves a lot to be desired. Its normal brands have to decide between integrating good TV speakers or design increasingly flat screens. This has several drawbacks: the mainone is that most of these TVs project the sound backward, so a lot of audio quality is lost. Luckily, install a sound bar it is a good solution to this problem and it will make you enjoy the movies in another way. The sound bars have arrived to make war on the old Home Cinema systems. With them, it is no longer necessary to fill the cable and speaker for your television.

What is a sound bar for TV? 

They are audio systems that are usually installed under the television and serve to improve their audio. They tend to be elongated and have a very attractive and discreet design, so they will not clash in your living room. . Especially as far as serious is concerned, most come with a subwoofer. Its size means that usually the subwoofer is external and you have to place it somewhere else. Although there are some soundbars that do not even offer the external subwoofer.  Of course, it is important that the speakers are of quality.

What is a sound base?

It is another audio system to get sparks from the sound of your television. The box is coarser, heavier, wider and deeper than the sound bar, but the bass is more powerful. And is that being larger, carries both the speakers and the subwoofer built into the same box. Of course, usually, do not provide a feeling so immersive because the projection of the audio is quite unidirectional. But you get off the wires in the living room. They are a little more expensive and among experts do not enjoy such a good reputation. However, from our point of view, if they are of good quality, like the ones we have selected in this comparison with the most powerful sound bases on the market, they are worth. Especially if you want to forget about the cables forever and have a device that gives you a lot of play (like listening to music), with good bass.

What is a home cinema 5.1 and 7.1?

They are superior quality audio systems that generally project excellent sound quality and bring the cinema audio quality to your home. The problem is that it is a scheme of speakers and subwoofer that are distributed in a specific way throughout the room and involves the burden of filling it with cables. They are also the most expensive systems. From our point of view, they are worth it to cover especially large rooms. They are more focused on the world of TV and film although they can be used to play music in an attractive way.

Do I need a sub-woofer for my soundbar?

As you will see the comparison with the best sound bars that we have selected, there are a few sound bars with the built-in subwoofer. This is because, as we have already told you, TV sound bars do not usually work well on bass. Therefore, it is not bad to incorporate a subwoofer into the system. So if you find a sound bar model with sub-woofer, do not panic. You are not paying for an extra that you are not going to use. In fact, it will come in handy.

In our comparison with the best soundbars, you will find everything: sound bars with external sub-woofer, others with integrated sub-woofer and some without sub-woofer. It is almost always better to have the sub-woofer out of the sound bar because it works better and projects the audio better. If you have space and do not mind, it is best to choose a soundbar that has an external sub-woofer. Although any soundbar on this list will work great, that small difference can make a difference.

Connections for the sound bars

The basic input is usually HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). It is a connection that you are sure you already use for your video game consoles.

HDMI works quite well. Not only does it allow you to use high-resolution codecs – such as Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio – that traditional optical outputs do not allow, it also offers higher sound quality. In addition, the cables are cheaper and more robust so they will surely last longer.

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

In both cases, the quality that we will extract to the sound will never be the same as through a traditional cable connection. Wireless networks have ups and downs, sometimes lose the signal or distort the sound. However, they are comfortable; they save the cables and give you more freedom of movement, so it can be a good way to listen to music or watch TV.

You should also need to know that not all sound bars come with built-in Bluetooth.  And although it can be a point in favor and gives more play, should not be the final element when deciding to make the purchase.

WiFi, on the other hand, seems like a more interesting option. Being able to connect the sound bar to your home’s internet network definitely opens up a world of new possibilities. As an example, having it connected to the smartphone through an application, some soundbars like the Sonos Playbar, need that connection to work 100% perfectly. Others, such as VIZIO, also take advantage of WiFi in your home and certain Google applications.

RMS power

The RMS power in the sound bars does not work the same as in the rest of the speakers. 

The RMS power is the measure used to know the power of an amplifier. It is the average and constant level of sound power. In short, it’s about how loud a speaker will sound at a certain volume level.

We have to take into account the power that goes into the amplifier, but also that which is capable of managing a speaker. This means that if a lot of power comes in but the speakers do not convert it well, the sound will be garish and not very detailed.  The good thing about sound bars is that this cannot happen to you since amplifiers and speakers are on the same equipment.

That’s why the sound bars have a total power, unlike the speakers. The problem is that many manufacturers do not indicate if the power is total (RMS), continuous or dynamic. You may find that in some bars we speak of RMS and in others of watts or Hz, this is because the manufacturers do not specify the detailed information. We just do not like it because it makes difficult to trust the information that brands provide you.

Length and size of a sound bar

Although they say that size does not matter, the reality is that it does matter. You would not be the first to open your Amazon order and find that the soundbar you have ordered is much larger than you thought. So much that it does not fit in the furniture … or protrudes … or is too short.

We wanted to include the length of our review to give you an idea of how each of these bars is and how much space they occupy. Of course, you will know that you have to measure the space that you have under your television before deciding on one or the other … Although of course, with the emotion of the purchase is something that is often forgotten.

And after this small guide, but very necessary for you to have some basic notions, we leave you with our comparison with the best soundbars we have selected so far…

Best Soundbars Under $300

#1 Bose Solo 5 TV -The Best Sound bar Under $200


Compact size, easy to install and use, universal control included, the voices sound are very clear.


It lacks a bit of punch, is not very dynamic, little sound space. Comes without a subwoofer.


If the sound bars were designed for people who do not have space for a Home Cinema 5.1 system, the Bose Solo 5 TV has been designed to fill the gap of people who do not have space for a soundbar. Surely it is about the most compact soundbars on the market. This bar of sound gives what it gives of itself and is designed for TVs of medium or small size (about 32 inches).

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Its design is completely simple. There is not much else, it is a compact sound bar perfect for small spaces, it does not matter if you put it under the TV or on the wall.

There are no buttons or levers that complicate its design; just a black grid on the front and black plastic on the sides. A simple design, but robust. The speakers are slightly aligned to spread the sound through the room and have an LED screen that shows all the information on the bar.


Unfortunately, its size is also its worst enemy. The size of your TV will make a difference in terms of sound; a small TV will benefit much more than a large one.

On any small TV – about 32 “- the Bose Solo 5 shows its cards quickly. Creates a good environment, substantially improves the volume of the TV and adds much brightness and clarity to the sounds. The voices are projected better and with much more clarity and the sound.

However, it does not go much further. The low sounds do not have the punch that one expects and you will notice the lack of a sub-woofer. There is an option to improve the basses, but in exchange, clarity in the midtones is sacrificed. Even with this option activated the basses are not as deep as we expect.


In terms of connectivity, Bose gives us what we expect for the price, including optical, coaxial and auxiliary inputs, as well as Bluetooth to play music from anywhere.


The Bose Solo 5 is a simple soundbar. It does not pretend very much, it improves the general sound of our televisions and, besides, it is very well on the table. It seems that in this case, Bose has not wanted to go further and has settled for that. There is not a great user experience and it is far behind compared to the other options on this list. As we have said, we believe it is the best option for small televisions or to improve the sound of televisions for a modest price.

#2 JBL Cinema SB350 – Best Sound bar for Movies

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Do you want a stylish soundbar primarily for the movies? Look no further. JBL Cinema SB350 is a classy soundbar with adjustable feet and glossy metallic finish. The front metal grill hides four 2.25 inch full range drivers and two 1.25 inch dome tweeters for a warm room-filling sound. The volume controls and power button are on the top which is easily accessible.

There is a separate wireless subwoofer enclosing 6.5-inch woofer with bass extension port in a matte finish enclosure. The soundbar is wall mountable and it has an EQ switch to optimize bass. JBL Cinema SB350 supports Dolby Digital but not DTS and it has a great virtual surround sound named as Harman Display Surround and Volume leveling feature named as Harman Volume. The connections available are HDMI out, optical in, Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, and USB.

For movie watching, this is a perfect soundbar as the blend between subwoofer and soundbar is excellent. You can notice the deep and powerful bass and the expanding virtual surround sound field. But one downside is that it doesn’t play music very well. The audio lacks that punch which you can easily notice if you test the Yamaha YAS 203. And for the price, JBL SB350 is an excellent soundbar for movie lovers but not a solution for an audiophile.

#3 Polk Audio Signa S1 – Best Minimalistic Sound bar


Affordable soundbar, Balanced and clean audio, Excellent subwoofer, Simulated Surround


No HDMI connectivity or Dolby Atmos


Simple and elegant soundbar which packs superior performance under $200.

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Polk Signa S1 is a simple sound bar with a wireless subwoofer which packs everything you can expect in a budget sound system. Even though it lacks HDMI or Dolby Atmos, the sound generated is top notch for both music and movies which makes this the best soundbar under $200.

The design is pretty simple and elegant with an all-black rectangle and black cloth grille with silver colored Polk logo on the right corner. The center part consists of four LEDs on top for power, volume, and source. You can hang the soundbar using a pair of keyhole mounts in the back.

The 13.5 by 6.6 by 12.2 inches subwoofer also is good looking and simple with glossy black outlook and black cloth front grille. The remote is a short, wide one which has dedicated source buttons, mute button and volume controls for both master volume and subwoofer. There are different buttons to easily select different audio modes like movie, music, night sound mode etc.

The Signa S1 has a lot of features for the price. It includes Bluetooth, Dolby Digital decoding and 5.1 simulation which gives surround effect etc. The wireless subwoofer delivers an excellent performance which provides powerful music. Ultra-low frequencies do not tremble with this 5.25-inch driver even at high volumes. Treble oriented music also sounded perfect without any distortion. For movies, the soundbar produces clear frequency response across the board giving each detail and dialogues with appropriate weight.

Compared to Sonos playbar, the Polk Signa S1 will not reach the perfection of Sonos, but S1 comes with a far lower price tag. For less than $200, one of the best soundbar you can get is the Signa S1 if HDMI connectivity is set aside.

Overall, the Polk Audio Signa S1 is an excellent value for money in the sub $200 section.

#4 LG SJ5 – 2018 model Discontinued – Upgraded Version is SN5Y


Good audio performance, good connectivity options. Good value for money. External subwoofer


It does not have NFC.


With a very good sound and high performance, the LG SJ5 soundbar is a great option. The Korean brand rarely disappoints and this sound bar is no exception.

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With the cube sub-woofer and the completely straight bar, LG SJ5 has a clean and very careful look. Both devices are compact so you will not have problems placing them anywhere in the house. In addition, the soundbar is as thin as a book, so it fits perfectly under any television, without disturbing the receiver of the remote control. It is a very elegant system that will undoubtedly become the center of all eyes in your living room.


The sound bar is very balanced and sounds good, even at very high volumes. Those 320 watts of power are noticed and they are enough to enjoy any movie or break the glasses of your house with your music.

The LG Auto Sound Engine optimizes sound and maintains precise frequencies, offering a balanced overall sound, even when you go over the volume. The sub-woofer works great and the bass tones are deep and enveloping, while the voices and mid tones are bright and clear.


All connections are in the back. One of the best things about this sound bar is that it has good connectivity; it has two HDMI outputs, an optical output, a 3.5 mm input and a USB port. One of the HDMI inputs comes equipped with ARC.


LG has accustomed us to good quality equipment and the SJ 5 soundbar is no exception. Play music in a big way and thanks to the careful balance of its sound, you can enjoy your movies as if you were inside the cinema. With a design that goes beyond what we have seen in the other models on the list, it is a safe bet. Good economic option, for less than € 300 you get a sound bar with excellent sound and connectivity. 

#5 JBL Boost TV – Compact Bluetooth Soundbar

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Extra compact design, bright and balanced sound, clear voices and dialogues.


Failure in the low, is not suitable for large spaces, does not have good distance.


The sound bars JBL are ideal for improving performance will your TV speakers. For many people, a sound bar and a sub-woofer can be too much, especially in small places. JBL has thought about them when building this hyper-compact sound bar.

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Small and flirtatious. The sound bar JBL Boost TV has a very good looking on the outside. It has one of the most authentic and different designs of the entire list since this JBL sound bar with bluetooth is rounded and shaped like a pickup. We believe that your lines can look good in front of any television. It is striking because on the outside it looks more like a speaker than a sound bar.

The pill design is wrapped in a black mesh and topped by two shiny plates with a central hole for the basses. Although compact, it is tremendously solid; the design is topped by two small orange rubber mats that absorb vibrations.


As soon as you turn on the device you realize that the sound of Boost TV is not bad for a sound bar of that size. It cannot compete with other larger sound bars, but it certainly draws a tremendous performance from its compact size. The result is a much better sound than any ordinary TV.

It works very well with the voices, making them clear and defined. The overall sound is bright and full of details, supports the bass very well and makes them deep, mixing all the sound without distortions and without losing quality. For a sound bar so small, the sound is really balanced and the overall feeling is more than satisfactory.

However, this small size also prevents it from being up to some of the options of this comparison. Although the bass works very well, the reality is that they lack depth and have problems filling the space in large rooms.


The connectors are on the bottom of the sound bar. Although it does not have HDMI, you can find optical inputs and 3.5 mm minijacks. In addition, the sound bar JBL Boost TV also has a USB port that will help us to update the software.


It may lack some authority and the volume does not reach the other larger and more expensive options, however, this JBL sound bar is a great alternative for small spaces. With a dynamic sound and full of details and mega compact design, it is a safe investment if you want to improve the sound of a small television. You should not lose sight of the fact that it is a fairly inexpensive sound bar.

#6 Vizio SB3621 – Discontinued by Manufacturer


Good performance for its price, good quality finish, great sound options, incorporates a wireless subwoofer.


The LED display is not very good. It fails in surround sound.


Thanks to brands like Vizio, we can get a sound bar at a price suitable for all budgets. Although it has no great options or pretensions, you cannot ask for more from a bar of this price, which in case it comes out with a wireless sub-woofer.

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Being a fairly cheap soundbar you may be waiting to know what is wrong with this device. Maybe you expect a sub-woofer sheet metal or that the remote seems taken from a gum machine … But the truth is that none of that is true. The Vizio SB3621 in general is going quite well.

The design of the Vizio is sober and elegant, just what you expect from much more expensive models. Both the sub-woofer and the remote control are simple but elegant; they do not look like a shoe box or a credit card respectively, something that often happens with cheap models.


One of the best sound bars for television in terms of value for money. It works wonderfully with the voices and dialogues thanks to the alignment of its central speakers; it reproduces the voices in a clear and full of details, which makes it a great option if yours are the television programs.

Your biggest problem is in the surround sound. It works very well in the central channels – which make the voices so good – but it fails to create that sense of theater. The sound does not just spread through the room and does not offer that feeling of wrapping.


In terms of connectivity, we have two digital inputs – one coaxial and one optical – as well as a USB port – which mysteriously does not play MP3 – and a 3.5 mm jack. It can also be connected via Bluetooth, which works with DTS and Dolby.


With the lowest price on the list and a more than acceptable sound, the Vizio SB3621 is a very appealing product for many. If what you want is to improve the sound of your TV without leaving your pocket, then this is your best option. The lack of surround sound can make it fail to play movies, but for television, it is more than acceptable since its central channels work the voices of wonder. If you are going to watch TV and listen to music, this is your best quality price option.

#7 Yamaha YAS 203

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Yamaha’s soundbars are known for its virtual surround sound effect using “sonic beams” to reflect from walls. The YAS 203 is also one of them, featuring surround sound along with simple design and powerful acoustics, all in an affordable package.

The YAS 203 can be used with mid and large-sized TVs. You can place it in front of the TV; the IR flasher ensures that the TV remote’s signal is not blocked. Stocked with two 2 1/8 inch drivers and a 6.5-inch subwoofer, the soundbar produces 200W of total power output.

The connectivity options are Bluetooth, digital optical, digital coaxial and an analog RCA. The remote control is also elegant looking and has a lot of functions to perform. You can tweak any settings like activating Audio delay feature to remedy any digital delay issues, Uni volume feature to balance volume swings, clear voice to enhance dialogue etc using the remote away from the bar.

The YAS 203 presents a clean and precise touch to dialogues and instruments as well as surround sound effects in movies. The low-mids are in excellent balance as the mid-highs. The subwoofer also performs well producing balanced lows which blend with the soundbar very nicely.

If your prime priority is movies and your budget is under $150, Yamaha YAS 203 is the one.

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#8 Klipsch R-4B – Best Soundbar Under $350

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The Klipsch R-4 provides all the features you would expect from a soundbar like a wireless sub, digital optical, Bluetooth connection etc with very good music quality. Also, you can always rely on Klipsch brand which gained its customers trust very long ago. But the competition is tight in this price range, models like Yamaha YAS 203 and LG LAS series have better sound quality with the same set of features.

The Klipsch R-4B is a sleek and slim sound bar which is only 3.5 inches tall and can be used with mid-sized to large TVs. Unlike the previous models R10 and R20, the R-4B is more compact featuring a 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer. The construction of the soundbar is from MDF instead of plastic and has an attractively brushed vinyl.

You can connect the 2.1 channel soundbar via optical cable, analog or use Bluetooth to live stream from your smartphone. The subwoofer pair automatically with the soundbar and the whole set up is really simple.

Klipsch r-4B reproduces surround sound surprisingly well for movies and the subwoofer is just excellent. The stunt scenes from Avengers: Age of Ultron was just amazing with this soundbar. Listening to music wasn’t good as expected though. I felt the treble was too aggressive and bright and overshadowed the bass.

Like I said above, although the R-4B delivers good sound and has a beautiful design, the Yamaha YAS 203 has a better sound signature and works well with music too. But if you are a Klipsch fan, don’t hesitate to buy the r-4B, it’s worth the money.

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Best Soundbars Under $500

Yamaha YAS-207BL – The Best


Excellent Sound Quality, Adorable price, Includes Sub Woofer, Excellent performance as a gaming speaker


It doesn’t have an on-screen display for your TV.

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Design and Features

One of the most important requested reviews in the category of soundbars is of Yamaha YAS-203 which tells the quality of this product. It is of blackish in nature with fox leather plastic top and surrounded with cloth grille. The touch controls are labeled with LED display at the front but its not readable from a distance.

There is a large subwoofer accompanying (7.1×17.2×15.7) which is excellent in delivering required bass and is front ported and wireless so that you can place it anywhere desirable.

The remote is same as that of the predecessors. It is small credit card type with all the buttons you need.

The YAS 207 is the first soundbar to introduce DTS Virtual X using 1.75 inch woofers paired with two tweeters and a subwoofer. The connectivity options include 4K HDMI, Bluetooth, and 3.5 mm analog and optical input. You can switch on the Bass Extension feature directly from remote which enhances bass levels in movies and music.


The YAS 207’s sound signature is balanced, clear and crsip trebles with deep bass. Its mellower presentation is easier on ears and there will not be any listening fatigue. The DTS Virtual X can be turned off if you feel that it takes the sound to a different dimension.


Overall, the Yamaha YAS 207 delivers superior performance and soothing sound output at a moderate budget. If you are looking for a step up from the ultra budget soundbars, this is the right choice. Yamaha delivers a mix of excellent sound signature and classy looks at affordable price.

Samsung HW-MS650 – The Runner Up


Robust and compact design, good bass without external sub-woofer, easy to assemble and with a multiroom option.


A little aggressive when the volume goes up.


The Samsung HW-MS650 is a good soundbar. It works great on bass without the need to attach an external sub-woofer. It incorporates digital anti-distortion technology that makes it shine in movies, with a pair of dedicated front channels and a good sound dispersion, thanks to its tweeters.

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A classic design, with straight shapes that may seem somewhat boring, but that Samsung knows how to dress with some flanged angles. It is a more functional design than spectacular, but it is still sober. If you prefer, Samsung has created a slightly curved version, for its curved screens.

The design of the Samsung HW-MS650 soundbar has been polished to the maximum to be minimalist; in one part we find all the buttons. The LED panel is at the right end of the bar, which can be somewhat annoying for sympathetic maniacs, but which is essential since the center is occupied by its center speakers.


The big question that arises with the soundbars without sub-woofer is whether or not they will be able to work on the bass. The good news is that the Samsung HW-MS650 does it with class and aplomb, emitting a clean and strong sound, with a very enveloping bass.

There is a lot of power inside that simple casing, which will allow you to increase the volume as much as you want; the perfect antidote for modern televisions and their deficient speakers.

It is spectacular on the bass, with a very deep sound and a lot of punch. The most impressive thing is that, even when integrated into the sound bar, it does not mix or interfere with the rest. The media tons are vibrant and clear, which adds depth to the sound and makes it much more natural.


Although Samsung has not thrown the house out the window with the connections of its soundbar, the ones it carries should be more than enough for the average user. Although it only has one HDMI output, it’s what Samsung is looking for in terms of simplicity. You also have a digital optical input and a 3.5 mm. It also offers the possibility to connect your system wirelessly via WIFI and Bluetooth.


With a lot of settings and options, a tremendous sound and the security of knowing that it is a Samsung product, the Samsung HW-MS650 sound bar is an option to consider, especially if you do not have space to put a subwoofer in your house. It works great playing your music and also works wonders with television and movies. The Korean brand offers two versions of the Samsung HW-MS650: for curved televisions and for straight televisions.

Sony HT – NT5 – Stylish and Powerful



Powerful Bass, Options for wired and wireless connections, Powerful Sound


Permanently attached Power cables, Only use Miracast for video streaming, Mids are slightly weak

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It comes up with unique, angular two-tone design with 8 pounds sound bar. The size is 2.6-by-52.6-by-5-inch (HWD).The black body exterior consists of two 9/16 inch tweeters in the front edge. In addition to the above, there are two additional upward-firing tweeters, along with two 2 3/8-inch midrange drivers, placed behind the speakers. Each channel produces a sound of 135 watts across the tweeters and drivers in stereo mode. The top surface comprises of volume buttons, power and pairing buttons and touch-sensitive input.

The back portion of the soundbar is filled with inputs in two recess. One recess includes two HDMI inputs along with HDMI output and the second recess contains Optical Audio Input, Ethernet port, Analog Input and third HDMI input. The left side of the back panel constitutes the Power cable which is permanently attached to the sound bar.

In addition to the power cable, the back panel holds only a power button and a pairing button. The subwoofer is 130-watt power and 17.9-pound black monolith with a size of 15.1-by-7.5-by-15.3-inch. The front panel is covered with black grille cloth and the top and side portion of the device are smooth.

It comes up with a remote which contains four-direction navigation pads, mute buttons, subwoofer volume controls and media playback controls which moreover looks like Sony TV remote control.

Connection Options

All the HDMI ports support HDCP 2.2. One of the important features in the connectivity part is that ultra high-definition (UHD, or 4K) videos will pass through HDMI ports to the connected television. The sound from the television can be sent back to the soundbar through Audio Return Channel (ARC). The above-specified feature leads to giving your TV an extra two HDMI inputs. 

We talked about the wireless connectivity, in addition to this HT-NT5 is inbuilt with Wireless audio options.  HT-NT5 can be directly paired with your mobile device or Wi-Fi network because the soundbar is designed in such a manner that it is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible. The display of the sound bar includes information’s about the album, artist, tracks, and details about the music connect on your Television.

One o the drawbacks of this product is it supports only Miracast for streaming videos, but recently Google effectively replaced Miracast with Google Cast, means HT-NT won’t be able to mirror its screen through recent Androids.


As I mentioned earlier one of the specific features of HT-NT5 is the powerful movie sounds. Even if the appeals are tiny it can be worked with wireless subwoofers for powerful and clear sounds. In our testing, it is found out that the movie dialogues are bit crisper but can be more distinct in the Clear Audio+ sound mode. The voices are clear in the movie mode which produces the most epic-sounding audio.  Music performance leads by bass-heavy metals even at medium volume. There is no distraction and shivering for high bass sounds is handled well between the soundbar and the subwoofer.

However, there’s a relative weakness in the low-mids. This is happening due to lack of enough presence of sound bar where the frequencies cross over to the subwoofer, so the growl of the guitars doesn’t sound as powerful. You don’t have to worry more about it because the overall sound performance of HT-NT5 is superb and while taking a comparison it is much superior to the LG SH7B.


A full-featured sound bar with plenty of power for both music and movies which are loaded with excellent connectivity options that satisfy your needs and wireless subwoofers for easy use.

Q Acoustics M4 


Very powerful sound, excellent bass, good value for money.


No HDMI, loosely designed, poor quality remote control. It does not have a subwoofer, although it does not need it.

The first soundbar of the brand Q Acoustics comes with the hope of becoming a benchmark. The brand has always tried to create a sound as real as possible, clean, clear and full of details. The Q Acoustic Media 4 is a good sound bar, a good 2.1 system, but with certain details that could be improved.

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The design of the Q Acoustic Media 4, in general, is correct, although it has nothing to do if compared to other options on this list such as Philips or Bose. The most notable are its materials, the structure is solid and the materials used are of the highest quality. It is robust and has rubber feet that absorb the vibrations of the speaker.

It is neither the biggest nor the most elegant of the designs, but it is simple and that, sometimes it is to appreciate. On the back it has built-in slots for hanging it, which can be an advantage in some cases.


As is customary in the brand, the sound of which the Q Acoustics Media 4 is capable is very powerful and at the same time delicate and full of details. The brand has proposed to create natural sounds and with this sound bar, they have managed to create a refined sound.

The Q Acoustic Media 4 has a very powerful sound, but you know that the power without control is useless. Luckily, Q Acoustics Media 4 knows a lot about control. It manages the bass of wonder, so we can trust when the brand tells us that we do not need a sub-woofer.

The details of the sound are not even lost with the loud volume; in addition the voices appear bright, textured and very clear. The sound, although it spreads well through the room, is centered under the television, so perhaps a more enveloping sound is missing.


The big problem is the lack of HDMI connections, which means that all connections will depend on your TV via its digital optical output. Luckily there are two analog inputs – RCA and a 3.5 mm minijack – that will help you to attach an external piece, in addition to the output dedicated to the sub-woofer.


The Q Acoustic Media 4 is a great soundbar. Its powerful and bright sound and its basses make any film a worthy experience, but it is the feeling of cohesion at high volumes that make the difference. It is true that it has no presence in surround, but it is not something that will bother you, because its sound is more than acceptable.

Within its price range, which makes it affordable for ordinary mortals, is a soundbar that works very well and offers a more than satisfactory sound. In addition, we believe it is a good option for people who do not have much space in their living room for a larger bar with the subwoofer.

Each soundbar has its own uniqueness and can be used for specific purposes other than amplifying TV sound. We help you to choose the best wireless soundbar for your specific purpose. You can find the best soundbar under $300, $500 starting from as cheap as $120.

The 7 Best Soundbars Under 600 Worth Every Penny

Bose Soundbar 500

Here we list the best soundbars under 600 USD. Y $600? The ideal amount to spend on a soundbar is from $300 to $600 considering the price performance ratio of all the models. Of course you can spend more on a soundbar basis your capacity for which we have also picked the best premium soundbars, but 80% of 11395 people took part in our survey voted $300 to $600 as their spending power for a soundbar.

The arrival of flat and ultra-flat screens has made it possible to get rid of the imposing unsightly TV stand which sat right in the middle of our living rooms. Today’s televisions are more aesthetic than ever and are wall-mounted to consume less space than before.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to this space-saving idea. : the quality of sound that modern screens can provide. An elegant solution to this problem: the soundbar!

Which are the best soundbars under 600 USD?

Before going any further, I know that some people are in a hurry to know which models I have selected. So to not make them wait too long, here they are:

Once this selection in mind, I advise you to read this selection of complete soundbars to learn more.

Is Soundbar enough for your living room?

Indeed, to provide the best possible sound, the speaker must be placed in front of the viewer. This is no longer possible with a screen so thin such that the frame is a few millimeters wide and which is tight against a wall. The speakers often placed on the back have no chance of providing a pleasant sound.

To solve this problem, you will need to install an independent audio system, which will be oriented towards the room. Classic home theaters do this job very well but require cables for each speaker which makes the whole system cluttered.

This hassle can be avoided by a soundbar, a row of compact speakers that are placed in front of you under the TV and which offers maximum sound rendering and exceptional ease of installation.

We have compared and selected the best soundbars under $600 for those who want to watch movies in a home theater experience or those who want to listen to their favorite music or those who are on a budget.

Why do you need a Soundbar?

Soundbars are synonymous with ease and freedom. Their installation generally only takes a few minutes because of the fewer parts to assemble.

In the bar, each speaker is placed with the ideal angle to deliver quality sound throughout the room. The systems are designed to accept multiple audio sources so that we can connect many devices.

Movie buffs know how much sound that surrounds the viewer adds dimension to action movies. By using the echo on the walls of the room, the bars manage to send the sound to the side or even to the back of the sofa, for a cinema experience without the hassle of speakers in each corner of the room.

Soundbars are not limited to home theater use, but far from it. Today music has become mobile and digital. Thanks to Bluetooth it is possible to play music from your phone or your tablet directly on the bar. 

Do not worry, when you turn up the sound, these types of systems can fill the room despite their apparent small size.

There are mainly two types of bars: Soundbars and Soundbases.

Soundbases are designed to be placed directly under the TV stand. They have the advantage of leaving a lot of space to place large speakers, but they will generally be difficult to place and to tilt to make connections. It is also impossible to fix them on the wall.

We prefer the thin bars that can be placed more freely. It is this second type which is much more sought after today.

The comparison of the best soundbars under 600

Hi-fi equipment manufacturers today offer bar models in all price ranges. We have selected those that offer real advantages over equivalent models and highlighted their strengths.

Bose Soundbar 500

In recent years Bose has thrown itself into the world of TV Soundbars and I must say that they are having a lot of success in this, being that the company is able to offer quality products with an equally spectacular design.

The Bose Soundbar 500 is no different, despite taking up little space, it manages to offer a good sound rich in bass and with high details.

It offers numerous features such as Amazon Alexa that improve the user experience, you can alsoswitch from Bluetooth mode to Alexa streaming or listen to the sound of your TV with a simple touch.

It is an audio speaker designed to satisfy everyone, from children who love music, to movies, to the elderly with hearing problems.

As per characteristic of the Bose speakers, it offers a rich, clear and brilliantly refined sound .

I tested this soundbar in both standard and AdaptIQ modes, I must say that they are quite similar to each other, in the AdaptIQ mode, the stereo images seem a little wider, while with it off, the bass sounds a little more natural.

The details are bright and clear , but never subtle, also thanks to the presence of the DSP (digital signal processing) prevents the sound from distorting, but using it at high volumes it thins the low frequencies.

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Being a rich, bright, somewhat high-pitched sound, the mids are slightly covered.

The Soundbar 500 excels in making dialogue clear and produces good bass a small unit without subwoofer, especially when listening to music, also manages to offer a wide sound that can fill even large rooms without problems.

The Bose 500 has good stereo frequency response for a soundbar. The general audio profile is flat and well balanced, but a little sub-bass is missing. However, an external subwoofer can be purchased for this configuration.

Although an external subwoofer is not included in the basic version, all in all the bass is not bad, but if you have the budget, I recommend you buy the “Soundbar 500 + Bass Module 500” version.

The configuration through the “Bose Music” app is simple, but not instantly done since you will have to configure various settings in order to optimize the audio quality.



Sonos Playbar

This bar is only one element in the rich SONOS ecosystem. It does its job very well alone, but becomes unstoppable when we add other components of the brand, all connected wirelessly.

In terms of quality, it is at the top: elegant style and quality materials give it an undeniable class. Its dimensions are correct, which allows it to be placed anywhere without difficulty. We appreciate the pads around the fixing points provided to absorb parasitic vibrations. As with Panasonic, it is equipped with a tilt detector which corrects the sound according to its position.

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On the performance part too, the sound bar provides 100% satisfaction. It clearly transcribes the dialogues, but lacks a bit of bass. To correct this, you will have to think about adding a subwoofer. With its 9 speakers, the sound is enveloping.

The important point to keep in mind when choosing is that it can only connect optically. Modern televisions and amplifiers have almost all equipped, but given the high cost of SONOS elements, it is better to check.

Yamaha YAS207BL: Robust and Balanced

It’s THE best at Yamaha. It is for all those who want to enjoy high-end quality without breaking the bank.

Its neat and sober design gives off a strong feeling of manufacturing quality.

The connection is suitably provided with an HDMI input and output for the TV. It also benefits from a 3.5mm jack and an optical input.

Immersion in films is excellent. The sound profile is more balanced than for BOSE products for example. It can easily add sound to a large living room.

You have to think about installing the Yamaha smartphone app because the remote control only allows rudimentary settings.

Saber SB35

It is a real feat that Harman Kardon succeeded with this Harman Kardon Saber SB35! Its record finesse does not detract from the quality of the sound delivered. The name saber suits perfectly.

Visually, this bar is a treat. Its large black front face with a discreet silver border is very elegant. Its wasp size simply makes it one of the best to integrate into the wall under a TV.

To continue this momentum, the subwoofer has also been put on a diet. We can not even call it a “box” with a thickness of less than 9cm. The materials are of quality as for the other products of the mark.

But, all those good things comes with a hefty price tag of $899. If you are not bothered about the budget, this one is your pick!!

Bose Solo 15

Solid in every sense of the word!

This Bose model respects all the foundations of the brand: Sober and classy design, quality sound and impeccable finishes.

The base format allows it to be equipped with a good bass reproduction system, without having to burden itself with an additional subwoofer. It can support a weight up to 34kg, which easily accepts televisions up to 50 inches. The bass is adjustable by a potentiometer located at the rear of the unit. It has coaxial, RCA and optical inputs, but no HDMI.

The Bose TrueSpace spatialization rendering helps to provide a richer rendering, with clear dialogues, which stand out well from the background.

Bose Cinemate 15

The Cinemate aims to be a compact and simple bar: basic connectivity, but a maximum sound quality.

It’s amazing what can come out of such a small thing. This bar has nothing to envy to models that are more than a meter wide. It has 4 speakers, two facing forward and two on the sides. The Acoustimass bass module is relatively large but delivers very well the low frequencies.

The discreet all-purpose look from Bose is once again present here. No complaints about the quality of finish.

The comprehensive remote control provides easy access to essential functions. This is the product that we place at the top of our selection at Bose.

Onkyo LS-T10

Very well known for its excellent amps, the Onkyo brand has conquered the soundbar market with a range of strong products, of which the LS-10 is the best.

The base format allows Onkyo to combine all the elements in a compact product, but you ll find it a little thicker than the average. The good reason is that the speakers are rather large for a sound tray. with 4 front and 2 lateral, the spatialization of sound is very good. The subwoofer located below is efficient.

The audio file can be played by Bluetooth or by USB port, even if the latter is very badly located at the back. You have to contort to go plug in a key, or else do as we do, plug in a USB extension cable and put the output discreetly in the TV cabinet. For this, we remove a half star.