So, you became a happy owner of a gaming computer, but now you understand that your old monitor does not match the level of new gaming device! Maybe you still use the old CRT monitor of the 90s? Or connect the computer to the TV? Wait. Do you want to know what is the best monitor size for gaming?

If you are confused by such questions, calm down. We are here to help you figure it out, and today we will help you choose the right monitor , explaining the best monitor size for games.

How is monitor size measured?

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Before we dive into the details, let’s determine that the size of the monitor is measured diagonally, like a TV. Thus, the 22-inch display will have a width of about 18 inches and a height of 10 inches. In comparison, a 24-inch display will have a width of about 20 inches and a height of 12 inches. This may not seem like much, but for every few diagonal inches there is a fairly significant increase in screen space.

In fact, you can understand this by simply calculating the area. Multiply 18 by 10 and you get 180 square inches. Multiply 20 by 12 and you get 240 square inches. Just two diagonal inches gives you 60 square inches.

Below we are going to dive into details about the standard sizes of monitors and their general resolutions.

What are the standard monitor sizes in the market?

22 inch monitor

Currently, 22-inch monitors often have resolutions from 1366×768 to 1920×1080 (Full HD/1080p). They are largely affected by the massive demand of 24-inch monitors, but you will still see some of them “in the wild” from time to time.

24 inch monitor

24-inch monitors are standard and are most commonly found in 1080p resolution. You can also see some 1440p and even 4K 24-inch monitors, but they are usually not considered ideal for this resolution. We will talk about this later.

27 inch monitor

These days, 27-inch monitors usually have a resolution of 1440p, although sometimes 1080p or 4K. However, we strongly recommend that you do not buy a 27-inch monitor with a resolution of 1080p, as you will begin to notice pixelation.

32 inch monitor

Here, some of you might think, “Wait, isn’t this a TV?” Although 32-inch monitors are less common – but, they have already settled on store shelves, and usually they can be found with a resolution of 1080p to 4K.

More, less and everything in between

There are smaller, bigger monitors and something in between. But, there is nothing magical in intermediate sizes: they are simply out of the norm. However, We recommend sticking with a range of 24 to 27 inches . Less and you lose too much. More – this is already creating problems using the desktop. Therefore according to PlanetWIFI, the best monitor size for gaming is 24″ to 27 inches.

What about Ultrawide displays?

Most monitors have an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Although it’s easy to find a monitor with a ratio of 16:10, for this article we assume that the standard monitor has 16: 9. However, there is a growing interest in the market for 21: 9 monitors, known as ultra-wide.

Ultra-wide monitors can be great for gaming. If you take one with high resolution and the game supports this, then enjoyment will be indescribable. But these are limited to certain games for the time being, but if you are futuristic and have the appetite for a large investment, go ahead for ultra wide gaming monitors, it won’t disappoint.

However, many modern FPS games do not support a horizontal field of view wider than 90 degrees. This is good for a 16: 9 monitor, but on an ultra-wide monitor this can lead to stretching or distortion of the image. If you play in competitions or prefer FPS, then you probably won’t want to use an ultra-wide display.

Or multiple displays?

Multidisplay installations are another “worm bank”. It is impossible to find a consensus on what screen size you need, how many screens you should have, in what configuration you should run them …

But games with them can be pretty good, especially if you run them in a 1×3 or 3×3 configuration. They offer the same level of immersion as an ultra-wide display, but … here we get the same problems as with an ultra-wide monitor.

Which monitor is best for me?

We looked at the extreme cases, now let’s just go through the categories. What is the best screen size for games?

22 inch monitor – NO GO

Honestly, this is not acceptable at any resolution. Zoom in to at least a 24-inch 1080p display if you want a good gaming experience.

24 inch monitor – GOOD

If you are going to play in 1080p resolution, then it is best to use a 24-inch display. A higher resolution display at this size can produce a sharper image, but you can achieve this by supersampling or anti-aliasing for much less money. In addition, higher resolutions on 24-inch displays can complicate the interaction of user interface elements, subtitles, and even the operating system.

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27 inch monitor – EXCELLENT

With a normal viewing distance and a resolution of 1440p – it will provide the best gaming experience. Although 24/1080p is good, 27/1440p is much better because it occupies most of the field of view and has a higher resolution. If you can run games with your own resolution on this display, you probably won’t need to zoom in too much, and you should not have any problems with the user interface and system navigation.

Apart from monitor size, you should also consider refresh rate i.e 144hz or 240hz, g sync or free sync according to the motherboard you are using. Here is a list of articles which may help you to choose the best monitor. All screen sizes are included in the below analysis.

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Best G-Sync Gaming Monitors

If you are exclusively using PS4, check out our list of best gaming monitors for PS4 here.

32 inch monitor – Only for 4K

Honestly … you should not use such a monitor for games at the computer because of the required viewing distance and potential eye strain. If you choose such a model, then use the 4K display and sit a little further from the monitor than usual.

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4K monitors with 32 inches display is pretty good stuff for gaming, but is it worth investing the money? I would go for 27″ 2k instead.

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TV for Games

If you want to play 4K , you probably should just take a TV . For monitors – even 32-inch monitors – 4K – impractical resolution. If you insist on having the highest resolution and highest fidelity, you should take a look at the 45-65-inch 4K TV . Then you can install it on the wall and use it for games from a sofa or bed.

However, gaming TVs are a topic for another day.

If you skipped all the above and just want to get the result, let’s summarize.

Assuming a normal viewing distance and 16: 9 ratio, we recommend using 1080p resolution at 24 inches or 1440p resolution at 27 inches. But, 1440p @ 27 is definitely the best choice.

In addition to monitor size, you can also take into account aspects such as panel type and refresh rate. Modern displays and GPUs all support HDMI and DisplayPort standards, but if you are still using VGA or DVI, you need to double-check which ports your monitor supports and consider buying an adapter if you need one.

Before buying a high-resolution display, make sure you have a powerful system to play games with the perfect resolution.

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